Wow. Has it really been almost a year since I last even glanced at FanFiction? Its been one tough year too. Finally finished school for good, decided to move out of the family home, had my laptop stollen meaning I lost EVERYTHING relating to all my fanfiction. That's partly why it's been so long, sorry guys. But I've got time now to start it all up again. I'm going to start by continuing Life At Birds Eye View, as for now I'm just re-editing past chapters to change the story and make them better, so I can get those from the original (kind of) uploads, but it's going to be a very slow process as I've kind of forgotten how to write stories. Well, I haven't, but then I haven't done it in an awful long time.

So yeah, sorry for disappearing for ages without a word, I'm (hopeful!y) back now.

Keep writing guys, I hope to be posting again soon, and catching up on all the amazing stories I've been missing!