Forever Love

By Moony

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Chapter One:  Indigestion

            Nene Romenova rubbed her eyes, blearily trying to wipe away the sleep that clouded her vision.  She stumbled down the hall, her slippers scuffing on the linoleum tiles that lined her hallway.  She caught a glimpse of the illuminated numbers on the wall, reading the time as 1 in the morning.   She'd been in the middle of a particularly enjoyable dream involving her, a handsome pop idol she happened to fancy, and a lot of physical contact, when a noise had disturbed her peaceful slumber and forced to her to go investigate.  A frantic knocking pounded at her door, random but unceasing. 

            'This better be good.'  She thought as she made her way towards her front door.  The knocking continued, and for a moment the sense of panic it had made her think that it could be an emergency with the girls, but she dismissed it, knowing that if that was the case, they would've had other, more resourceful means of contacting her. 

            "Who is it?"  She mumbled, allowing a slight whine to escape from her lips.  She could make it clear that she was doing no favours, and whoever had dared to interrupt her beauty sleep would be in her debt. 

She didn't wait for an answer, too tired to worry about mystery robbers and molesters.  Her hand grasped the cold handle while the other one reached up and twisted the lock with a quick flick of her wrist.  She put on her best "I'm-being-nice-but-you-owe-me-big" face and opened the door, half-expecting a staggering Linna too drunk to go home.


            Instead, the distressed face of Sylia's younger brother peered back at her in the light of the dimly lit hallway beyond the frame.   A flare of embarrassment rose up and she hastily thought of a way to excuse herself while retaining a fraction of her dignity, remembering the day's earlier events, but all thoughts of her ego vanished at the look on his face.

            "What's wrong?"  She asked as she noticed Macky clutching at his stomach in agony.

            "Nene. . . it hurts."  He mumbled.  Her eyes widened and she reached out, grasping Macky's shoulders and ushering him into her apartment.  She flicked on the lights, biting her lip at Macky's blanched and sweating face.  His clear gray eyes were hidden behind his lids, clamped shut in a lasting grimace, and his dark brown hair was plastered to his forehead.  Even his bandana looked drenched, and Nene reached up to run a hand across his brow.   He took two steps before stumbling, a loud groan emitting from his mouth. 

Nene felt her own breath quickening with worry, a slight stab striking her in the chest at the memory of how she'd angered him before.  She pushed it down, struggling to help Macky to the couch in her living room.  She hastily wiped the army of candy wrappers and magazines onto the floor, laying Macky down in their place.  She ran to the kitchen, biting back a curse when she stepped on an old plate, and quickly readied a glass of water.  She brought it back, her hand trembling as she offered it to him.

She'd meant it as an act of comfort, not knowing what else to do.  In his current state, she would hardly think that he would want the glass in her hand, but he shocked her by reaching up and snatching it away from her grasp.  He put it to his lips, tilting it upwards until, a few moments later, he dropped the cup to the floor, empty.  Nene picked it up, grasping it in her hands, nervously.

"Where's Nigel?  It's a 30-minute walk to get here, why didn't you go to Sylia or someone closer who might actually be able to help?"  Nene asked, kneeling by the couch and absently wiping the sweat from Macky's brow.  She drew back instantly upon doing so, his forehead burning against her palm.  Her eyes flicked across his face, feeling helpless.  She grasped his hand, wincing at the heat but not releasing her grip. 

Despite his uncomfortable temperature, the water seemed to help, allowing him to take deep, calming breaths, his body relaxing slightly.

"Nigel's at Sylia's house."  He answered, meekly.  Nene immediately understood.  Regardless of his physical pain, he would never want to interrupt the two people he loved most.

'He's so stupid that way.  His safety comes before Nigel and Sylia's convenience!'  She thought, somewhat angrily, though she didn't know who it was directed at.

"Kid. . ."  She started, but caught herself.  Again, she remembered the conversation in Linna's apartment.  She took a breath, starting again.

"Macky, what's wrong?  Tell me, and I'll call Nigel."  She watched his gray eyes widen.

"No, don't trouble them, I can bare it.  I just don't want to be alone."  He closed his eyes, a wince creasing his forehead.  Nene hastily reached over and plucked her cordless phone off the ground, pressing a few buttons before placing it to her ear.

"Nene, no, please, I'm all right!"  Macky protested, trying to sit up.  He was unsuccessful as his last few words turned into screams and he clutched his gut, doubling over.

"Macky?!"  Nene cried, holding the phone with her shoulder as she reached out to steady him.  In her ear, a voice answered.

"Hello?"  It was Sylia, sounding tired and annoyed.

"Sylia!  It's Macky!  Get Nigel over here NOW!"


"Nene, I'll go with you!"


"Uh, sorry. . . Miss Nene  . ."

