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Ruby pressed play using the remote she had next to her, signaling for the disc to start playing.

*Cue 'The Machine Thinks'*

The disc started out by playing some weird type of music and showing them what looked like fire or something of the like, with the screen panning up. They eventually saw something round and pitch black cross the screen from the top left and head down to the bottom right corner of the screen before disappearing. As this happened, large white words appeared on screen which read Dark5 presents.

The girls all figured that this must be the intro to this show, and that Dark5 was the name of it. Why the person who was making it decided to call it that though, was a mystery to the girls at the moment.

They then see the white words on screen fall backwards, until they completely disappeared from the screen. The screen meanwhile continued panning up until it eventually panned up enough where it stopped, revealing the fire to actually be a sun!

The screen then cut to a yellow star, with a black circular object moving slowly across the screen. The girls figured out that the circular things must have been planets, as they were around stars and seemed to be circling them.

As this happened, the words, 5 Extinct Animals That May Still Roam The Earth, appeared on screen in large white letters above the black planet, with the planet moving underneath the words to the right of the screen.

The girls were surprised at this, to say the least. They were confused as to how something 'extinct' could still roam the planet. They figured that they would find out in this video, and they were also glad to be able to see what kinds of animals were on Earth, even if it was only five.

When the black planet eventually got near the end of the screen, the letters telling them what the video was about disappeared once again by falling backwards.

*End 'The Machine Thinks'*

The screen then turned to black, the music stopping as well. They were confused for a moment, until the screen started to show something in black and white.

*Cue 'Phantasm'*

The black and white thing turned out to be some footage, showing a weird looking animal, to them at least, walk around what looked like some sort of residential place. The number 5 also appeared on screen, with the words THYLACINE appearing on screen next to the 5 in large white words.

None of them had ever heard of a Thylacine, much less seen one. Blake had never even heard of a Thylacine faunus, as every animal on Remnant had at least some faunus with their traits. This just proved to the girls how different the Earth was to Remnant, and they would soon see many more things that showed them this as well. The music was also interesting to the girls, and it seemed to fit the video well enough so far.

The Thylacine had a long tail, maybe about a foot long or so. On the back of the Thylacine were black stripes that stretched onto the side of it. The Thylacine also had short fur, their not being any long fur on its body. The thing had a wolf-like head, with two eyes surround by black fur. Or so they assumed at least, as the whole thing was taken in black and white. It also had wolf like legs.

The Thylacine stopped walking at one place, doing so to most likely sniff around the place. It then turned and started walking back to the right, stopping after a few steps to scratch itself with it's left hind leg. As it did this, the name of the animal and the number both disappeared, being replaced by the words, Est. Extinct: 1936.

The girls had no idea when 1936 was, only that it was in the past for Earth. Currently Remnant was in the 22nd century, which was about one century ahead of Earth time wise, unknown to unknown to them.*

The video then cut to the Thylacine sitting down, with the animal lowering and raising its head a few times. The video then cut once again, this time to the Thylacine laying down on its side, with its head and neck still raised, looking around.

The screen then faded to black for a moment, before shifting to a picture of a cave drawing on a wall, the video panning up and to the left as it did. The girls then noticed some text on the screen.

Dark5: The Thylacine, commonly known as "Tasmanian Tiger," was once the largest known carnivorous marsupial.

This surprised the girls, as they would have guessed this thing was more of a wolf than a tiger, based on the Thylacine's legs and head. They did find it interesting that this was the largest carnivorous marsupial on Earth however, before its 'extinction'.

The screen then turned to black once again and shifted to a section of land, most likely on a map, with multiple names of places on it, along with lines and everything else normally found on maps. In the middle of the island was the name TASMANIA stood out, as it was the largest of the words. They also noticed how half the screen was black, with words inside of the black portion.

Dark5: They were found throughout most of the Australian island of Tasmania...

The girls had no idea what Australia was, but would like to find out if they could.

The screen then cut to a picture of a man with a beard sitting in a chair, a Thylacine body hanging upside down in front of him.

This horrified Ruby a little. While she knew that people ate meat everywhere, and that you had to kill things to get it, she still didn't like thinking about it. Weiss, Blake, and Yang all felt the same, and didn't like to think about it either. They may have been huntresses in training, that didn't mean that they killed others. The only thing they killed, were the Grimm.

The video was slowly panning out on the picture, allowing the girls to see much more of it, like what was holding the body of the Thylacine upside down. They also saw that the screen was still half black, with new words inside it.

Dark5: ...before being hunted to extinction in the wild by human settlers.

"Why would they hunt the Thylacine to extinction?" Ruby asked.

"It was most likely for their fur and to stop them from attacking other human settlers." Blake answered.

Ruby just gained a disgusted look on her face. "That doesn't give them the right to hunt an animal to extinction."

