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Never Quite As It Seems

Chapter One

"All the small things,

True care, truth brings,

I'll take one life,

You're my best trip,

Always I know,

You'll be at my show,

Watching, waiting,


            -All The Small Things by Blink 182

            It was the big day. The first day of the second semester. I had to switch colleges and live in a house on the college grounds. Why did I have to do this? I guess I should start at the beginning of everything.

            My name is Makino Tsukushi. I was born in a small town, growing up right next to my best friend in the whole world, Hanazawa Rui. He's always been a little introverted and can be downright strange at times but I felt myself drawn to the odd boy. Rui would play the violin for hours on end, forgetting the rest of the world existed, and I would patiently wait for him to remember. He was far more interesting than anyone else. It was on the last day of school on my senior year, giving a speech at graduation to everyone. (I was valedictorian you see.) Something made me look up from the crowd of parents to my fellow classmates. My eyes fell on a half asleep Rui and it hit me.

            I was in love with Rui.

            Suddenly whenever I talked to him I was nervous. When he smiled at me (Which was rare, Rui didn't smile much and laughed even less) my breath would catch. Even though I was uncomfortable, I found myself unable to not spend time with him. I was aware that I wasn't very pretty although my friend Makiko all through high school insisted that I was. I have plain brown hair and even plainer brown eyes. Yeah, it was a winning combination but I couldn't help but wish that Rui would think I was pretty. He always did think odd things were pretty, sometimes staring at leaves for hours on end. Oh, but I need to get on with my story.

            Rui got accepted to a different college then me and I grew more and more sure that some beautiful girl would come along, taking away Rui forever. I panicked and started to put in numerous requests to transfer to Rui's college and live in house number F4. (I learned all about it from the various e-mails we traded back and forth.) Finally I was granted, so here it was moving day.

            My father loaded us all up. (Me, mom, and my brother) in a small moving truck, headed for Eitoko College. It took about an hour, with complaining from my sixteen year old brother who told us that he had important things to do. When I inquired what things he simply glowered at me. My dad kept trying to explain that this was important, me moving out of the house. My college had been close enough that I could take a bus to get there. Now I would have to live with a bunch of strangers and Rui. In my e-mails to him, I had made no mention that I was coming. Rui didn't particularly like surprises but I hoped he would be excited to see me after all this time.

            We pulled up in front of house number F4, me being incredibly jittery. I grabbed a couple of suitcases, knocking on the door. The door opened to some guy I didn't know. He had short hair and was a little tall. He blinked at me several times as if trying to recall me in his mind.

            "Akira!" The boy turned and yelled. "One of your girlfriends is here!"

            "Not uh! I didn't invite any over! She's probably one of yours!" A male voice shouted back. I was a little confused.

            "I'm Makino Tsukushi. I've been transferred to this house." I explained, handing the boy the house assignment card. His eyes bugged out as he read it.

            "A-a girl?" The boy stammered in surprise. "Not at the F4 house! Maybe they made a mistake…" What was with this guy? Was he dumb?

            "Yes I am a girl and no, they didn't make a mistake." I told him. The boy nodded reluctantly.

            "I'm Nishikado Soujirou." The boy stuck out his hand. We shook and then he let me inside. First we walked down a hallway to a large living room where a longhaired boy was watching TV and eating potato chips.

            "Whose that?" He asked looking only half interested. The living room had various wrappers from junk food. I wondered how the other girls put up with it.

            "Our new…housemate. Tsukushi, right?" Soujirou asked me. I nodded. My father and brother had boxes right behind me. The longhaired boy froze at the announcement, causing a potato chip to fall out of his hands.

            "No way! This is a practical joke right? Doumyouji wouldn't actually let an ugly girl like that in the house!" The boy jumped to his feet. I put my hands on my hips.

            "I am your new housemate so you'll just have to deal with it!" I was angry. Makiko always said I had a bit of a temper. These guys were acting like a bunch of dolts.

            "I hate to interrupt but these boxes are heavy." My dad said pointedly. Soujirou smiled sheepishly.

            "Sorry. I guess you'll have the only empty room left." Soujirou lead me up to my room. It was a little small compared to my room in my house but I really didn't mind. The walls were painted white and the carpet was blue. I liked it. The window on the opposite side of the room had a wonderful view of the park behind all the houses.

            "This is a great place." I commented cheerfully. That's when someone came wandering down the hall. As soon as I saw him, I froze. His marble eyes saw me and he looked a little surprised. I resisted the urge to hug him. Rui always did hate sentimental mushy stuff or so he made it seem.

            "Tsukushi?" Rui's voice held a note of disbelief. I had been his only friend all through high school. It wouldn't surprise me if he hugged me. In fact he seemed just about to do something, the air of anticipation was so great.

            That's when our moment was ruined.

            "WHO THE HELL PARKED IN MY SPOT?" The angry yell seemed to sound through the whole house. I ran out my door, past Rui to see what was going on. I found out as I got outside. A young man was yelling at my dad, shaking his finger wildly at the small moving truck. My father was obviously trying to calm him down. I decided to intervene.

