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Grissom wakes to a ringing cell phone and an empty bed. Deciding to take care of the former first he picks up the offending phone and opens it.



"Who else would answer the phone?" he asks tersely looking around for Sara, not seeing her in the bedroom or bathroom. Concerned, he slips out of bed and pulls some pants on.

"Well considering its Sara's phone.maybe Sara?" Nicks voice says lightly, he is not holding his amusement at Grissom in very well.

"Oh, you want to talk to her?" He asks distractedly, walking out of the room and into the long hall that holds the bedrooms.

"That's ok. I wanted to see how she was, I'll talk to her later. Everything ok?"

"Yeah fine. See you tonight." He snaps the phone shut and looks in the last bedroom, finally seeing her standing there. The sunset is streaming through the windows, casting Sara in a glow; making her appear not quite real, like an angel on this earth only a short time. The hairs on the back of his neck stand at attention. Grissom shakes the discomforting feeling that gives him and enters the room, not making a sound, his footsteps quieted on the carpeting.

Approaching her, he finally reaches out and touches her arm, they are both surprised when Sara starts and pulls away from his touch. Her head turns to him quickly, and he sees fear before its quickly replaced by that smile he loves so much.

"Sara?" He takes another step to her, concerned about her reaction, though honestly not that surprised, considering.

"What do you think about this one as the baby's room?" Her eyes dart back to the empty space before returning to his, whatever fear was there, gone.

"That's fine, whatever you want."

She wrinkles her small nose at him. "Its not just my decision Gris. I like this one, has a nice view of the mountains, and its on the back side of the house, closest to us."

"Ok, its settled, this is the room. What made you decide this all of a sudden?" He is beginning to follow her sudden leaps in thinking, this one, however, evades him. Grissom had been warned by Catherine, hormones make you forget a lot of things in addition to making the thoughts you can remember, scattered. He cant picture Sara ever being scattered, but as of late her thoughts do seem to be all over the place, with the exception of work, she's had no trouble there.

"Well we need to paint and get it ready, figured we should at least decide on the room. I wont be able to help much longer." She looks at him and smiles.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it." He wraps his arms around her, pulling her back into his chest.


"Don't you trust me?"


"Then relax." He places on hand on her stomach and she quickly moves it so he can feel the suddenly active baby.

"He knows when we are talking about him." She smiles and feels Grissom return the smile. "Soon Grissom, with the room."

"Sara, we have four months." He starts making lazy circles on her pajama covered skin with his fingers.

"Yeah, still. Soon, please." Her voice has a distant tone and is foreboding, like she knows something he doesn't.

"Sara? What's wrong?" He turns her in his embrace.

"Nothing, except we're hungry. Feed us." She smiles and give him a quick kiss, walking out of the room and into theirs, a few seconds later he hears the shower starting. Giving the room one more look, he starts to formulate a plan in his head and makes a note to talk to Catherine and the guys that night.

Walking into the locker room that night Sara is immediately accosted by Nick.

"Hey, you ok? I didn't get to talk to you yesterday." He leans against the locker next to hers.

"Yeah, I'm ok. It scared me, but I'm over it." She closes the locker and notices the dubious expression on his face. "Really. Why doesn't anyone believe me?"

"I believe you. Just concerned."

"I know, thanks Nicky." Giving him a small smile she moves by to the door.

"Anytime. I don't want anything happening to you or the baby." He quickly catches up to her and wraps an arm around her shoulder, whispering conspiratorially. "You thought of a name yet?"

"Nooo." She draws out, wondering where this is going.

"Huh, I hear Nick is a nice name." With that he releases her and peels off to the restroom. "See you in a minute."

She shakes her head and walks into the break room, grabbing an apple out of the fridge.

"Hey Sara." Catherine greets her.


"I was thinking, you want to go shopping some weekend?"

Sara pauses mid-bite and stares at the older woman, confusion evident on her face. This was the last thing she expected.

"Well, that baby is going to come at some point, and I doubt you have a clue what it needs."

