Fandom(s): Harry Potter
Pairing(s): Abraxas Malfoy/Halesia Potter, Ron Weasley/Hermoine Granger, and mentions of Dean Thomas/Ginny Weasley
Warning(s): alternate universe; female!Harry (Halesia); mentions of character death; mentions of murder; mentions of depression; mentions of suicide; off-screen character deaths; time travel (kind of); pure-blood customs; and pure-blood society

Summary: When the war ended, so did the Malfoy family. Abraxas Malfoy started his seventh year at Hogwarts.

Part the Second

Halesia couldn't recall a time she had been happier. Her classes were going well and she was on track to graduate Hogwarts with honors, her friendships were at an all-time high, and she was courting with an amazing man. There were times she had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Most of the time, Halesia found it hard to believe that she wasn't dreaming because her life was a complete one-eighty from last year – the year she spent hunting Hogwarts with Ron and Hermione while the war was going on around them. Last year, Halesia didn't spent a lot of time thinking about her future.

"What are you thinking about?" Hermione Granger asked, eyeing her best friend.

Halesia smiled, answering, "Just life."

A frown crossed Hermione's face. "Good things?"

"Mostly," came Halesia's answer with a sigh. "Just about how much things have changed since – ya know – last year."

Nodding, Hermione turned away from her friend. So much had changed in the last year. Most changes were good – things were better and life went on – but there were some bad changes, like George Weasley's depression.

"Do you want to join me and Abraxas in the library?" Halesia asked as she stood up from her bed. She checked her bag, making sure she had everything.

"Maybe later," Hermione said with a small smile. It was amazing to witness the changes Abraxas had inspired in Halesia. She took her studying and homework more seriously, and she was planning her future beyond Hogwarts. These were the kind of changes Hermione wanted to see in her boyfriend.

Halesia departed with a smile and a skip in her step, leaving Hermione alone in the dorm room. Making use of the secret passages, Halesia had a short walk to library. In the dark and dusty corner, she found her – she found Abraxas. With a frown, she approached the table and she took a seat.

Halesia wasn't sure what to call Abraxas. What was his label or title? He was more than her boyfriend because he wanted to bond with her, but they weren't betrothed or engaged. While he didn't need a label or a title, Halesia wasn't sure what to call him.

"Morning," Abraxas greeted her before placing a kiss on her forehead.

Pulled from her thoughts, Halesia beamed up at him. Abraxas was a handsome wizard with pale skin, silver eyes, and pale blonde hair. He stood at six foot with a lean build.

"What troubles you, silverbell?" Abraxas asked, a frown forming on his lips. He knew Halesia well enough to know when something was troubling her.

Shaking her head, she answered, "Nothing important."

Abraxas' frown deepened. If something troubled her than it was important, and she needed to learn that. Whatever troubled her mattered deeply to him. How could he get her to see that? For the time being, Abraxas decided to let this go. He would get Halesia to open up to him, but this wasn't the time.

"Do you want to start with Charms or Potions?" he asked. They were here to work on their homework together and to study for their NEWTs.


Time at Hogwarts went by. February turned into March with the snow turning into rain and temperatures started warming ever so slightly. As seventh years, Halesia and Abraxas spent every spare moment studying. After all, NEWTs were just around the corner.

Things between Abraxas and Halesia continued to go well. Their relationship was blooming, and they were getting to know each other better. They had disagreements and arguments, and there were times when they didn't talk to one another for a day or two. When they were able to overcome their disagreements, it made their relationship stronger.

One area they disagreed on was the number of children. While Abraxas wanted a large family, he didn't think it was possible because the Malfoy family had a history of having one child, usually a son, each gerenation. If one generation managed to have multiple children, then someone had an affair. Abraxas wanted a happy marriage with Halesia.

For some reason, Halesia was convinced they would have multiple children, at least three. In fact, Halesia already had some names selected.

As a child, Halesia daydreamed about her future family, mostly the chilren, and she started thinking about names – over the years those names had changed evoloved, like Jessica Lily turned into Jasmine Dorea and later into Iris Luna. Now that she was being courted, Halesia was taking the time to look into the Malfoy family genealogy, noting names. At the moment, her favorite was Nicholas Abraxas for a boy and Felicity Aurora for a girl.

Halesia was keeping the names a secret. She found it a little embarrassing that she was thinking about names before Abraxas even presented her with a betrothal contract.


