Here it is by popular demand, the exciting conclusion to The Game. Consider this my early Christmas present to everyone who's supported this story. Wander Over Yonder is owned by Disney. I own nothing. Enjoy. Ohm and FYI, I started writing the first chapter immediately after seeing The Greater Hater and I posted it just before the premier of The Battle Royale. So assume that the whole takes place in-between those two episodes.

The Game: Part 2.

It's okay to be afraid, even petrified~

But on my honor as a goddess, I'll make sure you stay alive~

Just let me wrap you in my coils, and pull you closely to my heart~

But don't let yourself get cozy, cuz that's only just the start~

Once again, Wander found himself being serenaded by the Voice of the Universe; only this time, he had a name and face to go with it.

Don't look away, don't even bother~

Just stare into my eyes, and know it's you I want to smother~

My appetite is growing, and my fangs a very sharp~

But don't worry I'm quite gentle, I'll play your heartstrings like a harp~

The lyrics were a bit forced, and in some places quite harsh, but that hardly mattered. For the voice that sang them was nothing less than that of an angel, dipped in honey, coated in sugar, and baked for forty-five minutes in an oven of pure happiness. And yet, a part of him could not shake the sense of primal fear he had felt not less than ten minutes ago.

Now go ahead, shed your inhibitions~

Just play with me awhile, then I'll return you to your missions~

My venom is slow acting, but it hits straight at the heart~

No need to be afraid yet, cuz this is only just the start~

Just as spontaneously as it began, the singing suddenly stopped and Wander was thrust roughly back into reality. No longer was he floating through the cosmos being serenaded by the embodiment of joy and kindness, but rather he was once more sitting on a pink skull-shaped bed in the blood-red room with his odd but bewitching new friend.

"So, Wander…" said friend, known for now as Deedee, purred sweetly to her guest. "What did you think of my song?"

"Oh… well… I um… well I…" the orange nomad stammered; suddenly feeling very nervous for reasons he did not fully understand. "I… I mean… it was… great."

This answer didn't seem to satisfy the tall lime-skinned beauty, for she soon adopted an adorable sort of mock pout and batted her hot pink eyes at him in a playful manner.

"Now, now, there's no need to try and spare me feelings. I know it still needs a lot of work." She said cutely. "So~ Where do you think I need improvement?"

"Well… I'm not… that is to say, I'm not sure I'm really qualified to judge anyone else's musical style. I mean, people tell me all the time that I know my way around a lyric, but still I…" as he spoke, Wander unconsciously felt around for the clear plastic bowl right beside him. However, when he finally found it he discovered something rather unusual. "Hey, what happened to all the watermelon? This thing was full just a second ago."

Suddenly, Deedee burst into a fit of soft, but intoxicating giggles; apparently finding his last statement quite amusing.

"Don't be silly, you big Goof." She said before treating him to another of her universe-laughs. "You finished off the watermelon hours ago, remember."

"Hours ago?" Wander parroted disbelievingly. "But… but that's impossible. I've only been here about… twenty minutes."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes! I mean… I thought I was."

As he continued to ponder over this mystery, the shaggy wanderer suddenly felt his head begin to clear. Almost as if someone had just pulled several balls of cotton out of his brain all at once.

"Well, there's no need to dwell on that now, my little Cutie." Said Deedee vivaciously, in a clear attempt to derail his train of thought. "So, what do you think needs more work, the tempo or the beat?"

"I… I don't know." He answered, still trying to sift through his mental haze.

"Okay then, what about the lyrics? Do they seem too forced?"

"I… I… something's not right here."

"What about the subtext? Was it too filthy for you?"

"You're not listening to me. I said something's…" Wander cut himself off just as the last lingering traces of his mental morass faded; finally allowing him to think with absolute clarity. "Wait, subtext? What subtext? What are you talking about?"

This earned him yet another giggle fit from his lovely and mysterious host.

"Oh come now Sweetness~" Deedee purred seductively. "We both know you're not nearly as naïve as you pretend to be. Surely you've figured out my intensions for you by now right."

"In… Intensions?"

"Huh, guess not." She said with a playful smirk. "But no matter. Just think over my song for a few minutes and you'll see the sinful subtext I was talking about."

Temporarily diverted from his overwhelming sense of wrongness and confusion by an even more overwhelming sense of curiosity, the orange nomad used his newfound mental clarity and infallible recall to run through the lyrics to his host's latest song. On the surface there was nothing particularly 'sinful' about the lyrics that he could detect. However, after replaying them in his mind about seven or eight times he suddenly realized something he hadn't before. Something that should have been painfully obvious from the beginning.

He was in a lady's bedroom. And more importantly, he was sitting on a lady's bed.

After realizing that, Wander suddenly noted the provocative way his host was sitting, as well as the almost carnivorous look in her eyes. With all of this suddenly at the forefront of his mind, the subtext of the song became quite clear. And that made his eyes grow wide with terror.

"Oh~ I think somebody just figured it out~"

"Wait a minute… do you want me?"


"With you?"


"On this bed?"

"And at least a dozen other places."

"Okay then…" the orange nomad said in a calm, polite, but clearly terrified tone. "Well… as flattering as your offer is, Ms. Deedee, I'm afraid I really half to be go…"

Unfortunately, before Wander could even try to inch away, his tall and now terrifying host pinned his right hand to the bed with her own.

"What's your hurry?" she asked with a Cheshire-like grin and eyes overflowing with lust.

"Well I… I… I… I… I need to get back to Sylvia. Poor dear's probably worried sick about me."

"Oh I doubt that. By my calculations, she'll be sleeping off all those drugs I gave her for at least another three hours. Plenty of time for what I've got planned."

