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One Week Later

"Claire seems to be adjusting well," Damon observed, staring at Kol and Claire's interaction in the living room, "Are you sure you have to go back?"

Elena sighed, setting her coffee mug down on the island, "I have some loose ends to tie up. Once everything's taken care of, then I can think about living here permanently. I'm going to sell my apartment and get rid of all the stuff I don't want to pack up and-"

"Kitten, calm down," he chuckled, refilling her mug, "I told you that you and Claire could stay here until you and Kol figure out where you're going to live. I know it's hard just to uproot her and move here, but she'll be much closer to her family this way. And she'll be further away from…"

"From Nik," she finished quietly as an apologetic look came across his face, "I know. It's a win-win situation. I'm hoping that everything will just work out. Kol and I are going to look at apartments later today, do you think you could-"

"Claire and I will go visit your parents, okay? Don't worry about a thing."

Apartment shopping was never Elena's favorite thing to do. It was hard going from place to place and having a critical eye with all the 'features' that were supposed to fit a family of three for the next few years.

The first apartment was infinitely too small. Only two rooms and one bathroom; their little family needed a bit more room than that. The second apartment was all right, but it lacked character and Elena felt that they needed that.

"Maybe we should just look for a house instead," Kol had suggested after the first two apartments, "Claire will only be getting bigger and we may want another child later…"

Elena had looked at him with wide eyes, "You…you want more kids?"

"Well, don't you?"

"Only with you."

And so the hunt for houses began that same day. Kol's realtor had no trouble finding houses that fit their criteria. They wanted at least four bedrooms with matching bathrooms, a backyard suitable for play-dates and parties, and a house with as much character as the little family had.

Within a month of Kol and Elena closing on their house, a beautiful mint green two-story with five bedrooms and bathrooms, a large backyard with a gazebo, and antique heritage, Rebekah and Damon announced their engagement. The couple had kept it under wraps that they were even seeing each other and it came as a huge surprise.

Elena couldn't have been happier for her best friend. Damon deserved happiness after all that he had been through and she was glad that Rebekah had finally adjusted to being tied down. They were married in June, right before Claire's birthday, and the little girl was the flower girl as Elena was the maid of honor and Stefan was the best man.

Caroline and Stefan were married a week later, with Caroline three months pregnant and glowing with happiness.

One Year Later

"I know that this is a little sudden…but I don't want to wait another minute," Kol said, getting down on one knee in front of Elena.

The couple was celebrating their one-year anniversary with a dinner at the Boarding House. All of the important Mikaelsons were there as well as the Salvatores and the Gilberts.

Elena's hand went to her mouth as she looked at the man in front of her, "Kol…"

"Elena Kathleen Gilbert, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He asked surely, opening up the velvet box in his hand and showing off a dainty platinum band with fire opals surrounding a princess cut diamond, "I can't imagine the rest of my life without you or Claire."

"Yes, yes! A million times yes!" She screeched, holding out her hand as Kol slid the ring onto her finger, "I love you so much."

He stood and swooped her into his strong arms, kissing every part of her face that he could reach, "I love you, darling. Always you."

Kol and Elena's wedding was beautiful. The Boarding House was decked out in baby blue and white and she couldn't be happier. The ceremony had her in tears and by the end she couldn't believe that she was Elena Mikaelson.

They had their honeymoon in France while Damon and Rebekah watched over Claire. The couple spent the first three days exploring the city of Paris and being tourists, but by the fourth day, Elena had woken up sick to her stomach and proceeded to vomit for most of the morning.

"Sweetheart, are you all right?" Kol called from the other side of the bathroom door, "Will you let me in, please?"

She groaned and picked herself up off of the floor, padding over to the door, and unlocking it before collapsing into his arms.

He held her securely to his chest and stroked her damp hair away from her face, "Was it something you ate?"

Elena smiled up at him, her brown eyes lit with happiness, "It should solve itself in about eight months or so."

His eyes widened as he stared down at her, a large smile blooming across his face, "You're…you're pregnant?"

She nodded excitedly, clinging to him and laughing through her happy tears, "I'm pregnant."

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