            "Excuse me." I piped up and the guy turned towards me with an irate expression. He had dark curly hair and dark eyes.

            "This piece of junk is parked in my spot." The guy said indignantly. Gee, that's a real travesty. What a loser! Oh I have to park in my own little spot or the world will end!

            "We've moving…" My dad started to edge towards the small moving truck. I knew that my dad wanted to keep a general peace but it was obvious that this guy expected us to go along with his wishes. I would show him.

            "No, we're not. The parking lot is a whole block away and we have a lot of boxes! So this idiot has to just park somewhere else." There was no way that I, Makino Tsukushi, was going to tolerate this guy at all.

            "I can't believe him." I heard Soujirou whisper to the longhaired boy.

            "You know Doumyouji and his precious parking spot." I could practically hear the longhaired guy rolling his eyes.

            "Move my car? Move my car? You deserve to have to haul those boxed around!" The boy, who was obviously called Doumyouji, asked me incredulously.

            "Let her move in Doumyouji." Rui's voice made my angry demeanor melt. I turned to him and smiled gratefully. Doumyouji glared at Rui. "Your car will be okay in the parking lot."

            "It could get stolen or scratched! I think this ugly girl is just a little less important than an eighty-thousand dollar car!" Doumyouji insisted. That was it. Twice today I had been called ugly. I'm not vain but blatant insults can grate on my nerves. I tried to be calm.

            "You're really starting to piss me off." Ah yes, that's the way to keep calm. "Maybe you can cash in your car for a brain! I'm not moving so you're just going to have to think of an alternative!" I flounced back towards the moving truck where I picked up another box.

            "Listen to me you little-" Doumyouji was cut off by Rui.

            "Doumyouji…" Rui's tone spoke of warning. This did not stop Doumyouji from tripping me when I walked by. I fell right in my box as I hit the ground, hearing something inside break. Maybe even several things. I got up, pretending that nothing had happened, dragging my smashed box inside. I felt mature about the whole thing, just ignoring the overly obnoxious boy. That was until he passed me in the hallway and I tripped him.

            Very mature Tsukushi.

            "Stupid girl." Doumyouji spat at me as he got up.

            "Stupid boy!" I countered. Gee, I'm really getting off to a great start with all my roommates! Of course to be fair, I was only really there so I could be near Rui. Rui who had defended me today, which made me put a whole new outlook on this transferring thing. But still, I wished that Doumyouji didn't live there. Oh well, I'm sure that if we avoided each other, then we wouldn't have to worry about the whole thing that much. Maybe it would all blow over. Rui walked past me, carrying a box. I shot him another grateful look.

            It took a lot of trips to get all the boxes up the stairs but we made it. It was actually kind of fun. I wondered what I had broken on accident. I found out it was the glass butterfly that Rui had won at a carnival and given to me. My parents had a bit of a tearful good-bye but left after everything was moved. I had to promise them about a million times that I would call them though. Why do parents make such a big deal about it? Finally while unpacking Rui came in.

            "Hey Rui." I greeted him as if we were still in high school. He sat down on my bed.

            "Hello." For some reason this is always what he said to me in greeting. There was no hi's or hey's from Hanazawa Rui or so it seemed. "What are you doing here?"

            "I'm going to college!" I answered back. There was a slight silence at this point.

            "Don't tell me then." Rui sounded nonchalant about the whole thing. I turned back to him.

            "I did tell you, I'm going to college here. They have a better teaching program." I explained. I was majoring in teaching, so the excuse was believable.

            "It's almost dinner time." Rui announced.

            "Hey, what do you guys want on your pizza?" Soujirou yelled from somewhere downstairs.

            "Extra cheese and olives!" I yelled back, knowing that it was me and Rui's favorite kind of pizza.

            "Pepperoni!" Akira's voice came from somewhere downstairs.

            "Meat Lover's!" Doumyouji's voice came from somewhere on the same floor as us.

            "I can't afford that many pizzas!" Soujirou yelled back. If we were going to have to make a compromise I was all for it but I wondered how Doumyouji would take it.

            "I'll buy them!" Doumyouji yelled back. I wondered if other houses ever called ours in for disturbing the peace. We were definitely going to have to work on that. It dawned on me that I had seen no one else in the house at all other than the four boys and myself. We couldn't be the only ones though.

            "Rui, does anyone else live here?" I asked him.

            "Me, you, Akira, Soujirou and Doumyouji " Rui listed off. I gaped. I was the only girl in the whole house? No wonder Soujirou and the longhaired boy whom I assumed was Akira acted so surprised.

            Now I'm in a house full of men…I've seen the living room, goodness knows what their rooms look like! Looks like it was a good thing that I came. It didn't take long for the pizzas to get there, they were set out on the living room table while Soujirou got several pop bottles from the kitchen. The whole place needed a good cleaning. I opened the extra cheese and olives on the first try so I was pretty happy. Doumyouji looked at my pizza and made a slight face.