"Yes… well… be that as it may, I really…"

"I'm starting to get the feeling you don't want to be with me." She said, pretending to be offended, only to instantly adopt a much more seductive tone. "Perhaps you'd be more in the mood if I sing to you again."

"That's really not…"

"Oh, but I insist~" Deedee purred amorously. "I wrote this one just for you. And it's got a bit more bounce than the others."

As if responding to her words, the lights suddenly dimmed and the air filled with a strange, unfamiliar music. It was soft and soothing, but also lively and bouncy; like a strange fusion of smooth and freeform jazz. Whatever it was, Wander's 'host' seemed to enjoy it immensely; for after bobbing her head to the beat for a few seconds she began to sing in time with the melody.

I'm the Queen of Ebony~

As you can plainly see~

Deedee's singing was just as spellbinding as ever. This time however, Wander's fear allowed him to retain his senses. This time he remembered where he was and could see exactly what she was doing.

At night when you're asleep~

Into your dreams I'll creep~

With his eyes wide open and his heart racing, the orange nomad watched as his captor slowly inched her way toward him.

And the stars that shine above~

Will light our way to love~

With all the speed and grace of a striking cobra, Deedee snatched Wander's opposite hand and pinned it like the other. She then used her knees hold down his legs. Now she had him totally at her mercy.

I'll rule this galaxy~

As Queen of Ebony~

"Deedee, please don't do this. I'm begging you." Wander pleaded as he struggled to break free. But alas these pleas fell on deaf ears. As his captor simply moved on to the next verse; all the while eyeing him like a starving python.

I'm the Queen of Ebony~

"Please no!"

Your love belongs to me~

"Not like this!"

At night when I'm asleep~

"Someone! Anyone! Please help!"

Into my bed you'll creep~


At night when I'm wide awake~

"Sylvia! Please help me!"

Oh, the sweet love we shall make~


So please, don't be gentle with me~


My Prince of Ebony~

After belting out that last line, Deedee broke into a fit of cackles that would have made even the most seasoned witch green with envy. This, Wander knew, was a sign; a sign that his captor was done playing games and was ready to satisfy her dark desires. With no means of escape and no rescue on the way, the orange nomad ceased his cries for help and closed his eyes; praying that it would all be over quickly. However, much to his surprise/overwhelming relief, it never came at all.

Slowly but surely, the wicked cackles morphed into feminine giggles and as far as the shaggy wanderer could tell his captor had not made another move since finishing her song. So, despite his immense terror, he opened his eyes and was met with the biggest, dopiest, most mischievous looking smile he had ever seen.

"Gotcha~" Deedee chirped in a playful singsong way.


"O-M-Goodness! You should have seen the look on your face!" the lime-skinned woman squealed with girlish delight. "It was sooooooo adorable~"

"Wait… so you're not… I mean, you're not gonna…"

"Oh~ Sweetie, of course not." Deedee replied in a sympathetic yet still mischievous tone. "I mean, if I wanted to force myself on you, I would have already done it like six times by now. It's kinda my thing."


"Okay, more like twelve, but I was trying to be modest."

"That's not why I went WHAT!" Wander retorted, sounding uncharacteristically, but understandably, furious. "I mean, you string me along all day, do something downright unsettling with my senses, and then make me think you're gonna violate me, all as part of some insanely convoluted practical joke! Are you crazy or something?"

"HA! That's rich coming from you." She replied casually. "I mean, you troll other villains all the time."

"That… that's different."

"Why? Because you're a good guy?" she shot back, still sounding unsettlingly casual. "But all jokes aside, you really need to lighten up. After all, it's all just a game."

"Game? What game?" Wander asked sounded both confused and concerned.

"Oh~ Just a special kind of game I made up for you and me." Deedee answered in a darkly impish tone. "It's kinda like the game you play with Lord Hater. You know, the one where you drive him crazy as part of a long-term plan to turn him good. Only I plan on driving you a special kind of crazy. And instead of turning you good, well~ you get the picture."

"Wait, so you…"

"That's right Hon." She cut him off as she seamlessly slipped back into lustful predator mode. "I'm gonna turn that pure heart of yours into the blackest black hole times infinity. I'm gonna turn you into the vilest villain this stinking universe has ever seen. And once the galaxy is all yours, I'm gonna make you all mine."

"No!" Wander shot back bravely; in spite of totally justified fears. "That will never happen! I won't let it!"

"Too late Cutie Pie. I've already got a head start." His captor responded sinisterly. "You're already attracted to me; I can sense it. And as we both know, mutual attraction is the first step to L-O-V-E Wuv~ Just give me a year and we'll snuggling together on a throne made of skulls."

"B-but why me?"

"Because turning someone like you bad will prove once and for all that evil is the only way to be. Plus, you're just so flippin' adorable I can't stand it~"

The situation suddenly far worse than he ever could have imagined, the hairy nomad began to shudder in terror; much to the amusement of his captor.

"Aw~ Don't worry Snookums, I'm not gonna do anything naughty to you; today." She said in a condescendingly cute way. "I'm just gonna give you something special to remember me by. And when I'm done you'll wake with you best buddy Sylvia like it was all just a bad dream. Except you'll know better."

"Who are you?" asked Wander hesitantly with eyes wide with fright.

"Oh~ So you wanna know who I really am eh? Well, I guess I can let you in on my little secret." Said 'Deedee' as she slowly leaned in until she was inches away from his ear. "People call me Lord Dominator. But give me a year and you'll be calling me Wifey~"

Then without another word she opened her grinning maw wide and sunk her teeth into his defenseless neck.

The End?

End Notes: Like I said before, this story takes place after The Greater Hater but before The Battle Royale. However, after the events of this story, The Battle Royale and everything afterward will play out much differently; obviously. I don't know if I'm gonna a sequel or anything, but if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments. Hope you all had fun and Happy Holidays. Peace.