Just as the show gets movies, so too will Pokémon Cosmic Quest. This is the first of three planned movies that will be released periodically across Cosmic Quest. This movie chronologically takes place in between episodes 36 and 37. But first, a little Pokémon Movie tradition:

Pikachu's Space Adventure

The legs of three people are seen as they walk into a room. The voice of Ash, apparently the owner of one of the pairs of legs, says, "Well, come on guys, check it out!"

From behind the legs, several Pokémon rush in, including Pikachu, Turtsol, Dashilisk, Falcoknight, Kappaqua, Glitterfly, Rabbolt, Meteorfight, and Blissey. Pikachu leads the way. The room is shown to be some sort of gymnasium full of equipment.

Brock's voice says, "This room is full of equipment just like what they use to train the astronauts."

Brenda's voice then says, "They told us that all of you could play in here while we get the tour of this place, so why don't you go have some fun?"

The Pokémon all cheer at once and scatter around the room to play with various pieces of equipment. Pikachu leaps into a gyro machine and begins to spin in all sorts of directions. Turtsol and Glitterfly cheer it on. When it stops, Pikachu gets out very dizzy and stumbles around. Rabbolt laughs at it and makes a face to tease Pikachu.

Meteorfight and Falcoknight have found the giant centrifuge. They strap themselves in and it begins to spin at incredible velocities. They get out and can't even manage to stand. They collapse on the ground and laugh at each other as well as themselves. Blissey moves over to them to help them recover.

Dashilisk and Kappaqua have found the training pool that simulates zero-gravity. Kappaqua leaps into the water and swims around while Dashilisk runs back and forth across its surface. All of the Pokémon seem to be having a joyous time.

Meanwhile, an air vent cover shakes on a nearby wall. Crammed inside is Meowth, Mime Jr., and Wobbuffet. Meowth whispers, "Yes, all you pathetic twerpish Pokémon just keep on playing your silly games, and then, before you know it, we'll swoop in snatch you all."

Wobbuffet agrees loudly, "Wobbuffet!"

Mime Jr. copies it, including its facial expression, "Mime mime mime!"

Meowth shushes them. "Be quiet, this is a mission of stealth, that's why we don't have the two bozos with us."

Wobbuffet and Mime Jr. nod. Wobbuffet whispers, "Wobbuffet!"

Back down with the Pokémon, Pikachu, who has mostly recovered from its dizziness, notices a closet on the opposite side of the room. It points to closest declaring, "Pika pi!" All of the Pokémon from around the room gather around the closet with Pikachu. Pikachu opens the door and reveals a storage of spacesuits. No one notices, but something hiding behind the hanging suits moves quickly out of sight.

All of the Pokémon sound happy about the discovery of the suits. The all pull out various pieces of the suits and attempt to put them on. Dashilisk attempts to put on the main portion of suit, and it almost fits it. Pikachu puts on a helmet that's too big for it and declares, "Chu!" All the Pokémon laugh at it. Pikachu takes a few steps forward and then stumbles, the weight of the helmet overwhelming it. Now Rabbolt laughs.

Kappaqua is about to pull out a spacesuit of its own, when it notices that a spacesuit which has fallen to the floor moves as if there is something underneath it. Kappaqua looks around the room and makes sure all the Pokémon are accounted for. It questions to itself, "Kap?" It reaches forward and pulls away the suit. Huddled in the corner of the closet is an Elgyem. Kappaqua happily greets, "Kappapapa!"

The Elgyem realizes it's been discovered and jumps out of the closet. It pushes its way past all the Pokémon, startling them. It shouts, "Elgyem, elgyem, elgyem!" which sounds like its shouting the letters LGM in rapid succession. It begins to run around the room trying to find a way out. It first heads towards the door, but Pikachu gets in its way, trying to calm it down. Elgyem quickly turns around and floats towards a window, but Falcoknight blocks its way this time.

Back up in the air shaft, Meowth is straining his head to try to see what's going on. He says with surprise, "That's an Elgyem, an honest-to-goodness Pokémon from outer space. I think we have a new objective."

Wobbuffet crawls forward trying to get a better view. It pushes Meowth in the process.

Meowth pushes back, declaring, "Hey, no shoving!"

