Consuming Heartless

Summery: Riku, Kairi, and Sora get back to their Island. Unfortunately,
thier adventure hasn't completely ended, so what happens when you must
join the Heartless to protect yourself from another enemy?

Rating: PG-13

Main Character: Riku

Other: Kairi, Sora

~Chapter 2: Choices~

The cloud took a violent dive toward Sora. Before anyone could
do anything, Riku was falling. He didn't know where he was falling, but
he could feel the wind on his face, as if he was falling head first.

It was relaxing to fall. He had no fear of anything but most of
all he felt a sense of freedom from everything. Riku looked down at
his feet. His Heartless armor started to form around him and his sword
appeared. Riku lifted his arms and he hit the ground. He pushed
himself and flipped to his feet on the surface he landed on. He looked
around in hopes that he would find himself back on the island.

He saw a door with the Heartless symbol on it. He approched the
door catiously. As he reached for the door, he stopped.
'No. What am I doing? I can't go back!' Rike thought. He backed
away from the door. A hand reached out and grabbed his shoulder and
pushed him to the door.

"No!" Riku exlaimed. He swung around and brought his sword to
the person's throat. The person was wearing a grey hooded cape and all
Riku could see was an eerie glowing green arm.

"You must join us." The voice sounded strained and high

"No! I can't go back! I want you to return me to my home!" Riku
ordered and brought his sword closer to the person.

"Join, or it will be your death!" The person said as it hit
Riku's sword out of his hands.

"What is your foul name creature?" Riku asked. The hood glowed
and were eyes would be, a red glow in the shape of eyes glowed.

"You need not to know that! Be warned!" The creature went to
Riku's sword and gave it back to him. "I can only give it back if you
join us again!" Riku glanced at the creature and stole the blade back.

"Go away! I'm not going back to you! After all you did, I won't
let it happen again!" The creature started laughing an eveil laugh in a
much lower voice.

"Riku!" Sora's voice came from behind Riku. Riku turned around
to see Sora standing near a door with a different symbol. His eyes were
looked as is he was about to die.

"Sora?" Riku walked closer to him. Another voice came from a
far away place.

"You must choose, Riku."
Riku looked up and around, "How do you know my name?"
"I know alot about you and your friends. For now you must
choose which way you shall follow. The Heartless, which you have been
with before and found that they were wrong. Or the others, unkown
people from different dimensions."
Riku was puzzled. To his left was a Heartless and a door with
the Heartless symbol, and to his right, Sora and a golden door with a
symbol that resembled a half dragon and half human; a human with dragon
wings, tail, claws, and horns. "Why do I need to choose? Why am I
here? And where's Kairi?"
"Is it Kairi you seek?"
Riku stood a moment. 'Sora is to my right. I should find a way
to Kairi before Sora. But, that might mean joining the heartless...I
may be destroyed by the darkness they poses.'

"I know where she is, but I can't tell. I must be going!

"Wait!" Riku exlaimed as he ran toward the voice. There was no
response. Riku turned back around and looked at the doors.

'Two choices, one destiny...."

~To be continued...~