CB: Having been reading Aragorn/Legolas slash for nearly six months, I finally decided that it was time to put pen to paper (or at least fingers to keyboard) and give my own story a try.
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Warnings: SLASH meaning MALE/MALE RELATIONSHIPS, have we all got this? If you do not like to men making out or whatever, don't bother reading this and then flaming me because I will only get angry…and you don't want that. ^_^ Also, slight cross-dressing in later chapters, although it isn't really an…um…hobby of any of the characters.

Pairings: Aragorn/Legolas is the main one, although there is sort of one sided, very mild Arwen/Aragorn.

Disclaimer: I do not own the fantastic world of Middle Earth, or the characters that live within it. They all belong to the Tolkien Trust Fund and indeed to JRR Tolkien himself, may he rest in peace.

The gentle breeze, that barely ruffled the leaves of the trees in Rivendell, swept long blonde hair back from a pale smooth face and gently teased its ends, blowing softly around a green clad body and lifting the heavy material very slightly. Blue eyes peered down through the leaves as their owner smiled to himself and clutched tighter to a smooth silver pendant that was clenched in one hand. Lightly, the young male elf shifted his weight slightly, every movement betraying the grace that was hereditary within all of his kind, but particularly those of the woodlands.

The bough on which he was perched creaked slightly, swaying from side to side as Prince Legolas of Mirkwood hopped lightly from it to a close kin, before reaching out, gripping the trunk and slipping to the ground with a light thump. A few small birds that had been perched on a nearby bush chirruped in astonishment at the sudden appearance of the being, before they took off in a flutter of wings, wheeling towards the skies as they called with keening voices to one another.

Legolas smiled slightly in quiet enjoyment of the beautiful garden, sighing in appreciation as he looked to either side and saw nobody except two small butterflies. This was one of the only reasons he loved coming to Rivendell on diplomatic missions, the rest of the time it was a political hell, but in the quietness of the morning before everyone else had risen, the still, sweet silence of the spectacular gardens was worth a hundred assemblies.

The soft chanting of the brook that splashed through the trees caught his attention and he began to sprint towards it, revelling in the use of muscle that had been holding still for too long as he stretched his legs, sprinting along the small river's banks and weaving in and out of the trees as he followed its path to where it ended in a small pool, paved all around with old, grey stone.

Barely panting, he stopped at the edge and peered in. Wide blue eyes stared back at him, surrounded by dark lashes and windswept hair. Ripples spread on the surface as he gently touched one finger to the water, testing the temperature, considering, eyes thoughtful.

"Warm." He muttered to himself in elvish, submerging his whole hand before withdrawing it quickly and stripping down so he was clad only in his shirt.

Carefully, he stepped over the edge of the pool and down into the water, smiling to himself as he discovered it was indeed warm enough, and crystal clear. So clear in fact that he could see the fish just below his feet, which were now treading water. "Alath no hen." He smiled to himself at the familiar words his father had told him when he was a child. 'An elf is as pure as water.' He considered this; it was true, an elf was as pure as water, but he had long ago learnt that water could easily be tainted, and so could elves, both similar in this respect.

Sighing and brushing away all deep thoughts, he drew a breath and sank below the surface. Looking up he could see everything, from the clouds to the sky that was just beginning to turn a light blue in the early morning. He could see birds winging their way south, and then, quite suddenly, he saw stormy grey eyes, dark hair, and a surprised look.


Aragorn was not used to laying in bed because rising early was part of his habitual lifestyle, even when he was staying at home in Rivendell. And so he awoke just before dawn and silently dressed before heading down the stairs, determined not to wake anyone else at such an ungodly hour.

Stepping outside, he was soon walking briskly towards one of the many woodlands surrounding Rivendell, and it was not long before he stumbled into a small clearing. A large pool was in the middle, paved all around in the grey stone that was used frequently in the older buildings of the Elven dwellings. Trees crowded around the square paving, their branches moving occasionally in the soft breeze, leaves rustling as though they were calling out to one another.

Aragorn smiled, his heart feeling strangely at peace as he looked at the quiet scene. When, quite suddenly, he heard an intake of breath and a soft splash, both noises coming from the pool.

Frowning, he walked quickly over, eyebrows creased in puzzlement, as at first, he saw nothing. Ripples were spreading on the surface, but nothing more indicated another living being anywhere in the vicinity. He was just about to turn away, when his eyes drifted slowly down to rest on the bottom of the pool, and there, looking up at him with an identical expression of surprise, was an elf.

Starting, he jumped back as the creature broke the surface, hair shining with wet droplets as it was tossed back so the elf could see more clearly. Imperious blue eyes met startled grey ones and the elf's mouth opened in a round 'O' of surprise as he took in the black, casual attire of the ranger, this man seemed to be the very epitome of sex.