"Wobbuffet!" The two begin to struggle, and in the process they push the cover out of the wall, and then they themselves fall to the ground. Mime Jr. leaps after them.

This startles all the Pokémon, including Elgyem, causing it to stop. Now that it's stopped, Pikachu walks over to Elgyem and asks, "Pika pi, pik?"

Elgyem answers frantically, "Elgyem, elgyem, elgyem!"

Meowth, apparently getting an idea, walks over to Pikachu and Elgyem and asks, "What do you mean 'they're after you?' Is someone chasing you?"

Elgyem nods. "Elgyem, elgyem!"

"You say you got separated from your spaceship and you need it to get back home?"

Elgyem nods again. "Elgyem, elgyem!"

"Well don't worry Elgyem…" Meowth pats Pikachu on the back, which surprises Pikachu, "my good buddy Pikachu and I will help you out."

Pikachu eyes Meowth suspiciously. "Pika chu pi?"

"I'm offended that you wouldn't trust me after all we've been through. Of course I want to help!" Meowth then turns away and whispers as an aside, "Of course what Pikachu doesn't know is that once the chance is right, I snag this Elgyem and its spaceship. Then The Boss will love me so much I'll replace that stinking Persian of his." He turns back to everyone else and says, "Now, why don't we go and find where they're keeping your spaceship, oh pal of mine."

Elgyem happily declares, "Elgyem!"

Pikachu appears suspicious, but doesn't say anything.

Elgyem is leading the group of Pokémon through a hallway. It points to a door ahead. "Elgyem!"

Meowth asks, "So the last place you saw your spaceship was through that door? Then I say we go ahead and check it out." Meowth walks ahead of the group and opens up the door. On the other side is some sort of hanger, and in its center is a large saucer-shaped vehicle, a UFO.

At the sight of it, all of the Pokémon are left in awe. They ooh and ahh at it. Elgyem beckons for them to move towards it. Once they are below it, Elgyem lifts its arms and use its telekinetic powers to lower the boarding ramp. It happily declares, "Elgyem!"

Pikachu says to it, "Pik pi pik!" as if to wish it good luck on its voyage. All of the other Pokémon join in to say goodbye.

Meowth thinks, No, I can't let it just leave now, then I'll never be able to catch it. I need to come up with a plan to keep it here until the time is right. Meowth then says, "Hey, I've got an idea. What if instead of leaving right away, you let us come aboard? Then, if those meanies that were chasing you before come back, we can help you fight them off."

Elgyem thinks for a moment, and then happily agrees, "Elgyem, elgyem!" It turns to Pikachu and the other Pokémon and asks, "Elgyem?"

Pikachu nods happily. "Pik." All the other Pokémon do as well.

Elgyem exclaims, "Elgyem!" and then leads everyone up the ramp onto the flying saucer. Once onboard, it calls out, "Elgyem elgyem!" At its call, two more Elgyem and a Beheeyem peek out from behind a corner. They seem suspicious of all the Pokémon, but Elgyem tells them, "Elgyem elgyem."

Trusting its word, the Pokémon come out. The Beheeyem greets, "Beheeyem." Pikachu shakes its hand.

Meowth thinks, Now there are four of them! This is too good to be true! He jumps up and pushes Pikachu out of the way, and forcefully starts to shake Beheeyem's hand. He says, "Nice to meet you Beheeyem, I'm the brains of this group here. You see, it was my idea to help out your pal Elgyem."

Beheeyem seems to feel a little awkward towards Meowth due to the forceful handshake, but it thanks questionably, "Be…hee….yem…?"

The first Elgyem suddenly seems to think of something and calls out excitedly, "Elgyem elgyem!" It beckons for everyone to follow. It leads them into a room. It steps in first.

All of the other Pokémon follow. The moment they step in, they float off the ground. The room seems to have an anti-gravity effect. All of the Pokémon start to stumble and float about. Cries of confusion and disorientation, such as "Kappapapa!" "Falco!?" and "Rab rab!?" can be heard around the room.

Meowth is the most vocal of them all. He demands, "What the heck is going on here!? Who turned off the heavy!? Ahhh! Get me down!" Mime Jr. mimics his panicked movements.

Wobbuffet casually floats by and declares, "Wobbuffet!"