"I never said it was right, just that those were the most likely reasons." Blake responded, an equally disgusted look on her face.

Yang and Weiss stayed quiet, but both had the same looks on their faces, albeit less so than Blake and Ruby.

The girls all failed to realize that their main goal would do the same thing to a different species, as their mission is to combat the Grimm and ultimately kill them all.

The video then cut back to the earlier footage of the Thylacine walking around.

Dark5: The Australian government claims that recent sightings are only domestic dogs...

"Why did they claim that?" Ruby inquired.

"I don't know Rubes, but we're about to find out." Yang answered.

The footage then cut to a black screen, only this time a picture of a Thylacine inside a compound was moving in the background.

Dark5: ...but some believe this is part of a conspiracy to deny the existence of Thylacines in order to allow the logging of old growth forests.

The girls didn't see why they would deny the existence of an animal, especially over some forests. This did give them all a little hope that the Thylacine's were alive though.

The screen then cut to what looked like a side walk with green grass growing next to it, with a bird walking on the ground. The letter 4 appeared on the screen, with the words PASSENGER PIGEON appearing next to it in large white words.

None of the girls had any idea what a passenger pigeon was, though they did have pigeons of their own here in Remnant.

The name of the animal and the number disappeared, and were replaced by the words, Est. Extinct: 1914. The footage then showed the bird flapping its wings and taking off, flying over the house it was in front of.

The screen then cut to what looked like a painting of sorts. The picture was of a green field, with a few men down in the bottom left corner with rifles, shooting at the birds. The picture also showed what looked to be a flock of birds running on for many miles. The birds all had some different features, but they mostly looked the same: A blue head and neck, orange underbelly, white back, and blue wings. The video was slowly panning out as well, allowing the girls to see more of the picture.

Dark5: Travelling in flocks up to a mile wide and 300 miles long, the passenger pigeon was once the most numerous bird on the planet...

"Three hundred miles long?" Ruby had a very shocked look on her face.

"Apparently so." Was all Weiss said, an equally shocked look on her face.

"Just imagine if the Nevermore traveled in flocks that big." Yang nervously chuckled. The girls all could imagine the horrors flocks of Nevermore that large and wide could do. No doubt a lot more people would die, especially if they were flocks of giant ones.

Shaking their heads of the thought, they went back to watching the show.

The screen cut to a picture of a bird sitting on a branch in a different picture, one with cursive righting the bottom left corner. The screen was also panning up, showing the bird to be a passenger pigeon, though a little different from the one in the previous picture.**

Dark5: ...with 5 billion individuals comprising up to 40% of the total bird population in North America.

"5 billion only equals 40%!?" Weiss exclaimed. There weren't even 3 billion humans and Faunus in the world, much less 5 billion.***

The others were equally surprised, but managed to reserve the shock to their faces.

The video then cut to a black and white picture of a flock of passenger pigeons flying over a field near a forest, this time a few of the birds being on the ground. They also saw that a few men were there, carrying rifles and firing at the birds. A dog was also there, carrying a dead bird in its mouth to its owner.

Dark: The species vanished in the wild by the 1900s due to hunting and loss of habitat...

The girls understood how the birds must have felt, as they were in the same situation, just with the Grimm taking the place of Earth's humans.

The video then cut up close to a replica of a passenger pigeon. They all saw something that was different from the rest: This one had some purple feathers on its neck. The video was slowly panning out, allowing the girls to see all of the pigeon.

Dark5: But are they gone forever? There are still sightings today, and scientists plan to clone a preserved specimen.

For the fourth time that night, the girls gained looks of shock. They couldn't understand how Earth had gained the technology to clone something, as that kind of tech was still out of Remnant's reach. It had been entertained by some people that if they gained the ability to clone people or animals, they would be much better at fighting the Grimm, especially if they can replenish their numbers as quick as they'd be able to.

The video then cut to some blurry footage of a large brown animal crossing through a running river. The number 3 appears, with the words WOOLY MAMMOTH appearing next to it in large white words.

The girls didn't know what Mammoths were, but they were interested to find out.

The number and name of the creature then disappeared, the words Est. Extinct: 2,000 B.C.

None of them had any clue what the B.C. stood for, but they all assumed it was very far in the Earth's past.

The video then cut to a drawing of a mountain or hill range, with the Wooly Mammoths being below on a piece of flat land with other animals there as well. The most prominent thing in the drawing were the men wearing strange yellow clothes and their black hair in ponytails. They were all wielding wooden spears, with the spear heads being sharpened stones.

"Are those hunters?" Ruby didn't mean the hunters that were employed today and they were trying to become, she was talking about the hunters that hunted for food, the ones that were very prominent in humanity's early days on Remnant.

