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Chapter Ten: Did he mean. . . ?

Oliver Wood stood in front of me grinning like a father who had just caught his kid with its hand in the Cauldron Cake jar.

"Katie Bell, what in heaven's name are you doing?"

I felt my cheeks grow red and I lowered my head to hide them before replying, "Forgot my clothes," and trying to scoot around him.

However, Oliver, with all of his damned Keeper skills, easily blocked my path.

"Diggory came up to me this morning at breakfast and asked me where you were, so I came to find out what was taking you so long."

"Well, that was very considerate of you," I smiled sweetly at his before trying to make a quick cut to the showers.

He beat me again. He's too damn fast; maybe he had some rabbit blood in him. You know how when you try to catch a rabbit they always slip-

My thoughts were cut short when my eyes met Oliver and I recognized his suspicious stare.

"Bloody hell, what do you want, Wood? Because all I want is to put some sodding clothes on and you're making that terribly difficult," I spat.

"What's going on with the two of you?"

"The two of who?" I asked, though I already knew his reply. Only one pairing that I could be involved in would upset Oliver. Except maybe Marcus Flint, but that's just – eww.

"You and Diggory."

"Nothing's going on between me and Cedric," I flinched on the inside when I realized I had just called him Cedric in front of Oliver.

"Oh really? Because you seem to be together an awful lot lately. I don't want him affecting your game, Katie. He's a conniving –"

This time it was my turn to cut Oliver off. "Did you just use the word conniving? And you're talking about Cedric Diggory? Oliver, you know just as well as I do that Cedric is one of the fairest people in this entire school, so don't go being melodramatic and trying to accuse the boy of something he is not guilty of. Also, not that it is any of your business, but I have just been helping Cedric on a . . . project lately. We're not suddenly best mates or dating or anything, so don't jump to conclusions. He will have no effect whatsoever on my game, I promise you. Now, excuse me, Captain, but I need to go get dressed."

I swept past him and walked towards the showers, but just as I reached the hallway, the towel that I had forgotten to secure on during my debate with Oliver was knocked loose by my swinging arms and fell to the ground.

I have never been so scared.

My face turned bright red instantly and I dropped to the ground and covered myself with the towel as soon as possible. Once everything was secure, I turned around slowly, terrified of what was behind me. Despite all of my worries, though, Oliver's back was turned and he was digging through his locker, apparently having no idea of what had just happened behind him. I breathed a sigh of relief and continued onto my locker, holding the towel with a death grip in front of me.

By the time I got dressed and worked up the courage to leave the showers, the locker room was empty. I thanked the gods quickly before finally heading up to the main castle, probably just in time for Double Potions.

Oh, what a wonderful day it was turning out to be.

All through the rest of the day, I internally fumed. First, about my detentions and then my own stupidity and then Oliver.

Seriously, who did he think he was? First, accusing me of being daft enough to let Cedric mess up my game, and then having the audacity to call Cedric conniving. As far as I could see, nothing was so wrong with Cedric to despise the kid so much.

Grr. . . Oliver Wood and his damned assumptions.

My mind simmered with these thoughts as I stormed into the Gryffindor common room later that afternoon. Herbology class was up next and I would already bet ten galleons that Oliver would open his mouth to Cedric.

I didn't have to wait long to be proven correct.

Of course, I did sort of provoke it. I was pissed off! So, once Herbology had begun and everyone was complacently repotting Lokrins, I made my way over to Cedric and struck up a conversation.

"Hey, Diggory," I smirked as I saw Oliver's eyes find me, "This is nice. You and me hanging out and all."

"Yeah, you're not bad company, Bell," he grinned down at me.

Despite the fact that I was just talking to Cedric to get on Oliver's nerves, which was working awfully well from what I could see from the corner of my eye, I felt my heart turn over for an instant when Diggory grinned down at me. His warm brown eyes sparkled and crinkled a little bit at the corners and a dimple was visible on his right cheek. Not to mention, his teeth were perfectly white and straight, which just accentuated those damned, famous lips of his.

Of course, I wanted to vomit once I took the time to look back on my thoughts, but at the moment, Diggory seemed perfect. Then, he opened his mouth.

"Katie, why are girls so indecisive and complicated?"

I closed my eyes in disbelief before answering him in my most exasperated voice, "You don't ask a girl why girls are indecisive and complicated, Diggory. You save that question for the brainless male-babble you and your guy friends have in your dormitory."

Mildly sick of the boy already, even with his adorable face, I went back to repotting my Lokrin. Once I got up the nerve to sneak a peek at Oliver's face, he was already heading toward us, looking absolutely livid.

"Diggory, do you have a problem?" Oliver spat out.

I internally winced, knowing that when Oliver was this angry, this would not be one of the shorter Wood VS Diggory battles.

"No, Wood," Cedric stayed focused on his pot. "What would make you say that?"

"Nothing, just you've been spending a lot of time with MY chaser. Maybe if you spent a little more with your own, you'd win a match for once."

