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Naruto x ?


Author's Note


Inspired by Do it for Him and Stronger than you Lapis versions. This is a prologue. Not the actual beginning. And yes unlike 70% of crossovers nowadays this is still Naruto, Naruto. But it's a twist but then again the methods I use were always different from everyone else. (The stupid bs of Madara. Juubi, Bijuu about to be sealed Sharinganed away that everyone and their mama uses in 85% of fics the last two years has never been a method I used.)

And I hope you guys will enjoy it and people might be inspired to use the method as well if only to stop reusing the same god awful scenarios. XD


Story Start


'Where am I? This isn't my mindscape.' He thought as he walked a top the water. He looked down, as his cerulean eyes gazed into what was boundless depths. The lightly tanned skinned man ran his fingers through his lively blond hair.


The blond focused on the voice. "Azurite…I don't understand. Save who? Azurite!" He called to no avail. What did she mean?

He continued on walking along the only path available to him.

This place.

This place was not his mindscape. This had to be Azurite's doing.

That was when he made out the image of someone. As he got closer he realized it was a gem, one who was injured. "Hello, are you okay?" He asked the gem causing her to jump in fright. Besides fear there was hostility and fearfulness in her expression.

The gem had dark blue skin and navy blue shoulder length hair. The style had bangs that held about shoulder length.

She wore a flowing, navy-blue skirt, knee-length with a downward-facing navy-blue triangle. She was wearing a backless, dull-blue and navy-blue halter crop-top with an upward-facing dark-blue triangle that tied into a blue ribbon on the back of her shoulders, and is currently barefoot. And right now she was more than surprised. Then there were her eyes, they were dull pupil-less, mirror-like that contained no irises.

"I didn't mean to frighten you miss gem. I am Sunspot, but I prefer the name Naruto."

Calming down the blue gem greeted him. "I am Lapis. Lapis Lazuli. Were you…were you imprisoned as well?"

'Imprisoned?' he thought, his expression saddening. "No. Its kind of difficult for me to explain." He removed the glove on his left hand. "She wasn't very forthcoming with what I could do."

Her gaze went to the blue gem on Naruto's hand. "Naruto's star shaped gem "You're a gem." She said in slight surprise. "A fusion at that." Wow that is a rather masculine looking gem.

"Technically true." He replied to Lapis's confused look.

"It's complicated, but you said you were imprisoned. Where are we?"

"Inside a mirror, it has my cracked gem on the back." she answered. "Wait, for you to get here you had to be near the mirror. Are you a Crystal Gem?" She was suddenly on guard. After how they left her imprisoned she could never forgive them.

"I have recently joined the Gems. I haven't been in Beach City all that long, but what about you Lapis, how long have you been here?"

"A…A few thousand years. I've lost track a long time ago. Do you, do you have any idea where my mirror is?" she hopefully asked him as he shook his head.

"No, I'm sorry, but Azurite led me here for a reason. You, you want to be freed right?" the blue haired gem nodded. "I know all too well what it means to be a prisoner. I can relate all too well."

The look she gave him was skeptical that he could compare their situations.

"Let me show you." He extended his hand.

Well, there was not much else to do. She accepted his hand.

Lapis found herself on what looked to be a lab of some sort. It was completely white, sterile and the area was massive. Nearly everywhere she looked there were screens with data being compiled and containers of gems.

Some whole.

Some fractured.

Others in pieces.

Suddenly she heard it, the sound of screaming. She ran to the source until she was it. A dual colored gem with ankle length black hair. The gem was fairly distinguished in facial appearance with light grey skin. She was wearing a lab coat over silver halter top and black dress pants with a pair of silver pumps.

And on the table was the blond, Naruto. Taking out a recorder she began to record her findings. "Test number 132 has proven successful. Subject Azurite has been integrated to project Obsidian. Further testing is needed to see to what extent this fusion method can be considered a success."

"You monster!" Naruto roared in fury as he struggled against his bindings. Tears of rage streamed down his face. "I don't care how long it takes. I will destroy you! You hear me Astrophyllite! I completely and utterly break you into tiny pieces!"

So much rage and hatred. It was different from the warm friendly eyes of the gem that approached her but mere minutes ago.

From neck to foot he was bound in chains.

"Naruto." she silently whispered though now in distress by the sight of the first gem she'd seen in over a thousand years be treated in such a way. "Hang on." Her hands went through the binding as if she was a ghost.

She had forgotten already. It was just a memory.

"Project Obsidian have you shown any signs of exhibiting Azurite's mental capabilities?" she asked as she went to her computer

"I kill you…I swear it…I'll kill you."

Astrophyllite took out a yellow tri-point device that began to sparkle with blue electricity. She placed it against the gem on Naruto's hand causing pain to course through him.

Lapis winched every time pain coursed through the blond.

"Project Obsidian you only hurt yourself if you fight me like this. You are destined for greatness. You have the potential to become the ultimate Gem. Why fight progress?"

"I know your type. All you care about is your experiments. I will not bend to your will. I am no one's slave!"

The scene shifted causing Lapis to become a bit disorientated before she regains her bearings. It was a barren planet. Running through the barren wasteland was Naruto and another Gem.

A gem with pale skin and blonde hair.

In front of her she the gem with Naruto collapsed while running.

"Amber! Get up! We got to keep running!" The earth opened and Naruto fell into the crevice.

Naruto burriedd his fingers into the side as he glanced up. "Naruto!"

He saw the sight of her being blasted into a beam and turning into a gem.

"Noooo!" The gem on Naruto's hand began to glow as chunks of earth were being ripped out. A platform was created as the blond take a glance at the other side.

He could have ran.

He should have ran.

But he was not one to abandon those he cared about.

The memory ended.

Lapis's experience had changed her. Being trapped in the mirror was a horrible experience, but to be experimented on. Treated as a weapon and to lose your comrades?

It brought a sense of sadness to her.

"Lapis," he called out to her. "I couldn't imagine being alone for thousands of years. And I hate the idea that I would be condemning someone to such loneliness. I promise you I will do anything I can to help you out."

"You'd free me?!" she exclaimed.

"If I can free you then I promise I will, but you have to promise no attack anyone I care about. My friends and innocents are off limits."

Lapis's mouth tightened into a grimace from hearing that. No grudge was worth the eternal torment of her imprisonment.

"I agree, but you better keep your word and free me!" By how animated she was and how much emotion was in her eyes it was obvious she not happy with the terms.

"I can't promise it'll be soon. I will have to look for this mirror, but I'll try and visit you whenever I can."

"R-Really? Why?" Lapis then began questioning her own judgement. Being suspicious and questioning one's only means of freedom was not smart.

"That's just the kind of person I am." He responded with a shrug.

'Person?' Lapis wondered. Why did this gem refer to itself as a person?

"And I don't abandon my friends. I'll be seeing you soon Lapis." He said as he could feel a tugging sensation. He was leaving the that he disappeared, leaving Lapis with something she hadn't had in a long time; Hope.


Chapter End


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