One of his arms was wrapped around her waist so tight, it was almost embedded in her skin. The other, by contrast, gently rested on the bare skin of the back of her shoulders, already cheekily hidden beneath her shirt. As his nipping and sucking at her ear and neck became more demanding, however, that same arm began to make its way down whilst the other crawled up her back. With a degree of awkwardness that couldn't quite kill the mood, not with the way he was making her skin tingle or the way her gaze had somehow expanded and darkened his pupils, he somehow undid her bra without removing her top, one hand beneath and one hand outside her shirt. To her welcome surprise, his hands then both swiftly darted up under the front of her blouse, pinched her strapless bra and then left to toss it away incautiously. The unexpected action left her stomach and breasts covered in goose bumps, her now hardened nipples visible through her white, semi-transparent top.

He didn't seem to mind though, as he had laid one hand on each breast. He wasn't pinching or grabbing or squeezing; in fact, he was hardly touching her. That didn't matter though, because his palms were close enough for her to feel the sweet heat they were emitting. The presence of her shirt meant that not all of it could reach her sensitive skin, however, so taking his wrists in her own hands, she guided him to undo her buttons.

After each had been undone, he hesitated to open and remove her shirt. Knowing Barry as well as she had come to, she had expected him to get jittery at some time during the night. Really, she was glad that what was inevitable had happened early on, rather than when things were getting more serious. In a comforting gesture, Patty gave him a small, warm smile, reaching out to hold his shoulder whilst giving him a sweet smooch. She then took the liberty of finishing her blouse removal on her own, before cautiously pinching Barry's top button. She offered him a kind and questioning stare until a small nod on his part signalled his permission for her to unbutton his own dress shirt. She took her time and smirked a little as she noticed that his eager eyes were curiously running up and down her naked upper half.

By the time she'd finished, his nerves had seemingly subsided, as he roughly pulled his arms from his sleeves and threw the shirt onto the floor unaided. Now free, his lanky arms pulled Patty into a loose embrace so that she was just close enough for her to feel a certain stiffening in his crotch area, and for him to undo the back of her skirt. Moist lips rubbed together as tongues explored new mouths and, although her arms were initially tangled around his neck, Patty soon found that her hands were eagerly clutching his belt buckle. Soon enough both her skirt and his belt were lying near their bare feet, unneeded.

A seductively mischievous look had made its way into her eyes as they pierced his, whilst she undid his fly painfully slowly. Only a couple of seconds after she saw her own expression being mirrored back to her, he had pulled his own pants out of her hands and down to floor, and instead pulled her up off it. Her arms and legs wrapped trustingly around his body as her lips haphazardly explored his face and neck. They ended up collapsing ungracefully onto the bed sideways, chuckling for a couple of seconds before resuming.

She grabbed the sides of her undies, but before she could even move her hands, he had already discarded the undergarment for her. He repositioned himself so that he was over her, on his hands and knees. Slipping her thumbs side by side beneath the elastic of his boxers between them, a smile spread across her face as she heard his breath hitch faintly. Her thumbs left each other, running between the elastic and his freckled skin, each circling around a different side of Barry's muscular body until they met again in the middle around his back. She fervently began pulling his boxers down, curious to see how well-endowed he really was. Not that it would have mattered, as long as he was hers and she was his to have for the rest of the night and hopefully many more.

An annoyingly loud buzzing filled the room and Patty's eyelids slowly pried themselves apart. It wasn't hot, but she was covered in a thin layer of sweat, her lips were sticky and there was a little damp patch on her pillow next to her mouth. She groaned loudly in frustration, a grumpy "no" trapped somewhere in the sound, as she tried to erase Barry's tantalising movements, his keen expression, and his hungry eyes from her mind. This was far from her first sexy dream involving a certain scientist that she might have had a little bit of a crush on, not that she ever would've admitted it outright. Sadly, it was also one of many dreams to end on a rather exciting cliffhanger.

That morning, she saw him at Jitters and tried to keep herself from looking in his direction, and from blushing at the mere fact that she was in the same room as the guy she'd almost had dream sex with last night, for what was far from the first time. It was when he came over to her and greeted her with an innocent, friendly hug, however, that she nearly lost it. Making up some bullshit excuse about needing to be in the precinct early that day, she briskly left the coffee shop, almost skolling her coffee so that the heat her drink was transferring to her throat and stomach might distract her from the heat that was currently frying her reddened face.

Unfortunately, that meant that she hadn't been there to hear Barry mutter under his breath, "Damn, you're cute when you blush."