Draco Malfoy wanted to be alone. Hermione Granger was in so much of a snit, she was roundly offending everyone she talked to. And as she worked on Fridays, in the Ministry, that was an awful lot of people. Draco didn't see how she'd managed to ever get anything accomplished with moodswings like this.

Well, that was the answer, wasn't it? She hadn't had moodswings like this. She was a keep your nose to the grindstone type of person - and she'd probably relied on someone else for the charm.

... hadn't she?

Or had Frizzy-Bitch Granger actually gained some charm?

More likely her arguments were just too solid, and she'd wear down people with dogged persistence. He'd sooner dress a dog as a lady and parade the bitch around Diagon Alley than believe that Granger actually could be charming. It just wasn't her style.


With her in this sort of mood, he didn't want to go to lunch, but Pansy was coming, and Draco knew she wouldn't take no for an answer. Besides, with her new business, she'd be wanting the latest gossip and scandalmongering. Not that he'd pass along anything directly, of course... But he'd noticed that Percy Weasley had an eye for being unnoticed, and if Pansy wanted a mole in the Ministry (and, oh dearest, she did!)... he'd be the best pick possible. Nobody paid any attention to Percy, he'd gained the reputation of not just a stuffed-shirt, but also a pencil-pusher with an eye for the most irrelevant of details, and the tendency to drone on. Everyone avoided Percy, to the point where he'd gained nigh invisibility status. Perfect for a spy in such a socialite haven as the ministry - where gossip ran the till.

Apparently Granger was less frustrated at Draco's date than at the entire world today, because she just mockingly bowed to Pansy, and said, "After you," her hands waving Pansy in, as Draco stood to escort his friend out to lunch. This one would be productive, he knew. Pansy had that vulpine grin and a pen behind her ear.

Draco didn't say a word, but he did notice Granger glancing at the pen. With a smirk, he left with his lunch date.

Honestly, it wasn't even like they were going for cocktails. it was Just Lunch!

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