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"I curse you! Just like me, just l-like me you…will suffer…"

The blonde shot up from the bed in cold sweat, azure eyes frantically searching their surroundings as his heart thundered erratically, breath short and labored. The familiarity of the gold tinted pale blue walls finally sinking in, he tried to calm his speeding heart as the disorganized mess of a room came into view. Sunlight streamed through the gaps in the curtains in fine beams of gentle was in his room. He was safe.

"T-that was a d-dream," he panted. "That was a-a dream..." pale hands instinctively reached for his cheeks. The slightly puckered skin felt cold under his touch yet just as if it had been yesterday, the scorched skin burnt with agony as the fire fed greedily on his exposed skin. He was terrified. "Frau?" The rhythmic rap of knuckles on his door accompanied Castor Hausen's muffled voice. Frau visibly flinched at the sudden noise.

"Y-yeah?" He started weakly, staring at the door warily. He was yet to feel comfortable in his own skin, paranoia still gnawed at the ends of his cold nerves with the fragments of his nightmare haunting behind his mind like a dampened drum, faint shrieks echoing in the periphery of his conscience.

Castor frowned; he must have for he said nothing more. The next thing Frau heard was the tell-tale sign of a lock clicking open on the other end before the bespectacled russet came striding through the opened door. Frau absentmindedly noted that Castor was dressed in his school uniform, his messenger bag dangling heavy from his shoulder. And yes, frowning deeply as his honey-colored gaze scrutinized the blonde. The blonde had to quell the urge to hide himself under the covers. "You're going to be late," his lips pursed into a thin line but he refrained from any physical contact.

The azure orbs widened considerably as the implication sunk in. A quick peek at the neon green digits of the clock was all it took before Frau shakily made his way to the bathroom, all the while muttering unintelligible German curses under his breath.

Meanwhile the Chinese exchange student collapsed onto the unmade made, fingers interlocked under his chin as he stared at nothing in the particular. Little distractions were all he could manage, any sort of physical reassurance during these episodes will only rile the blonde up, he was pretty shaky as it is and Castor will certainly not help the situation. Not that school wasn't making it worse.

It's already been a year.

"How long are you going to hide the pain, Frau? You are already breaking…"

If they were trying to wait out the inevitable…how long will it last?

~beauty and the beast~

"Where will you be staying at?"

Teito Klein looked up from his Chemistry notes, fingers abruptly stilling on his thigh. I don't know. The movers are coming in four days.

The sheets rustled as his uncle sat up, back leaning heavily against the sterile off-white pillows. "M-Mikage's, he said I can stay with him till I find an apartment or something." Of course Mikage was left in the dark with the whole issue. The Celestine family was going through financial crisis as of now. He just couldn't force himself upon them. Anyways, this was his problem and his only. He didn't want help. In fact he had been trying to avoid the blonde lately. One look at those knowing ambers and Teito was sure he'd spill. But as he was running out of excuses, he was running out of time just as fast. Four more days.

Krowell didn't say anything, his lilac eyes fixed on his nephew's bowed head. The older Klein had been a lawyer in his more active days, he could smell lies. Not to mention, Teito seemed to be spacing out a lot lately.. He sighed; maybe he'd have to call in some old favors. He was too fond of his nephew to let him sleep on the streets.

"It's already 7:30. You should get going." The brunette nodded his head meekly before silently making his way across the room. Just before the door swung open, he cast a lingering glance at the bed ridden man. For a man who practically lived in solitary confinement before he was forcibly retired, Krowell really looked lonely, surrounded by the massive expanse of tasteless sterilized white of the hospital walls and only having doctors and nurses for company. The man had to look forward to these little visits of his nephew. A smile automatically found its way to Teito's face.

"Take care, uncle. I'll see you tomorrow."

It was only when the faint echoes of the teen's footsteps had long died that Krowell allowed the familiar feeling of weariness creep into his system. His shoulders sagged from the sheer weight of his hands and he eased himself into a more comfortable position, face facing the bland white ceiling, trying to remember the last time he felt so helpless...

"I guess Bastien wouldn't mind a call, huh." He wouldn't admit it though.

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