Sara carefully considers that, and while initially is offended, realizes Catherine is right. "K, but shouldn't Grissom come?"

"We can just do a.fact finding mission. You know, I can help you decide what you need and you and Gris can choose a theme later. They have some really cool stuff these days."

"Theme?" Sara turns to Warrick with a helpless look, he had been listening to the conversation from the couch. She hadn't considered that. "Ok, sure."

"Good, we can decide when later."

Sara nods and goes back to eating her apple, the logistics of having a child entering her thoughts for the first time. Her mind overloaded with thoughts of patterns, cribs and other things she has no idea about.

One week later, Sara and Nick are returning from their crime scene, an assault and battery with a missing suspect. They go their separate ways- Nick to drop off blood evidence with Greg, Sara to the print lab. Sitting in the stool, Sara rests her head on the table, exhaustion is a common event for her now, especially after returning from the field. Grissom has told her more than once she can stop going out whenever she wants, but Sara refuses until she simply cant anymore. Sara's personal goal is to at least still go out into the field until she is 32 weeks, maybe further, after that, its all lab work and the occasional picture taking. The feel of cool stainless steel of the counter on her forehead lulls her into a light sleep.

She is aware of little until her dreamless sleep is interrupted by a hand on her shoulder. Starting at the touch, Sara quickly snaps her body up, the back of her head making contact with the desk lamp on the table. She lets out a loud "ouch" before looking at the person the hand is attached too, Sara expects Harrington, but is relieved when Nicks alarmed face comes into focus.

"Sar! Jesus, you ok?"

Rubbing her head Sara fixes him with a glare. "Yeah, fine. Sounded worse than it hurt. Don't sneak up on people like that."

"You were sleeping Sara. What did you want me to do? Sing you a lullaby?" His tone is light, the grin on his face making Sara laugh.

"Yeah, yeah. What did you need?" Pulling her hand away from her scalp, she confirms no blood was spilled.

"Just wanted to let you know that Greggo is running DNA and came to see where you got with that print."

"Print, yeah. Lets see." She turns to the computer screen, surprised to see "Match Found" in red letters. "Bingo, we got.wait a.is this right? This has to be a joke." Her voice cracks slightly on the words.

"What?" Nick asks and finally looks at the screen. "I.your sure you ran the right prints?"

"Yeah, I'm positive. I still remember how to do my job." She makes eye contact with Nick, fear swimming the dark orbs.

"Run it again."


"Run it again," he says more slowly. "Maybe it pulled up the last results."

"Fine." Efficiently she runs through the procedure and 3 minutes later the same results are produced. "Harrington," she whispers.

"Yeah, he's our assault suspect."

Several moments of silence are broken by the shrill of Sara's cell phone. She almost jumps out of the chair at the noise. Quickly grabbing it, she answers, answering in the affirmative several times before hanging up. Nick looks at her quizzically.

"I have a package at reception. Delivered a few minutes ago by some kid."

"Lets go."

The walk to the front desk feels more like a death march to Sara than she would have liked. As they approach, Sara's steps slow and she breathes deeply several times to calm her nerves. The receptionist sees her and picks up the innocent envelope, holding it out to her, Sara cringes as she thinks of all the prints the receptionist just put on their potential evidence. Pulling on latex gloves she retrieves the letter, ignoring the odd looks from people standing around.

Returning to layout, she slowly opens the flap, hoping to delay the inevitable. Finally pulling out one sheet of paper, she lays it flat for her and Nick to read. After several moments Nick looks at her and covers one of her shaking hands with his.

"I'm going to get Grissom," he says and quickly pages him. Turning back to Sara, he sees that she is staring at the letter, with a lost expression on her face. Carefully, he runs one hand down her arm, lightly grasps her wrist and pulls her away from the table and in turn, the letter. She is sitting quietly when Grissom enters the room, anxiety marring his face.


"I'm fine. Read my latest correspondence." She points at the table.

Squeezing her hand, he turns back and reads the words.]