On Top of It All

Summary: Katie Bell (our narrator) was always the last person to be serious and grow up (besides, of course, the Weasley twins). She had always considered her life a breeze. Acceptable grades, a spot on the best bloody Quidditch team at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and free to simply live since she wasn't held down by all of the commitments of normal teenage girls such as physical appearance, guys, etc. Now, her freedom was being sabotaged. A sudden infatuation with her Quidditch captain and friend, Oliver Wood, puts Katie in an uneasy situation and the growing relationship grows more confusing by the day. Now, not only does she have to worry about that, but Cedric Diggory, the drop-dead-gorgeous captain and Seeker of Hufflepuff's Quidditch team, needs her help. Katie had never been one to abide by the rules, but those were school rules, what about Oliver's?

A/N: It may take me a little longer to update this story than I usually do because (1) I am on vacation for a week and (2) I'm still trying to work on finishing "Without You," my Draco & Hermione fic.

Chapter One: An Introduction to My Life

Quidditch is my life. I spend at least an hour every day practicing, I spent every Knut of my money on my ancient broomstick, and, at least once an hour, the words "Chaser," "Quaffle," "Keeper," or "Quidditch" pass through my mind. However, lately I can't help thinking that the reason I am so obsessed with the magical world's favorite sport isn't the sport itself. For the past month now, the word Keeper has definitely been the one zooming through my brain most often.

Oliver Wood and I had been really good friends our first three years at Hogwarts, but ever since he discovered that he was desirable in girls' eyes, I have become nothing more than a Chaser on his Quidditch team. Like most of the male species, his time is mostly consumed by the snogging sessions he and his current girlfriend get caught up in. Between that and Quidditch, he has no time left for me.

For the past few years, I didn't mind it; I had my things to keep me busy as well, but last month I became.infatuated, dare I say, with the boy I grew up with. I seemed to be the last girl in Hogwarts to realize that Oliver Wood had grown up to be one sexy sweetheart. And, for those of you who don't know, those two characteristics are hard to find together in a guy.

While the rest of the female population had been swooning over my former best friend's good looks and Scottish accent, I had been throwing Quaffles at him during Quidditch practice. Even Angelina and Alicia had gone through Oliver-obsessed phases, but, of course, I, Katie Bell, was the late bloomer.

My Remembrall beeped jovially from my pocket and I squeezed the lousy thing to shut it up. It was only too happy to remind me of something I didn't want to do. I have to admit, without the transportable reminder, I would be late for everything. It beeped from my desk to wake me up, before Quidditch practice, and ten minutes before I was confined to the Gryffindor common room at night. I usually don't even bother listening to the last beep though. Fred and George have helped me find ways to get around school after- hours without being caught. Lifesavers, they are.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my broom from my dorm before heading off to the locker rooms. Fred and George were already there, chasing Alicia around with their clubs, tying to repossess the piece of parchment she was goggling at in her hands.

"Alicia, give it back, that's sacred," George took a dive at her feet and managed to grab her ankle.

"I know! Where'd you get it?" Alicia managed to call out before she took a particularly nasty spill on the ground. I managed to ignore their little fits. I was used to them by now. I had learned early on that if you're not involved in what Fred and George are doing to stay out of it. It was always more fun watching the aftermath of their devious ways.

I busied myself with my Quidditch robes and sat on one of the benches, waiting for everyone to show and Oliver to begin his annual pep talk. Angelina rushed through the door with her broom trailing behind her and hurriedly took a seat next to me.

"I'm not late, am I? The last thing I need today is Oliver to be mad at me. It's been one of the most horrible Thursdays ever, Kate," Angelina spoke quickly and fiddled with the clasp on her robes.

"No, Angie, slow down," I laughed. Angelina Johnson was almost never this worked up. "You had Potions last, didn't you?"

"Yes! I have two nights of detention. Snape is evil," she wrinkled her nose up disgustedly.

Harry was practically running as he pushed his way into the locker room and I could tell why when Oliver followed him in. An unusual look of anxiousness had crossed his face and it made him look intimidating. He immediately took up pacing across the locker room and Angie and I looked at each other nervously.