            "How quaint." He muttered. I was tempted to throw my pizza at him but decided against it.

            "Doumyouji, did you go visit what's-her-name today? She kept calling yesterday." Akira complained.

            "No." Doumyouji's rather blunt harsh tone. "That girl is about as interesting as a piece of paper."

            "Just as flat too." Soujirou added in. Him and Akira slapped each other high five over the table.

            "What are you going to do tonight Rui?" Akira asked my best friend. "Still gonna keep it a mystery from us?" I turned towards Rui questioningly. I had heard nothing of this so of course I was just dying to know what Akira was talking about.

            "I'm going to go." Rui stood up suddenly. "Good night."

            "Rui, where are you going?" I asked him but he had already walked out of the living room.

            "Do you and Rui know each other?" Soujirou inquired.

            "Yes. We grew up together. We're only a couple months apart on birthdays." I informed them. "Hasn't he said anything about me?"

            "He never says anything." Doumyouji's deadpan voice made my eyebrow twitch slightly.

            "Really? I had no idea." I said sarcastically. "Maybe if you could listen a little better you'd hear him talk."

            "Soujirou," Doumyouji was pointedly ignoring me. "Haven't you figured it out yet? Rui obviously likes some girl." As soon as the words left his mouth I felt stunned. I should have known it would happen, Rui wasn't the type to just sit around forever. Then I realized that it was Doumyouji saying it. He wasn't the smartest guy in the world so he could most definitely be wrong. All the same, I wasn't very hungry anymore and decided to go to bed. I tried to quietly slip away of course. No need to explain anything.

            "Where are you going?" Akira asked me. I flinched knowing that I was going to have to come up with something to get away.

            "I don't feel that great. I'm going to bed." I explained to them.

            "At seven?" Doumyouji obviously didn't believe me. "On a Saturday? Are your parents coming to tuck you in?" I hated that look, I decided. The way his lips were curved upwards and the way his he leaned forward slightly, expecting, no, wanting a reaction to it.

            "Doumyouji, that's not the way to get a girl into bed." Soujirou informed the curly haired boy. I watched Doumyouji's face go from confident to embarrassed. It was great.

            "Like I'd want that in bed." Doumyouji retorted. I couldn't stop my hands going to my hips. Force of habit.

            "Like you could get anything into bed!" I felt like I was in third grade again. Which was not exactly what I was looking for at the moment. Plus I could tell from the slight heat in my face that I was probably blushing a little. That probably looks really great considering the comment from Soujirou…I decided to save my dignity by marching out of the room. It was a good idea after all.

            "Doumyouji, you can't be mean!" My ears perked up at Akira defending me. He wasn't so bad after all. "You've got to tease her a little, that's how you get them into bed!" My face dropped. Maybe Akira wasn't so great after all. I continued up into my room, wondering what Rui was doing.

            He couldn't be in love with some girl! That was just Doumyouji being stupid! Plus how does being in love make you leave your house? No, it was probably Rui being Rui or so I would like to think.


            How does chapter one suit you? OH! Guess what? My computer's windows media player is kind of retarded, so I can only watch select episodes of things. I watched episode eleven of Ayashi no Ceres (In some countries, twins are synonymous with lovers. Yeah. Riiiiiight.) So then I was going through Hana Yori Dango eps. None of them worked. But one file did. THE HANA YORI DANGO MOVIE!!! So I came up with this great little commercial! Ahem.

Narrator: Akira, Adolescence of Utena, and The End of Evangelion. These were all anime films that blew your mind away in a tapestry of artistic beauty and important messages. But none are as great as the…Hana Yori Dango movie. For it has an important message too: Besides the opening credits, they really can't dance…

Oh I am brilliant! But hey, that movie was so funny!!! When did Rui become so talented with all his different instruments? But hey doesn't that last scene prove that Rui can't actually play anything? I mean I always suspected that he couldn't play the violin worth crap and had a hidden tape recorder somewhere but when he started to play the piano and "Stepping Out" comes on I just don't even know what to say to that! Then Tsukushi's dance where she has to do like fifty thousand twirls and everyone makes fun of her when she trips! She does have the coolest outfit I've ever seen her wear in the movie. (Green berets look great on her!) Plus look at Doumyouji! Okay I'm sorry but that boy cannot dance at all! Okay there's the Pelvic-Thrusting Move of Doom. (That's class right there) But now there's the Look-I'm-A-Dead-Chicken-On-Crack Walk! You know what I'm talking about! Woah, and where were Akira and Nishikado? ALWAYS OFF CAMERA!!! I mean I know Doumyouji is the most important character but if Asai gets to be on camera then so should Akira and Nishikado! They're WAY cooler. I have my theories that Shigeru and Tsubaki did make the movie. Did you see that ambulance driving wildly through the street when Sakurako's leg broke? I WONDER WHO WAS DRIVING??? Okay I'm a freak and I'll shut up now. But just remember this about this particular AU I'm writing. There's no way I'm getting beaten out by the movie for people looking half drunk while dancing!