"I came across something that should interest you, " Carl Hutchins said, as he and Rachel sat on the sofa in their
living room. "A new art gallery has recently opened in Chicago."

"Really? What's the name of the gallery?"

"The Tripodi Gallery."

"I'm surprised that I didn't hear about it before now. I usually keep up with these things," said Rachel.

"Well, you've had other things on your mind, such as Paulina's pregnancy," Carl reminded her.

Rachel answered, "Yes, that's true."

"I understand that Joe and Paulina have asked Derek to be the child's godfather," said Carl.

"Well," said Rachel, "Joe has always thought of Derek as family, even before they met."

"But let's get back to the Tripodi Gallery," Carl said.

"Yes, we must be sure to visit it."

"I had more than just a visit in mind," Carl said. "I'm sure the owners would be delighted to present an exhibition of your
works. After all, you have quite a name in the art world."

"But it's been years since my last show," Rachel reminded him.

"Which is precisely why it is time, and more than time, that you had another one."

"You're absolutely right. It is time I had another show."

"How soon do you think you can have it?" Carl asked.

"Ten minutes ago," Rachel answered, "the idea of having another show hadn't even occurred to me. Besides," she added,
the owners may not even be interested in my works."

"Then the more fools they. On the other hand, they could just as easily consider your works just the thing to help the gallery
to get established."

"But I'm not sure I have enough new works ready if they do give me a show."

"Why not do a retrospective?"

"That's an idea, but I'd also want to "

Rachel's sentence was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. She went to answer, listened for a few seconds, and came back looking
slightly annoyed.

"Who was it?" Carl asked.

"I don't know. They hung up without saying anything," said Rachel. You'd think a person would at least have the courtesy to say, "Oh, I'm sorry.
I must have the wrong number.' "

The phone rang again.

"I'll get it this time," said Carl. He picked up the receiver. "Hello." He listened, and then said, in a low voice,
"I asked you not to call me here."

The person at the other end said something more.

"I thought we had that settled," Carl responded, "and I really can't talk now. Goodbye."

He hung up the phone and went back to Rachel.

"Who called?" she asked.

Carl replied, "Nobody important."