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Coconuts grumbled as he stormed out of Robotnik's fortress. That giant stink bomb was getting all the attention and he didn't like it one bit.
"Grrr, It's not fair! It's not-it's not-it's not! Why don't I get any credit, I made that thing!"
The robotic primate snarled, kicking a stone on the ground. Immidiately he yelped and began to hop in circles "Ow! Ow! Ow!"
He stopped, rubbing his foot with a foul snarl on his face.
"Stupid rock! I'll show you!"
He kicked it again.
Then yelped and started hopping in circles again.
After finishing his newest hissy fit the primate's cheeks puffed in rage.
"I'll show that stink blob who's boss! Yeah! Yeah!"
He tightened his fists and began running back toward the fortress.

Tails' tails whirled to a halt in front of the door to Robotnik's fortress. Breezie and Junior came up quickly behind him. Each wore a drabby blue janitor uniform and cap, carrying various cleaning supplies. Tails stepped up to the door and gave it a firm knock. A minute passed before Scratch and Grounder answered.
"Hi!" Tails greeted "We're the cleaners your hired!"
"Cleaners? I don't remember hiring cleaners." Grounder pondered.
"Of course ya did! You got a potty monster in there right? Those guys make a big mess you know, so we're here to keep things tidy!"
"Oh! Oh, uh, yeah!" Scratch said, pretending to know what the fox was talking about "Come on in!"
"Thank you kindly, sir." Junior said as the trio of costumed rescuers proceeded to enter the fortress "Man, this place is a dump, this could take awhile."
"Say," Tails began to address one of the robots "You got a dungeon in this place? I hear they get particularly dirty."
"Now that you mentioned it, you're right!" Scratch mused "It's always so dusty and disgusting down there!"
"Well lead the way kind sir," Breezie smiled innocently "You don't want a nice, kind, sweet girl like me playing in the dirt and messing up my manicure, do you?" she stroked Scratch's chin and batted her eyes.
Scratch swooned and practically melted by her touch "Ah, ah, sure!"
"Well what are we waiting for?" she cooed, turning to Grounder and winking.
"Duh, uh, nothing! Let's go, I'll be happy to take you!"
Junior arched a brow at the scene clearly unimpressed, but made no attempt to let his thoughts be known.
"Nuh uh, I'll lead them, I have a better sense of direction than you!" Scratch argued.
"You couldn't peck your way out of a sack!"
As the two began to argue, Tails looked around. Off in the far corner of the room he noticed a door, overhead was a huge obvious sign that pointed the way to the dungeon "Uhh guys?" Tails sighed "How about we just follow those signs there?"
"Ohh, right!" Scratch said "Grounder you dolt, you couldn't even see directions in front of your own face!" he struck the short robot on the back of the head.
"Me? Your the one who started arguing about knowing the way!"
Tails, Junior and Breezie looked at each other with obvious sweatdrops, then decided to just sneak away.
After a series of twists and turns the trio found themselves finally entering the dungeon.
"Hey Sonic, you in here?" Tails called out.
"Sonic, hey buddy!" Junior followed.
Sonic looked up from the cot in his cell, eyes wide "Tails, down here!"
"Down here, the door's covered in steel!"
The three looked around, spotting an obviously modified cell at the end of the hall.
"Oh Sonic!" Breezie gasped "Are you alright in here?"
"Breezie? Yeah, I'm fine! I just can't get out of this monkey cage Eggface set me up in! You guys see any way to get me out?"
"There's a keyhole out here," Tails said as the three started looking around the room "But I don't see any keys hanging anywhere."
"Betcha Pop's got them." Junior stated "Any idea how we're gonna get them?"
"Yeah, I've got one," Tails said "Junior, you stay here. Breezie, you come with me. Let's go!"


... I honestly can't believe there's people who've been enjoying this. You people frighten me XD Also, sorry for the lack of updates. Writer's block is a wonderful thing.