Prompt 1: Pandora-Toddler

I once read a similar story, but it was only friendship and not love between them and the author dropped the story (Asuka Kureru "Certain Values of Immortality"). Anyway, here's the idea:

KID finds Pandora and on the heist he fights over it with Shinichi (doesn't matter if he's Conan all the time [KaiCon], at first Conan then Shinichi or Shinichi from the beginning). When both touch the jewel at the same time, Pandora turns into a toddler with features from both of them and seems them as his parents. So now Kaito (or it can be Shinichi if he's in adult form) has to take care of 'their baby' while Kaito doesn't yet want to reveal his identity. Chaos ensues! And slowly they fall in love.

An appearance of especially Hakuba (freaking out) and Haibara (making fun of / annoying / teasing Shinichi) is favored. The rating can be whatever, but there has to be at least a kiss (preferably: a lot) and a confession. ;)

TAKEN OVER BY 'ALLIETHEEPIC7' CALLED "LOVE LIKE WOE"! A spanish version is being written by 'Vismur' called "Herencia de Sangre".