"Who are you, and why do you enter the dwelling place of the elves, human?" The elf demanded, more with shock than anything else. "Do you not know that it forbidden to pass beyond the silver gates, which are guarded by my kin? And what do you mean by coming upon me whilst I bathe?" The voice, too, was imperious, but at the same time, soft, like the chiming of bells that are swaying in the wind. The elf's dark eyebrows knitted in a small frown as he watched the ranger's eyes sweep over the half of his body that was above water. From golden hair to the surface and back again.

"My name is Estel." The man said eventually, his eyes once more meeting those of the elf, "I have permission to be here from Lord Elrond himself." He smiled slightly, taking in the raised eyebrow that elegantly spoke of the elf's surprise and disbelief. "And who may I call you?" He inquired politely, sitting on a small bench that was placed to one side of the pool.

"I am Legolas Greenleaf, of the Mirkwood realm." The elf replied carefully in return, his eyes betraying his suspicion to the human's intentions. "You may have Lord Elrond's permission to be in this land, Estel, but why are you in this particular grove at this particular time?" Unmindful of his nakedness, he hauled himself out of the water and began to dress, ignoring the man's look of surprise.

"I rose early and came walking." Aragorn turned his head away, staring into the line of trees so he would not have to look at the elf, who was pulling on a pair of breeches. "It is no crime to stumble into a clearing unintentionally, Beren (1) did much the same thing once…" The man smiled as he turned to look at the elf's face once more, and saw the evident surprise, "…But I seem to have discovered something far more beautiful even than Lúthien."

Legolas' eyes widened in surprise and his cheeks suddenly burned at the compliment the man had made him. He was used to praises for his beauty, but it was something completely unexpected in a situation like this, and he could already see the man did not pay compliments lightly. "How do you know our legends so well?" He asked, "When you are of the race of men?"

The man – Estel – shrugged lightly, "Long have I studied your people and their ways." He said, smiling again as he stood up, "And well do I know these stories."

A chiming from a distant tower brought Legolas back a small sense of normality, and he started, looking towards the sound. "I fear I must leave you Estel, as interesting as our conversation has been." For the first time, he smiled back at the man, feeling a flush on his cheeks again at the sight of the commanding yet unassuming figure. "I have an important meeting to keep."

Aragorn bowed slightly, "As do I, I hope we will meet again soon Legolas of Mirkwood, I have enjoyed your company."

Legolas nodded in return, before grabbing the remainder of his clothing and walking swiftly from the clearing, leaving behind a very puzzled and confused man.

But his own mind was not much better.


Arwen, the Evenstar of elves was in her room, quietly sipping wine from a silver goblet as she waited for her friend. Her maid was fussing over a table that was groaning under breakfast dishes and two sets of cutlery and plates, but she was paying no heed as she stared out of the window, her fingers idly playing with the shining necklace that rested at the base of her throat as she remembered her first meeting with the one men called Aragorn.

A sudden rapping on the door brought her back to the present, and with a swift movement, she placed the goblet on the nearby table and nodded to her maid to open the door, allowing the golden haired visitor inside.

Smiling, she held out her arms in greeting, and found herself swept into an exuberant hug by the taller elf, who cried out in joy as he embraced her, "Arwen, it is good to see you again after so many years." Drawing back, he smiled down at her, blue eyes playful as he patted her head like that of an older brother, even though they were nearly of the same age. "How is the Evenstar of the elves?" He enquired, although his soft voice held an undertone of seriousness.

"The Evenstar is perfectly well," She replied, hugging him once more before leading him to the table, "But how is the shining jewel of Mirkwood?" She laughed as he pulled a sour face at the title, which had been bestowed upon him by a member of the court. Then, picking up a plate she offered him the food on it.

Gratefully he took it and began to cut it before replying. "As well as can be expected when I am forced to sit on a council all day and listen to complaints about the ruling of the lands." He smiled again, but then his face went serious, "Elrond tells me you are in love Arwen…" He trailed off as her cheeks flushed, but his gaze was searching and she knew that he would find out all he could one way or another.

"Legolas…" She began, her expression pleading as she looked at him, "I am no longer a child, if I tell you about him, you must promise not to go leaping into a situation with him that you do not understand." She smiled, "We are no longer small like we once were, you cannot protect me like you once did."

He sighed, before reaching across the table and rumpling her hair affectionately, "I know, but it is hard to accept, little Evenstar, that I cannot always keep you from harm." He smiled at her in brotherly affection, "But if you truly love this man, I will not stand in your way." His eyes crinkled in amusement at the look of relief on her face, then leant back in his chair, "Now, tell me about him."

"His name is Aragorn," She began hesitantly, unused to talking about him to anyone, "He is a mortal man, but he is Isildur's heir, which means he can unite the world of men again." She paused, her eyes shining, "And I believe he can do it, he is a man of unmatched greatness. You only have to look at him to know of his lineage." She smiled softly at Legolas, whose mind flashed suddenly back to the man in the clearing, it had been obvious to him that this man held a powerful command, perhaps Arwen's love was similar to this man.