Despite the tension that seemed to fill the room when our beloved captain entered, his speech wasn't intimidating or even pushy. If anything, it was desperate. Poor Oliver hadn't had a chance to lead our team to a Quidditch Cup, yet. We were good enough, especially with Harry, but the Cup still wasn't ours. It was his last chance to win and we were ready to do anything we could to help him do just that. We started our training after his talk and it went well. With our newfound determination, the team was bound to win the Cup. We had to.

While everyone else practiced three times a week, I practiced every day. It was no secret that I wasn't the most naturally gifted person on the team, and I was okay with that. I loved to fly and I was willing to put in as much time needed to get better at it.

After one particularly boring practice, during which I had simply thrown the Quaffle through the goals, retrieved it, and repeated the process for a bloody hour and a half, I sulked upstairs to find Oliver sitting on one of the sofas in the common room waiting for me.

"Hey, Katie," he smiled warmly at me. "How was practice?"

"It was okay, I guess," I took a seat next to him on the sofa and sat my broom down next to me.

"Look, I don't want you wearing yourself out with Quidditch. You're a great Chaser already and you really don't need to be practicing every day," a look of worry had overcome his face and I couldn't help thinking how cute he looked all worried about me. "Plus, if you get worn out, it's not going to do us any good in our matches. Don't overdo it, okay?"

"Sheesh, mom," I chuckled. "I'm fine. It's not like throwing the ball to myself is all that strenuous."

"Okay. I don't want to lose one of my Chasers though," he smirked and stood up from the sofa, leaving me sitting there alone. What did I tell you? That's all I am and all I will ever be to him. A Chaser.

I wonder if he would notice if I accidentally strangled his new girlfriend. What was her name? Chang? No, that's the girl Diggory's after.speaking of sexy Quidditch players, there's a winner. At least Diggory had given me the time of day before.

About now, I was really getting sick of pining over Oliver. It was obvious that the best looking seventh year in the school (Diggory's a sixth year, so he doesn't count) wouldn't give me a second glance. I hit my head and tried to push Oliver out of it, amazingly enough, succeeding. I smiled triumphantly and picked up my broom, heading off to the showers to clean up.

The next few days went off without a hitch. Practice was going great, I was unnaturally happy, and I didn't even have the urge to hit Oliver's new girlfriend, some girl named Sage, when they were giving each other puppy eyes during breakfast and dinner. However, the weather was growing nasty as our first game of the season approached. We were going to be playing Slytherin. As if that match wasn't tough enough, the thunderstorms just had to be added into the mix.

We had to practice with Madam Hooch watching over us, which was a little unnerving. It had to do something with Harry and that escaped convict, Sirius Black, but since I wasn't very informed about it, I tried to push it out of my mind. That wasn't the only thing that had changed because of Sirius Black, though. Dementors now stood guard at the school and, I must say, they were more than a little creepy. I heard when they went into Harry's compartment on the train, he passed out. Poor kid. That worried Wood a lot though. He had been fretting for days trying to make sure there weren't going to be any of the nasty hooded buggers near the Quidditch pitch.

The game against Slytherin grew closer and the weather grew worse. Alicia and I were getting ready for practice on Wednesday when Oliver stormed into the locker rooms looking almost as gloomy as the weather outside.

"We're not playing Slytherin," he complained loud enough for everyone to hear. His face was red and his fists clenched and I don't think I had ever seen Oliver so mad over something the rest of us were so undaunted over. Well, except for that time Fred and George put a spell on his broom so that half of it was silver and half green when we were playing Slytherin, but that was fourth year, a long time ago. "Flint's just been to see me. We're playing Hufflepuff instead."

Everyone in the room knew that the Slytherins had backed out of the game because of the weather. Malfoy, the spoiled git, was perfectly fine. The only reason it would have been otherwise was if all that Clorox he pours on his head had caused him to hallucinate. Someone should warn him the fumes are dangerous.

Truth be told, Oliver was really the only person worried about the change in schedule. We all acted like we took it seriously, but Hufflepuff was an easy win. Alicia, Angelina, and I were too busy giggling over the Sexy Seeker Diggory to worry about the match at all that moment. Oliver seemed really angry when we started going on about how good-looking he was. I swear, when I laughed about him being "strong and silent," I thought he was going to kill me. If looks could kill, I wouldn't be able to recap all of this for you because Oliver would have sent me six feet under on that cold, rainy day.