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Spoiler Alert: None the piece/plot is all my creation. Zuniga, the big bad in "Knights of the Road" - Season three Episode nineteen - is referenced here as the brother of my O.C. Calderone'. Sanchez is also an O.C.

Author's Notes: Well I hope giving Lily her identity works for you guys. I went with an O.C. because I felt she needed a certain set of characteristics to be right for Face. I know some readers wanted "her" to be Amy. But personally I just can't see Face and Amy as a couple. So it was never my intention to go with Amy. I enjoy the character but I don't think she was right as a partner for Faceman. And Tawnia, was even less of an option in my world.

Summary: Face and Lily move closer to each other. Murdock and Hannibal have a discussion.


Tender Moments in the Night - By LAGC


Maggie had deemed it safe for Face to be moved into one of her guest rooms. She realized he'd be able to get better rest in a normal bed verses the hospital style one in her exam room. So after supper, Lily and Murdock had gone to sit with Face. The room was dimly lit to help their patient deal with his concussion and that lent an air of tranquility to their conversations. She quietly drifted off to sleep in the cozy armchair near the foot of the bed.

"Looks like we tired out our Princess Tiger-Lily," observed Murdock.

"Should we wake her?" Face asked.

"Nah, let her sleep. She needs it. I'll just cover her with this throw." answered Murdock, "She'll be just fine here." Murdock noticed Face rubbing his eyes.

"Hey, Buddy, it's time for your pain killer." he said as he passed the pills and a drink to Face.

While the patient swallowed, Murdock added,"Ya know what? You need to sleep too. So nightie night, Faceman."

Face nodded gently and wished his friend a good night in return. Murdock was barely out the door before Face fell asleep.

Sometime around midnight, a sound stirred Face from his slumber. As he awoke he realized the sound was coming from Lily. She was whimpering and calling out in the grip of a bad dream.

"No! no! Stop it! Leave him alone!" she mumbled, "We've got to get Face! We have to..,"

Face pulled himself out of bed. Fighting dizziness he slowly made his way over to her. He knelt in front of the chair and tenderly stroked her arm.

"Lily, I'm right here. I'm safe and sound, Sweetie."

"Yeah Honey, I'm right here. We're at Maggie's. Everything is ok." he cajoled.

Suddenly Lily jumped out of the chair and blindly bolted to the wall. Her eyes jolted open and fastened onto Face,

"Face?" she cried then she lunged forward and hugged him tightly, still trembling from the dream. Face returned the embrace.

Stroking her hair, he said, "You were dreaming."

"I wasn't dreaming, I was remembering." she tearfully corrected.

The shaken pair made their way over to the bed and sat down. Lily never releasing her hold on Face. Face not even trying to make her.

"You can't be comfortable in that chair. Why don't you go to the room Maggie set up for you?"

"No. I'm fine here. ... I don't want to be in a room, alone. What if I dream again?"

"Ok Sweetie, don't fret. Stay right here with me. I won't let you down again."

"I was terrified in that Hell hole, Face, but you didn't let me down."

They stretched out on the bed and Face pulled up the covers as he protectively snuggled up to her. "Shh, we'll debate that another time. Just go back to sleep now. I'll be right here."

The two soon returned to their slumber, both soothed by their embrace.

Murdock smiled as he stealthily closed the bedroom door. He'd seen the whole thing and was pleased. He'd been sleeping in the living room so he'd been in earshot if Face needed assistance When Lily had started to call out in her sleep, the Pilot had gone in to help. But when he saw Face comforting her, Murdock had held back. He hoped that letting Face take care of Lily would help him trust her feelings and realize his own.

When Murdock turned to resume his post on the couch he was startled by Hannibal's presence on it.

"So, Captain, has our Lieutenant come to his senses yet?" he asked.


"Murdock don't play coy with me tonight. How long have you known how she feels?"

"A few months, Colonel. Since the night Face got the broken leg and I had the dislocated shoulder." Murdock admitted.

"I see. And for him?" Hannibal pried.

"I've hoped it but I think I just got it confirmed right now." replied Murdock.

"For him I saw it Thursday night at the penthouse. Knew for sure when he was screaming for her this afternoon. For her - when I pulled her out of Calderone's clutches. All she cared about was getting to Face. She wasn't giving a damn about herself, just Faceman."

"She'll be great for Face, ya know,Hannibal. For the first time he'll have a girlfriend know the real him and love him completely. I just hope he knows to believe in her love and to let this happen."

"That's what we are here for." vowed Hannibal.