Chapter 1- Take A Chance On Love

There's a moment in everybody's life when you know that things are changing. Either for the better or for the worse, there's a distinct shift in the atmosphere where your life suddenly heads down a different path. And when you know, you have to make a choice. If it's a positive change, you have to decide whether you want it and review how it might impact your life. If it's negative, the fight or flight response comes into question.

To fight would be to grit your teeth and ground yourself. Defend yourself against the tumultuous change and try to turn things around. You try to overcome the forces at work in the Universe.

Flight involves making a swift decision to save yourself. You flee and live another day. Some see it as the coward's way out and others see it as self-preservation. There's really no way to know which way you view it until you're forced to make that choice.

Kurt Hummel had to make that choice on November 16th, 2017.

Things were going great for him. He had a secure, high-salary job at Vogue, a set of trustworthy, dependant roommates and a clean bill of health. He was single, but Kurt wasn't too set on occupying himself with thoughts of love and romance. It would come when it came, he thought to himself every time he saw a cute couple walking the wet New York streets at night. Kurt was not particularly the type to date just to date. He was like an otter; he would mate for life. He wasn't about to go looking for love in the wrong places. It would come to him and he was sure of it.

He never thought that he would be swept up in a storm of danger in his currently humdrum life. Things were finally turning around for him. He was scouting the city for acting work whilst juggling his designing work and he had a new lead. Through his boss, Isabelle, he had come across a new lead for an Off-Broadway play and he was heading to the theatre for the open-call audition. He had a good feeling about it. With Being Alive in his back pocket and a killer emotional monologue bubbling on his tongue, Kurt Hummel was walking taller than ever, even in the face of adversity.

He never thought that, bad things would happen to him. There were just so many people in New York. What made him so special? While the city moved at its fast pace and people were everywhere, they were four guys waiting for the right mark.

And that just so happened to be him.

Kurt always hated alleyways. They reminded him of scenes from crime dramas where the serial killer dragged their victims to stab them. So whenever he walked past one, he glanced quickly down it to check to see if it was empty.

This particular alleyway was not empty whatsoever.

"Hey! Where you going?" A rough voice called from the alcove. Kurt kept his head down and walked quickly past it, not speaking or even hinting that he had heard the voice.

The footsteps hurried behind him and a swift hand coiled around him and clamped around his mouth. Kurt was yanked backwards and into the alley, where his back hit the wall with a sharp thud. Wincing, Kurt looked to his escape, which was suddenly blocked by a man much taller and bulkier than he himself was. Sure, he had worked on his physique whilst at NYADA, but it still made no difference. He was under six foot and was pretty much ineffectual without a weapon in his hands.

"You can try to run if you want. You won't get very far...and it'll just be much more painful for you."

"Let me go," he said to nobody in particular. Laughs echoed around the space, all low and threatening.

"Aw, he thinks we're going to let him go, just like that. You got another thing coming, kid."

"Tony, don't be such a moron!. Listen up, fairy boy, we'll let you go real quick if you just comply with our demands."

A different voice spoke. "Demand number one: give us everything you've got on you. Anything we can sell or smoke.

"Demand number two: turn around, pull down your pants and bend over."

Kurt's heart sank. What? Oh my God. No, please no.

The man named Tony snorted, which gave Kurt hope. "You seriously want to fuck this fag?"

The guy shrugged. "It's been a year since Janine left me, I need something tight to stick it in and I don't care if it's a dude."

"Barely a dude," Tony retorted. Kurt fought the urge to laugh at how ridiculous the situation was. Guys using homophobic remarks wanted to use his body to get themselves off. Kurt was frozen, not even having the strength to snap at them like he used to in high school. But this wasn't high school. It was real life in the big world and these guys wouldn't be chased away by a threat of telling the Principal. They knew what they wanted and they would get it…or Kurt would be hurt.

Vaguely, in the distance, Kurt saw a shadow emerging from behind and he wanted to cry. Another guy ready to torture him?

"Get away from him," a deep voice spat demandingly. The men turned around, but Kurt still couldn't see who had appeared, ready to save him, hopefully.

"Look at this clown, boys. Dressed in a stupid costume, thinking that he can play with the big boys."

The man laughed. "Yeah, it takes really big boys to gang up on an innocent civilian and threaten to rape him. Real big of you. Not to mention that he's shorter and physically weaker than all of you."

"Fuck you!"

Kurt's mind was hazy and surreal and what happened next happened in a blur. Figures zipped around his peripheral vision, their levels shifting and spinning.

What seemed to be minutes later, Kurt's vision became more detailed and the four men lay on the ground, probably unconscious, and Kurt got his first real look at his saviour.

"Are you hurt?"

It was someone he recognised. Not personally, but from TV, the news. No…it couldn't be…

"C-Captain America?"

"That's what they call me. I suppose the outfit kinda lends itself to the alias, right? Did they hurt you?"

"No. You saved my life. They were going to—."

Captain America turned his head before facing Kurt again. "You don't have to say it. I heard everything. I'm just very glad that you're unharmed…"

"Kurt Hummel."

"A fine name, though the Germanic roots do cause some dubiousness."

"Who are you?"

Captain America blinked. "I thought we already established this."

Kurt shook his head, feeling the heaviness threaten to swoop in once again. "No, I know who you are, of course I do, but behind the mask. Heroes like you are just ordinary people behind the mask, right?"

"I thought the whole point of the mask was to create the veneer of a so-called superhero."

Kurt stared at him. "Are you just going to challenge everything I say with something that you think?"

He sighed. "I am ordinary. My story is…complex. I truly wish I had the time to tell it, Kurt. But, unfortunately, there's another pressing matter which calls for my presence. I'll escort you home and be on my way."

Kurt smiled. "Thank you. I appreciate it. And, you know, the saving my life part. Is there anything I can do to even begin to repay you?"

Captain America shook his head. "Your safety is repayment enough. Keep yourself safe and that will be that."

Kurt forgot about his audition. It meant nothing to him in the face of danger. And after everything that had happened, he wasn't in any state to be performing. His back was hurting and his mind wouldn't stop spinning, tilting on its axis.

Kurt pointed Captain America in the direction of his loft and the dark winter streets put a stop to any conspicuousness from the superhero's costume.

They reached the building rather quickly, the silence thick and unyielding. Kurt stood awkwardly and thanked the other man again.

"No need for thanks. This is what I do. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I sincerely hope that we never see each other again. It will mean that you are safe and do not require rescuing."

Kurt nodded. "I will try to be more prudent in the future. Thank you again for everything, Captain."

The Avenger pursed his lips. "Steve."

Kurt blinked, surprised that he was disclosing his name. "Well, Steve, go and do good. Save the world."

"Stay safe, Kurt. Farewell."

And with that, Steve left the streets and Kurt was adamant that they would never see each other again. He hoped as much, at least, but there was something niggling in the back of his mind which told him that he had not seen the last of Captain America.

Author's Note: Okay, so I haven't actually seen the Age of Ultron yet and my knowledge of the first movie is fleeting. But I love Chris Evans and Captain America and I've been thinking about a superhero story for a while so here it is. Hope you enjoy.