"I think so." Weiss told her. "Look at the way they're standing and where they are." Ruby looked closely at the drawing and saw they were in high ground, looking down at the Wooly Mammoths in the drawing, and were standing in a way that made you assume they were told you they were thinking of the best way to kill them.

Dark5: Standing up to 11 feet tall and weighing up to 6.6 tons, the Wooly Mammoth lived alongside early humans in ancient Eurasia and North America.

"North America has been mentioned a few times. Is it like a Kingdom or Continent?" Ruby asked.

"I'd guess Continent, as no Kingdom calls itself North anything, not unless it's been split apart by a civil war." Weiss told her. Ruby nodded, accepting the answer and wanting to know more about this North America if she could.

The video then cut to a close up picture of a Wooly Mammoth. The Wooly Mammoth had dark brown hair/fur, small eyes, a long trunk, and very large and long white tusks.****

"So this is a Wooly Mammoth?" Ruby asked.

"Looks like a hairy elephant." Yang said.

Dark5: Due to a combination of hunting and climate change...

"Again with the hunting being a cause for extinction? What was wrong with these people?" Weiss said.

"Well, maybe they had some good reasons. Who knows, maybe they were fighting something just as bad as the Grimm and needed the tools." Yang suggested.

"I highly doubt that. And even if they were, that still doesn't give them the excuse to hunt something so severely that they go extinct." Weiss said.

"Well, it does say Climate change also played a part. Who knows, maybe climate change was a larger cause than hunting?" Blake pointed out.

Weiss decided to stay quiet, still not seeing how or why they would hunt them so much.

The video then cut to a black screen, with a black and white picture of a dead and decaying Wooly Mammoth lying in the dirt.

Dark5: ...the last known mainland Mammoths died in Siberia nearly 10,000 years ago.

The girls all gained extremely depressed looks on their faces at that news. They all knew what it must be like, reading about an animal, while never actually seeing it for yourself. Then again, a world full of creatures like the Grimm can do that to a population.

The video then cut to an image of what looked like a section of a map. The map showed two green looking land masses with water in between them, with the two of them being extremely close map wise, but still far apart real world travel wise. There was also a white land mass in the picture, signaling that it was a snowy place. The video was panning down as well, showing them more of that section of the Earth map.

The girls then saw that around the area where the two land masses were close, was a yellow square box most likely used to show where something was.

Dark5: But isolated populations survived on Wrangle Island in the Arctic Ocean until 4,000 years ago...

"4,000 years? How could an isolated population have survived that much longer than others, and then just die out?" Yang asked.

"It could have been that humans went to that island, or the climate changed there to." Blake told her. Yang nodded, accepting that answer.

The footage then cut to a picture of what looked like a snowy forest in the mountains. The forest was covered in white snow, the trees were grey and had no leaves on them, and the mountains in the background were either completely snow white, or a combination of white and grey.

Also in the picture was a Mammoth, though it was covered in snow and had white fur/hair, instead of the brown fur/hair that they saw earlier.

Dark5: ...raising the possibility that some may still survive in remote wilds of Siberia.

"You really think some Mammoths could have survived in those remote wildernesses?" Ruby inquired.

"Yeah, people thought that some animals were extinct here, but they had managed to survive in places we hadn't explored before. Who's to say these Mammoths couldn't" Yang answered.

"Agreed, there is probably at least one colony that survived on Earth." Weiss said. Blake also nodded, not having anything to say on the matter.

Ruby nodded and accepted their answers, before turning back to the video.

The video then cut to a picture of a grey statue of a wolf. The footage seemed to focus on the head of the statue, allowing them to see its fangs and whole head.

The words JAPANESE WOLF appeared on the screen, next to the number 2, in big white words.

The girls were excited to finally be able to learn about an animal similar to one from their world, even if it would have see differences. Blake however, was also a little frightened of the wolf, given that she was a cat Faunus.

The name of the wolf then disappeared, replaced by the words Est. Extinction: 1905

The video then cut to another picture of a map, this time showing what looked like an island out at sea surrounded by water.

Dark5: Also known as the Honshū wolf, the Japanese wolf once occupied the islands of Honshū, Shikoko, Kyūshū in Japan.

"That doesn't seem like a lot of places for a wolf to live." Ruby said.

The video then cut to a drawing of what looked like a combination of a rat and a dog in a pencil style of drawing that, in addition to drawing its whole body, also drew its member.

The girls all reacted differently to this, ranging from disgust to horror. Why anyone would draw something and include THAT they didn't know.

Dark5: It was the world's smallest known wolf, measuring 35 inches in length and standing almost a foot tall.

"That's about as tall as Zwie!" Ruby exclaimed. Hearing his name, Zwie picked his head up and turned it to the girls. He then proceeded to tilt its head in confusion.