The one Pokémon that doesn't seem to mind is Meteorfight, as it was born in such an environment. It pulls its limbs into its body, leaving at just its head floating and rotating peacefully across the room.

Elgyem calls out, "Elgyem!" to get everyone's attention. They all look towards it. Elgyem then positions itself against a wall and kicks off, sending itself flying across the room. It happily cheers, "Elgyem!"

Meowth, who is floating upside-down now, says, "Oh, I get it. This is where you play, isn't that right?"

Elgyem nods. It then encourages everyone else to join in. They all do. With a little bit of practice, it's not long until all the Pokémon are floating all around the room under their own control. Falcoknight and Glitterfly have discovered how to fly spectacularly in this gravity, while Kappaqua and Dashilisk are treating it as if they're swimming. Meteorfight continues its relaxation. Everyone else is kicking off of walls and weaving around each other joyously.

Pikachu and Kappaqua send themselves flying towards each other, but just before they collide, Kappaqua "swims" out of the way. They both laugh as they float to the opposite wall. Once there, they both kick off again. This time though, Rabbolt comes flying in out of nowhere and intercepts Pikachu with a head-butt. They bounce off of each other. Pikachu looks angrily at Rabbolt and Rabbolt makes its face at Pikachu and laughs.

Off to the side of the room, Elgyem laughs too. With Elgyem laughing, some of the surrounding Pokémon start to laugh too. Finally Pikachu joins in and they're all laughing.

The laughing is interrupted by an alarm going off and red lights flashing. Meowth asks, "Who sounded the red alert?"

Beheeyem floats into the room and declares, "Beheeyem, beheeyem, beheeyem!"

This surprises the Elgyem. It shouts, "Elgyem elgyem!" They both rush out of the room. All of the Pokémon do their best to get out of the zero gravity room and follow.

They follow the Beheeyem and Elgyem up to what seems to be the main bridge of the flying saucer, where they join up with the other two Elgyem, who are at work pressing buttons on a control panel.

The first Elgyem asks, "Elgyem?"

The other two respond at the same time, "Elgyem elgyem!" They point to a screen. It shows video feed of what's going on outside the ship.

Floating there at the entrance to the hanger is a Metagross and a gang of Beldum. The Metagross declares, "Meta!" and unleashes a Hyper Beam that hits the side of the flying saucer. At the same time, the ship rumbles and shakes.

The Elgyem all panic and begin shouting, "Elgyem, elgyem, elgyem!"

Meowth deducts, "So those must be the goons that were chasing you before."

The Beheeyem nods. "Beheeyem."

Meowth thinks, If they get to these guys before I do, then I'm robbed of my prize, but there's no way I can fight them off either. I guess I'll just have to do what I do best and talk my way through this. He then says aloud, "Don't worry, I can handle this. You're lucky you made friends with Meowth, Pokémon ambassador of peace extraordinaire! I'll talk you out of this pickle."

Pikachu mutters sarcastically, "Pikachu pika."

Meowth turns to Pikachu and says, "Just you watch Pikachu, I'll do it. Come on guys." Meowth turns to leave, Wobbuffet and Mime Jr. follow.

Meowth makes it outside. The Metagross eyes him suspiciously. Meowth declares loudly and over exaggeratedly, "Attention Metagross and Beldum, you must leave my friends alone." He then leans in close to the Metagross and whispers, "Psst, hey buddy, are you after those space Pokémon too? I've got an idea, why don't we help each other out and then each take half of the loot?"

Metagross suddenly declares, "Meta!" and unleashes a Hyper Beam on Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Mime Jr. This sends them flying into the air, breaking through the roof.

Meowth shouts, "Looks like Team Meowth's blasting off again!


"Mime mime mime!"

The Metagross then returns its attention to the saucer and demands, "Meta meta!"

Back inside the ship, the Elgyem are still panicking. Beheeyem pushes them out of the way and starts working at the controls.

Pikachu asks it, "Pik pikachu?"

Beheeyem answers, "Beheeyem beheeyem." It presses one last button and the entire ship lurches.

Outside the saucer, the Metagross and Beldum watch as the flying saucer lifts up off the ground. The roof of the hanger opens up and saucer flies up and out.