Luckily, Halesia didn't have to wait long before Abraxas presented her with a betrothal contract. Over the spring holiday break, Halesia and Abraxas remained in the castle. Much like winter break, they spent their time in the library, the kitchens, and the Room of Requirements.

"Here," Abraxas said, sliding a piece of parchment towards Halesia across the library table.

Halesia picked up the parchment, reading it over. The more she read, the more her eyes widened. This was it. This was the betrothal contract. Picking up her quill, Halesia added a few lines before signing the bottom. She wanted at least four children, one for each House – Black, Malfoy, Peverell, and Potter. For some reason, Halesia knew they would have multiple children.

Done signing it, the parchment glowed gold before disappearing.


"No bloody way!" shouted Ron Weasley, his eyes wide.

Next to him, Hermione was equally surprised. Abraxas offered Halesia a betrothal contract before graduation, which was practically unheard of. Usually, the couple graduated before entering into a betrothal with an engagement following eight later and a bonding ceremony a year after that.

"He's very serious," Halesia explained, her cheeks turning red.

Ron ran a hand through his hair, stealing a glance at his girlfriend. "Your betrothed is making me look back, mate," he joked, sounding a little weak.

Halesia shrugged, offering her friend a small smile. That was his problem. Halesia was thrilled.

"Just remain focused, alright?" Hermione said.

"Of course," Halesia declared. "Abraxas had the family lawyer write the contract."

Hermione beamed while Ron glared at the ground. Abraxas Malfoy was the best thing to ever happen to Halesia, but he was making Ron look back with Hermione. After talking it over with Penelope Clearwater, Ron was planning to present Hemione with a betrothal contract on her birthday. It looked like he would need to change his plans.


More time passed. Months went by, and before anyone knew it it was June. End of the year exams were over along with NEWTs and OWLs. It was time for the seventh years to graduate. When Halesia collected her parchment, she beamed and pulled Headmistress McGonagall into a hug. Surprisingly, the headmistress retunred it.

The next day, the seventh years and the other students boarded the Hogwarts Express. For the seventh years, this was their final trip. Halesia was surprised at how emotional she found the experience. After all these years, her time at Hogwarts was over.

While Ron and Hermione were at the Prefects Meeting, Halesia and Abraxas shared a compartment with Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, and Ginny Weasley. The ride was filled with laughs and smiles over stories and shared memories.

When the train pulled into King's Cross, Halsia watched as the other students departed the train and they reunited with their families. Abraxas stood next to her, his hand clutching something in his pocket. As the line of exiting students decreased, Halesia grabbed her bag. It was time to leave.

Before she could leave the compartment, Abraxas grabbed her wrist. Looking over at him, Halesia saw something sparkling in his silver eyes.

"Silverbells, I love you," he whispered, his tone loving, "will you marry me?" He showed her the ring in his other hand.

Her heart beating, Halesia nodded. "Yes," she whispered. "I love you, too." She leaned in, pressing a kiss to his lips.


The bonding of Lady Halesia Potter of the Houses of Black, Peverell, and Potter, and Lord Abraxas Malfoy of the House of Malfoy, was the event of the year. Everyone wanted to know what happened – when and how. Everyone wanted to attend. The story of their bonding was sold to Luna and The Quibbler at the price of two galleons.

It was a small ceremony that took place at Potter Manor on the winter solstice. Only close friends and family were in attendance. The only people that counted as family were the Weasleys and Teddy Lupin, Halesia's godson. Andromeda had refused to allow him to attend, so Abraxas sued for visitations for Halesia. After they were bonded, he planned to file for custody.


Over the honeymoon, Halesia learned the truth about her husband. As a member of the Malfoy family, she deserved to know the truth about her new family. When Narcissa died, the enchantment on the Malfoy family activated. Due to a debt of magic, the Malfoy line was never allowed to die out. So, Abraxas Malfoy found himself alive again at the age of seventeen. He knew what happened with the war and his son.

Honestly, Lucius had no one to blame but himself. Abraxas told him never to swear allegiance to that mad half-blood Riddle. But Lucius wouldn't listen. A day after their conversation, Abraxas came down with dragon pox, which led to his death.

Learning the truth didn't change how Halesia felt. She loved him. For some reason, she didn't feel lied to or tricked – about Abraxas' identity. It was a family secret, and Abraxas didn't even have to tell her the truth. He loved her enough to tell her.

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