"Sorry Zwie, go back to sleep." Ruby said sheepishly. Zwie just laid his head back down and going back to sleep.

The video then proceeded to cut to a black screen, with two spinning pictures and some white words on it. One of the pictures was of another wolf statue, though this time the statue was inside of a house.

The other picture was of strange rectangular stones on top of stone mounds, inside of a forest with a white fog. The stones had strange symbols on them, which they had never seen before.(As they expected, seeing as how they don't know any Earth dialects.)

Dark5: Its spirit form, known as Makami, was believed to understand human speech...

This came as a surprise to the girls. Sure, in the primitive days of humanity and Faunus alike, it had been said that animals had spirit forms, but none that were capable of understanding human speech.

The video then cut to what looked like a painting of two demonic looking wolves with blue, white and black for fur colors. For eyes, they had circular orange or amber looking eyes. One of them had their mouth open, revealing two rows of sharp white fangs.

Dark5: ...rewarding good and punishing evil.

"I wish we had these kind of spirit animals here." Weiss said.

"Agreed. If we had those here, that would mean a lot less people like Roman would be around." Blake commented. The others all nodded in agreement, wishing that they had those here even more now. They may have even been able to help them fight Grimm, especially since the Grimm are evil.

The video then cut to an up close picture of the wolfs face. The wolf in the picture had white fur and large blue eyes, its haws opened, showing its fangs.

Blake in particular was on edge at this, and leaned away from the TV because of it.

Dark5: Though declared extinct in 1905, photographs show a specimen surviving until 1910.

The girls were not surprised at this point, as a few of the other animals on this list survived past their official extinction date.

The video then cut to a grey background with a small, brown weasel looking face looking animal in it.

Dark5: Might the official declaration be wrong? Traces of the wolves continue to be found to this day...

"That means that they actually could be alive." You could hear the excitement in Ruby's voice.

The others nodded. If traces of the wolves were still being found, that meant there was a very good chance they were still alive.

The video then cut to a blurry and moving footage most likely taken from a scroll. Or what ever it is they had on Earth. The video was of a large lake, with green trees surrounding it and something moving through the lake.

The words MOKELE-MBEME appeared on the screen in blurry white letters.

"Please tell me the rest of the video isn't going to be like this." Weiss begged.

The blurry name of the animal was then replaced by large, clear white words reading, Est. Extinction: 65M years ago.

This was very surprising to the girls now. If something was supposed to have died 65 million years ago, then there was no possible way it could have survived.

The video then cut to a picture of a river flowing down a green jungle.

Dark5: The Mokele-mbembe is a large, long-necked, long-tailed reptile said to live deep in the Congo River basin of Central Africa.

"What do you think that would look like?" Ruby asked. She was currently try to imagine it, and all she got was something that would probably kill her in an instant.

"I don't know, but we might find out soon." Blake said.

The video then cut to a painting of many animals in a river. The animals consisted of white birds flying through the air, hippo's, one of which had its mouth wide open.

What surprised them though, was the large animal with a very long neck, towering over the hippo's with its mouth open, revealing its rows of teeth.

"Damn, that's one long neck." Yang commented. She then gained a smirk on her face. "If its neck is that long, then I'd love to see how long its other limbs are." Yes, Yang had gone from just her horrible puns, toher horrible puns and innuendoes.

The others just blushed and glared at her. Ruby had gotten to the age where she was curious about boys, and had learned a lot from studying that kind of stuff.

Dark5: Thought to be a living sauropod, its name means "one who stops the flow of rivers."

The girls had no idea what sauropod meant, but if its name was any indication, then this was a very powerful creature.

"I really wish we had those." Ruby said with stars in her eyes.

"I agree. I can think of a lot of situations where they would come in handy." Weiss commented.

The video then cut to a black and white painting of the Mokele-mbembe fighting humans with spears near a river with wooden spikes in it. One of the spears had also embedded itself in the side of it, most likely causing it great pain.

Dark5: According to a missionary in the area at the time, a specimen was caught and eaten by a pygmy tribe in 1959.

"They caught that thing and ate it!?" Ruby shrieked. She couldn't imagine someone eating something that large, much less a whole tribe of people, especially if it was as dangerous as it looked.

The video then cut to a black background, with a spinning picture of a like with something moving through it on screen.

Dark5: Today, adventurers continue to seek evidence of these and other "lost" creatures...

The video then ended there, leaving the girls more intrigued than when they started.

"Well, that was interesting." Blake said, voicing everyone's thoughts.

"Yeah, let's watch another one." Yang suggested.

"Agreed." Weiss said.

Ruby nodded, before getting up and going over to the bow. She then grabbed the case labeled #2, took out the disc, and put it in. She then proceeded to sit down, waiting for the disc to start.

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