"That's better.  Anyway, no thanks, Macky."  Nene leaned against Linna's kitchen counter, resting her cheek against her palm and looking up to the ceiling for inspiration. 

"It's kind of a date thing. . . you know, Leonpoo and Priss, Nigel with Sylia. . ."

Priss and Linna sat nearby at the table.  The former smiled smugly at the mention of Leon's loathed nickname, but the latter just sighed.

"So. . . why can't I go with you?"

Nene's eyes shot to Macky's face, his arched eyebrows almost hidden beneath his brown bangs.

"What, you want to be my date?"  Nene said, disbelieving.  Priss and Linna looked up in interest, exchanging worried glances with each other.  Linna's face expressed obvious concern while Priss simply shrugged, turning her gaze elsewhere.

Macky's cheeks took a on a red tinge, his eyes turning downwards.

"Well, sure.  I mean, you want to go, right?  The party sounds fun, but if you need a date, I'll go with you."

Nene continued to stare.  He looked embarrassed, yet completely sincere.  She felt warmth race to her own cheeks.  Yes, she wanted to go.  Yes, she'd like to go with Macky.

Yes. . .

"Don't be silly, Macky.  You're just a kid."  She replied, her green eyes widening at her own reply.  She watched Macky frown, his expression drooping slightly.

"Oh, right."  He answered.  There was a silence for a moment, hanging thickly in the air.

"Um, Nene. . ."  Linna started, preparing a suggestive speech.  She was interrupted by Macky reaching over and grabbing his coat, snatching it into his hand.

"I better go."  He said, turning towards the door.  He stopped when he stood in the frame, his hand gripping it tightly.

"I'm only a year younger than you."  He whispered, "My body only looks 15."

He continued down the hall, his footsteps dulling until the closing door exclaimed his departure.

"Tricky business. . ."  Nene distantly noted Priss muttering under her breath.


Nene shook her head, willing the memory away.  Priss hadn't been even close in her assessment of the situation.  It couldn't be described as "Tricky business," as there was hardly any business in her relationship with Macky, and that was precisely the problem.  She knew that Macky wasn't even human, but she could do nothing but grow more and more fond of him, and the direction in which her emotions were heading was a dangerous one.  She'd wanted to go to the party with him, regardless of how old he looked, he just didn't realize that it was what he was that was the issue. 

She sighed, shaking her head. There was no use in changing her decision now, Macky wouldn't want to go with her after she'd offended him so boldly.  She'd just have to apologize when he got better.

She cast a glance to the closed door of Nigel's workshop, her eyes creasing at the folds.

'If he gets better.'  She thought to herself, sadly.  Sylia and Nigel had arrived almost instantaneously, loading Macky into the van and driving to Nigel's place.  In the older man's arms, Macky had been pale, his eyes vacant and his mouth twisting in agony.  The sight had almost been too much, but she'd followed diligently, ignoring her own exhaustion.

Nigel and Sylia had locked her out with the excuse of her being too emotional for Nigel to concentrate.  Sylia had pushed down her worried expression momentarily to smile at Nene.

"Nigel has to get rid of clothes to operate.  Macky wouldn't want you seeing him in his birthday suit, he'd never live it down."  She'd joked, casually, before patting Nene on the shoulder and turning, entering the room and closing the door behind her.  Her attempt had been noble, but it failed.  Nene knew that as soon as she had turned away, Sylia's face had twisted into a visage as sorrowful and helpless as Nene felt. 

She sighed, leaning back on the uncomfortable metal bench and resting her head against the plain, gray wall.  God, just a word of how he was, and she'd feel a bit better.  He'd looked so miserable, she just wanted to make sure he was all right.   She closed her eyes, breathing deeply and fighting back tears.

            Her efforts at holding back the flow from her eyes lead to an even greater exhaustion, and eventually she dozed off.  She didn't know how long she slept, she'd had no dreams and she didn't feel at all rested upon awakening.  When she awoke, however, it was to Sylia's face, her hand gently shaking the younger girl's shoulder.  Nene shook her head, attempting to regain all her senses.

            "How is he?  Is he all right?  Is he better?  What was wrong?"  Nene asked, the words falling out of her mouth in a chaotic heap.  Sylia shushed her silently, a cryptic look on her face. 

            "Nene. . . I think you need to see something."


Weeeeee, my first BGC fic!  Damn I love Nene and Macky, they're the absolute coolest!  Anyway, no, this isn't completed.  I have no idea how long this will be by the time I finish it (which is a first) but I have ideas and I plan on puttin' them to paper!  (And, inevitably, posting them!)  So tough to any of you out there who want to see it BANISHED to the bog of eternal stench!  Wooha, now I'm feeling a bit hyper, time to end the author rant. . . kalooh, limpah!  These are Tingle's magic words, do not steal them!