My mouth dropped open when these words poured from Oliver's mouth. Not simply because it was terribly rude comment, but the emphasis Oliver put on the word "my" when he was talking about me was unnerving. He didn't speak as if he were talking about some chaser on his team, rather a permanent possession. This unnerved me and made me feel the safest I'd ever felt at the same time.

"Oliver, back off," I cut between him and Diggory since the space between the two was consistently decreasing.

Oliver looked down and met my eyes with the most heartbreaking emotion: betrayal.

"What, so you choose him over our team? Over me?"

"I never knew it had to be one or the other, Oliver. I'm not sharing team secrets, I'm just being friendly with the guy. What gives you right to preside over who I am a friend to if it doesn't affect my game?"

Oliver stormed out of the greenhouse, followed by many questioning stares. I felt terrible doing this to him, but in my angry rambling, I did have a point. Cedric wasn't affecting my relationship with him or Quidditch at all; I kept them entirely separate. However, I couldn't get over that look in his eyes.

"Where did Mr. Wood just run off to?" Professor Sprout looked up from her beloved plant.

"He wasn't feeling well," I lied and shot Cedric a glance telling him not to say anything otherwise.

"Well, Miss Bell, maybe you should go check on him," the kindhearted, but a little bit brainless, professor suggested.

"Good idea, Professor. I'll go do just that."

I dropped my gardening gloves on the floor and took off in a jog out of the door of the greenhouse. Luckily, a light snow had fallen while we were in Herbology and I could track the new footprints in the white blanket. Not surprisingly, they led to the Quidditch pitch. Already two flights of stairs up and still climbing, I spotted Oliver rounding the staircase on the Gryffindor side of the pitch. I followed quickly, but quietly, wanting to give him another few minutes to calm down. I was sure by the time I got to the last flight of stairs, panting and unable to get my breath back, that Oliver had been sitting for a few minutes.

Once I felt the sacred oxygen refill my lungs, I began slowly up the last few steps and saw Oliver sitting with his back toward me, looking out at the pitch.

I crept and sat down beside him on the wooden bench, grabbing his hand in my own so he couldn't go anywhere. We sat there just that that for a few moments and I let him have a little bit of time to himself before I spoke.

"What's wrong? And please don't tell me it has anything to do with my Quidditch game."

His voice came out a whisper of fog in the cold air, "What do you see in him?"

"He's a pleasant, fair guy, Oliver. We get along well, and it's nice having a friend other than Alicia and Angelina. Don't get me wrong, they're great. He's just. . . different."

"You don't see him as just a friend though."

"Oh, really?" I laughed. "Look, Diggory is good-looking, I'm not denying that, but the boy doesn't have a brain cell to waste. I don't see why you'd be jealous, but you have no reason to be Oliver. I promise."

I felt his thumb run over my hand which still rested loosely in his and a shiver ran up my spine. Was he truly jealous of Diggory because he thought I was interested in him? Did that mean. . . no, it couldn't.

"I'm not jealous," Oliver chuckled (see, it couldn't have meant what I had thought it may mean) . "I just don't like the bloke."

"Understandable," I agreed, grinning to myself.

"Do you remember our first game , Katie?"

When I looked over at Oliver, he was staring out at the pitch, no longer in the present.

"Yeah, my second year. The year before you became captain."

"We were playing Slytherin and you pulled off this fantastic save just as Flint came at me and you knocked the arse right off his broom. When he got back up, he caught up with you and kicked the end of your broom, sending you spinning straight into the Slytherin goalposts. I watched as your head hit the post and you fell to the ground and I freaked out. I couldn't breathe, couldn't pay attention to anything but the medi-witch putting you on the stretcher, unconscious. I didn't understand my reaction. I'd seen many of my teammates carried off the pitch before and had gone on unfazed, but. . . that's how I feel when I see you and Diggory. I don't know why, but I can't breathe or think straight."

Did this mean that he meant what he said he didn't mean but I thought he meant but couldn't have meant?

Oh, goodness, this is what using my head gets me – a headache.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

Avada Kedavra me. Right now.

"It's not your fault," he stood up, my hand still dangling from his, and began to walk back down the stairs.

I had no choice but to follow him in silence. On the third story, though, I slipped on a patch of ice and slid down an entire flight of stairs, pulling Oliver with me. Graceful, eh? It wasn't until then that I realized that it was only the beginning of November and that usually, it rained, not snowed, until the end of the month. I looked up off the balcony of the stairway and saw the black forms floating above us. Another shiver ran down my spine, this one not so pleasant, though.

"Come on, Oliver," I motioned, letting go of the warmth of his hand because it contradicted the way the rest of my body felt so badly at the moment. "Let's get inside. I'm freezing."

As I watched the manifestations of evil floating above us out of the corner of my eye, I remembered the night when Sirius Black had broken into the castle and the terror on everyone's faces. I wondered which one was worse: the Dementors or Black?

The warmth of the castle was definitely a welcome change from the air outside. As we entered our common room, I excused myself from Oliver and went to take a shower. With the warm water running over me, I made my decision.

Tonight would be the night I would sneak into the Hufflepuff common room, and once my mission was complete, I would break my ties with Cedric. Soon, Oliver would have nothing to worry about.