"But Arwen," He said gently, "He is mortal, one day he will die, and you will be left alone in this world. Is it wise to love a man?" As he said this, he felt suddenly, very strange, as if even he did not believe his own words. "It would not be wise to become attached to a mortal." He said, almost trying to reassure himself.

Shaking his head, he tried to clear it of sudden, disturbing thoughts that involved dark hair and grey eyes, that had swept across his skin, simply drinking in the sight of him, and lips that had curved into a small smile as they talked about Beren and Lúthien. 'Stop it!' He told himself fiercely as he listened to Arwen protest that her love was undying, even to this mortal man, 'You have spoken to him but once, and yet he seems fixed in your thoughts, you are acting like you are no more than a child. This man is not important to you.' All the same, his mind couldn't help lingering on a black clad body and a deep, cultured voice that would probably have no difficulty in speaking the elvish tongue.

Shaking himself free of his thoughts again, he looked at Arwen, a frown marking his face. "And does he return your affection?" He enquired, "Does he love you as much as you seem to adore him?"

She flushed slightly, looking down at the tabletop, but her eyes rose again to meet his. "I…I believe so." Suddenly she looked cross, "Stop treating me like a child, Legolas!" She scolded, "I am nigh on the same age as you, and yet you have the ability to make me feel like a young girl again, who has been caught in the stables when she shouldn't be." She frowned at his amused expression, "I am you equal, not you younger, you should behave in the same manner as I do to you."

Legolas laughed outright at this protestation. "I am sorry little Evenstar, I cannot help it, I simply view you as a younger sister." He smiled at her outraged expression at this description of her in his eyes, "But if it helps, I will try to treat you with the respect that is befitting for the Evenstar, is that better?"

Her expression changed to one of sheepishness as he teased her. "No, Legolas, I would not have you treat me in that way for all the fire in Mordor." She smiled, "I'm being a bit silly, aren't I?"

"Just a bit, little Evenstar." He replied, still smiling affectionately. "But if I can put up with you, I am sure this Aragorn will be able to." He watched her laugh, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

"So where were you this morning?" She asked, tactfully trying to change the subject, "What made you so late?"

Legolas caught onto what she was trying to do instantly, but allowed her to get away with it, not pursuing the subject of her mortal love any further for the moment. "How did you know I was not in this house this morning?" He enquired innocently, "Maybe I was simply talking with your father in his study, having risen early."

She smiled at him, before buttering a roll. "Then my maid would have found you, I sent her to enquire whether you would like to meet me for an earlier breakfast, but you were nowhere in the house." She eyed him as she bit into the bread before swallowing and wiping her mouth delicately with a napkin. "So, where had you gone, I wonder?"

Legolas casually poured himself a goblet of wine, saying carelessly, "I awoke early and went for a walk in the gardens, why so curious, Arwen?"

"Ah," She said, slightly smugly, "Because a walk would not take so long as it took you. No, dear Legolas, I feel you were doing something besides walking." She smiled again at his look of dumbfounded amazement.

"Do you really keep that close an eye on me, little Evenstar?" He demanded, raising one eyebrow. "Very well, if you must know, I was swimming as well, in a pool, when someone…unexpected…stumbled across me." A sudden dreamy expression flitted across his face, it was gone in an instant, but Arwen's sharp eyes caught it, and a small, knowing smile crept across her face.

"Really?" She feigned innocence, "Who was it?"

"A man," He replied, "He was very polite, very courteous, even when I was rude to him, puzzled as to why he was there." He smiled at her, his eyes showing nothing, "We talked for a while, that is why I was late. Now will you stop pestering me, beauty of the elves, or do I have to go and knock out your lover?"

The jibe had the intended effect, and Arwen rose to the bait. "He is not my lover Legolas, as well you know." She pursed her lips in disapproval at his obvious amusement, but her face held a curious quality as she watched Legolas, who appeared to be staring down at the tabletop, a faint smile on his face.

"His name." She said suddenly.


"Tell me his name, an I will ask no more about him." She raised the goblet to her lips.

Legolas looked at her for a second, before deciding to take her at her word. "Very well, little Evenstar, if I tell you, will you drop the subject?" He smiled at her affectionately, "Because I fear you are putting too much emphasis on the situation, we simply talked."

"Of course." Arwen smiled sweetly although her eyes were dancing with humour at calm, collected Legolas being stumbled upon whilst swimming, and losing his temper with a man. "But you have to admit, it is very much like Beren and Lúthien." Her words had more of an impact than she had imagined they would.

The tips of Legolas' ears turned red and his lips curled up at the ends, forming a half smile as his eyes seemed to focus on something further away. It was then that the Evenstar fully realised that her friend had fallen badly in love, even if he himself didn't realise it. "Like Beren and Lúthien," he murmured softly to himself, "That is just what he said." He murmured.

"His name!" Arwen urged in annoyance, raising the goblet to her lips to drink again.

"His name is Estel."

The goblet crashed unheeded to the floor, the red wine spilling across the white tiling like blood, staining everything it touched.

To Be Continued…