Back on the bridge, the Elgyem cheer. Pikachu seems slightly worried and asks, "Pik pika pik?" trying to figure out how it and its friends will get back.

Beheeyem answers back, "Beheeyem," as if answering, don't worry about it.

They continue to fly up and up. Via the screen, it can be told after a few moments of flying, they have made it into outer space. The Pokémon all give various sounds of both awe and surprise.

Elgyem, now working at another control station, calls out with panic, "Elgyem!" It points at a screen showing the view behind them. It can be seen that Metagross and the Beldum are floating after them. Metagross fires another Hyper Beam and just misses.

Beheeyem begins to shout orders. "Beheeyem, Beheeyem, Beheeyem!" The other two Elgyem run to stations and start to work the controls.

The Metagross and Beldum catch up with the flying saucer. They begin to repeatedly ram into the saucer, causing it to shake.

Kappaqua cries out with fear, "Kappapapaqa!"

Pikachu asks Beheeyem, "Pika pik?"

Beheeyem points to the screen showing the space ahead of them. An object floating in the distance can be seen on there. It says, "Beheeyem beheeyem."

Pikachu nods in understanding. "Chu."

Suddenly there's a loud crashing sound. Everyone looks back to see a hole has been made by one of the Beldum ramming the ship. Air begins to pour out. A Beldum flies in. Pikachu and Turtsol, struggling somewhat against the force of the air, both attack it with a Thunderbolt and Flamethrower respectively. This forces the Beldum back out.

Beheeyem points to a large piece of metal lying on the floor. "Beheeyem!"

Pikachu understands and moves over to the metal. It tries to pick it up, but it's too heavy. Kappaqua and Meteorfight try to help it, but it still won't budge. Then Blissey comes in and singlehandedly lifts up the massive piece of metal. It then slams it against the hole, stopping the air from escaping. However, this is still a weak point, and the Beldum focus their ramming attacks there. The metal slab begins to move away. Blissey pushes it back into place. Pikachu and the other Pokémon run up to help brace it. The onslaught continues though, and it is hard for them keep it in place.

Elgyem tells them, "Elgyem…" trying to say that they're almost there. On the screen, the object in the distance can now be clearly seen. It's another flying saucer, but this one seems to be much larger. It's a mothership.

Pikachu and the others continue to struggle to keep the metal slab in place. Elgyem continues to say, "Elgyem…Elgyem…"

They get closer and closer to the mothership until it looms above them. At this point, Beheeyem leans towards a microphone and declares, "Beheeyem! Beheeyem!" A hatch in the bottom of the ship opens up. It's just large enough for the saucer to fit into.

The Elgyem all cheer, "Elgyem! Elgyem! Elgyem!" They fly into the mothership. On the screen it can be seen that the Metagross and Beldum don't attempt to follow. They reluctantly turn around to fly back to Earth. Everyone in the room breaks out cheering.

Beheeyem sets them down in the mothership's hanger. The ramp lowers and Elgyem leads them all down into the mothership. Surrounding them is a massive crowd of Elgyem and Beheeyem. They all cheer for the return of their friends.

Pikachu walks up to Elgyem and congratulates, "Pik pikachu!"

Elgyem thanks it, "Elgyem."

Pikachu then asks, "Chu pika?"

Elgyem smiles and nods. It then beckons for Pikachu and all of the other Pokémon to follow it. They follow into the next room, which has a raised circular platform on in its center. Elgyem points to the platform. "Elgyem."

Pikachu leads all of the Pokémon up onto the platform. Pikachu asks, "Pika?"

Elgyem explains, "Elgyem elgyem."

Pikachu nods in understanding. "Pikachu." It then waves goodbye, as do all of the other Pokémon.

Elgyem then waves back as it presses a couple of buttons on a control pad and then slides his hand across a control. A high pitch hum fills the room. A blue glow surrounds Pikachu and the other Pokémon and they begin to fade away.

Pikachu says one final, "Pika pi!" as a goodbye. They completely disappear.

Then, back in the astronaut training room, they all reappear in a similar manner. The Pokémon all look to each other and smile, happy to be back.

Just then, the door opens and Ash, Brock, and Brenda's legs can be seen walking in. Ash says, "We're back, I hope you guys didn't get too bored while we gone."

All of the Pokémon laugh.