The mongoose=Me

The silver hedgehog was happy to be back in the 80's with his girlfriend. But that ended when the delorean appeared with steaks of fire behind it. The door opened to doc wearing weird clothes.

"Marty! You have to come with me!" The doctor shouted.

"To where?!" The silver hedgehog questioned. Then the doc took of his glasses

"To the future." Then he puts garbage in the engine

"Doc I just got here. Jennifer is here and we're going to take the truck for a spin."

"Then take her with, this concerns her too."

"Wait what happens to us in the future? Do we become a-holes?" Marty asked as Jenny getting confused.

"You too are fine but it's your kids Marty! Something got to be done about your kids!" The three were in the car with both Marty and Jenny sharing a seat.

"I have no idea what's going on." The cat thought.

"Doc, we don't have enough road to reach the speed." Marty said.

"We don't need road, Marty." The doc pulled a lever then they're floated off the ground.

Meanwhile, a yellow-furred mongoose with brown hair and brown eyes. Wearing blue sweatshirt, black sweatpants, black shoes, finger-less gloves and a blue hat was watching. Then the delorean flew off disappearing.

"Whoa." I said with wonder in my eyes.

"I wonder if they know 2015 isn't that futuristic as they thought." I said chuckling.

The end.

Since it's the day both Marty and Doc came to the future I decided to do something for this important day. I hope you like this and have a good day ;)