The Dark Descent

WARNINGS: Contains the bashing of Dumbledore and the Light Side as Harry falls into Darkness. And sex scenes… there will be sex scenes.

Chapter I

The Lamented Summer

Harry Potter, age 15 was in mourning. Sirius Black, the man that was Harry's godfather, the only real connection he felt to his parents, was dead. Killed by his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange. A rumble outside Harry's small window at Private Drive made him look out into the world, Mother Nature seemingly echoing his somber mood. Dark clouds, black as night rolled over his uncle's house as rain poured down in bucketfuls, hitting Harry's closed window with an audible thunks, as if the sky is dropping small balls on the roof overhead, and on his window. The thunks were accompanied by the gushing of wind, and the constant rumbles of threatening thunder that never broke. He looked out at the rain, at the wind and at the thunder and frowned. The weather only bringing up bad memories for him, of the talks he had with his beloved godfather, of the advice he gave Harry that helped him survive the Triwizard Tournament… Cedric.

His frown turned even sadder when he thought of Cedric Diggory. The boy who helped him with the second task, the boy who teased the fourteen year old in-between tasks, the boy that helped him more than he knew. The boy that he loved, and because of that was killed. Tears formed in his eyes as Harry remembered Cedric more clearly, the teen's smile, the way he smelt, how he whispered the hint in his ear… the happiness he had whenever he and Cho Chang were together. Harry Potter loved Cedric Diggory with all his heart, but was too much of a coward to tell him. Harry could remember his fourth year clearly, the depression he had whenever he thought of his feelings. Where Ron, Seamus, Dean and even Neville would talk about girls and their new-found appreciation for them, Harry just couldn't get into it. He was just too focused on other things: Ron's nose had a cute twitch when he lies, Seamus' accent started to sound appealing, Dean was growing very well into the man he soon is, and Neville's cheeks always had a hint of a blush that Harry found adorable. But Cedric… Cedric was just perfection to Harry. He was an unattainable beauty that Harry can only adore from a distance, and now in his memories.

Harry sighed and got up, walked to the window and closed the curtains. He looked around the room, needed to find a way, any way to get his mind off of Cedric. He looked at his small desk and saw a pile of letters from his friends. Deciding to read them, he took the first one and smiled when he saw Ron's handwriting, remembering a dream he had earlier that week. It wasn't dirty or lewd, just the two of them sitting shirtless next to each other, Harry leaning his head on Ron's shoulder as the two talked quietly, Ron's hand on top of Harry's. He shook his head, reminding himself that Ron is straight, at least Harry is certain he's straight. He opened the letter with a sigh and read it.

Heya Harry,

Hope you're alright. You haven't been writing us as much as you did, and we're all worried. Are you alright? Are the muggles locking you up again? Just say the word and George, Fred and I will come get ya mate. Anyway, just writing to wish you a Happy Birthday and hoping that you'll come back to the burrow before school starts. We're all worried about you. You should see how mum is fretting about, every other word she says is your name and 'muggles.' Have you heard from Hermione? She told me that she wrote to you too, and Ginny as well. Weird as it is to say it, I think she fancies you mate. Which is just weird right? Is it weird to think that your sister is fancying your best friend? Anyway, you don't fancy her right? Cause that would be too weird for me. Speaking of… I've been having these weird dreams. You must think I'm mental even bringing them up—actually I think I should tell you this in person yeah? So now you have to come to the Burrow. See ya here Harry!

Your mate,

Harry couldn't help but smile at the letter, putting it to the side as he thought about his best friend. His best straight friend. Although, it looks like Ron wanted to talk with him about something weird, something that he can only tell Harry in person. Harry wondered what that could be about, he hoped that it was exactly what he was thinking. Then again, that never happens to be true. Remember Cedric, Harry. Harry thought.

"Boy!" roared Uncle Vernon. Harry sighed and looked at the rest of the letters, guess he'll have to look at them later. Harry exited his room and walked down the stairs to find his uncle waiting for him. Uncle Vernon was a very overweight man that often reminded Harry of a purple walrus when angry. Uncle Vernon was glaring at Harry as he came down, waiting until Harry was at the bottom before saying "Your Aunt and I have to leave. We will be back when we do. In the meantime, Dudley is in charge. Got that? Anything he says, you do. No matter what. Patunia, dear we should keep the Masons waiting." Uncle Vernon chuckled. He turned to Harry again and pointed a large sausage finger threateningly at him, "No funny business. Got it?"

"Yes, Uncle Vernon." Harry said.

Satisfied, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia left, leaving Harry alone with Dudley. Dudley was in the living room, watching a movie that Harry barely had any interest in as his fat cousin got up. He smirked at Harry as he carelessly dropped his drink onto the carpet. "Clean that up freak." Dudley said. Harry glared at him and went into the kitchen, grabbed a towel and returned to the living room where Dudley was standing, smirking. Harry got onto his hands and knees and began to scrub at the wet puddle. He scrubbed viciously at the staining drink, cursing silently to the stain and his cousin. He felt a stinging pain on his back and gasped in pain. "You're too slow freak, come on! Use that freakish magic." Dudley laughed as he hit Harry again, his smelting stick from Smelting Academy. Over the years of hitting Harry with his stick, Dudley learned where to smack Harry to sting him the most. Dudley hit Harry again with his stick and laughed when Harry almost fell. Harry cursed him some more silently and wished he had his wand, wished he could cast a spell on his cousin. Dudley hit him again and again until Harry finished cleaning and got up to do the rest of his chores. As he was leaving the living room he couldn't help but mutter, "Pathetic muggle."

Harry stopped himself in the kitchen only for a moment, realizing what he said before shrugging it off. It was true, Dudley was a pathetic muggle, as is his father and mother. Harry focused on his chores as he cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. Sometime during that, he heard the door open and closed and sighed as he knew that Dudley's "friends" came in.

"Freak! Get us drinks!" Dudley yelled, Harry heard his friends' laughing in the living room. With a heavy sigh, Harry took out several sodas and returned to the living room, where Dudley and his friends were sprawled out on the couch. Harry give Dudley his soda first, which Dudley knocked over, the cans of soda falling onto the ground. "We don't want that freak." Dudley said, "Get us dad's drinks." Harry glared at him as he bent down to pick up the sodas, earning him another smack on his butt from the smelting stick. Harry held in a yelp as he stood up, rubbing where Dudley smacked him. He returned to the kitchen and put the sodas back into the fridge. He then reached deeper into the fridge and pulled out his uncle's bottle of gin and beer. He hoped his uncle wouldn't notice that it would most likely be gone by the time he got home and closed the fridge.

Getting cups and filling them, Harry returned to the living room and gave Dudley and his friends the drinks before returning to his chores. Harry finished cleaning the kitchen and dishes, and heard another yell from the living room. "Freak!"

Harry returned to the living room to find Dudley and his friends yelling about a game of soccer. Dudley took his stick and hit Harry with it again. "Get us some food, freak." Dudley said.

"Hey, Big-D let me see that!" Dudley's friend Pierce laughed. Dudley shrugged and gave Pierce the stick and he followed Harry into the kitchen. "Hey, freak." Pierce smirked as Harry was bent into the fridge. Pierce lifted the stick and gave Harry's ass a hard blow, causing the boy to yell in pain. Angry, Harry turned around and glared at the muggle. "What?" he seethed.

Pierce laughed and just wacked Harry in the legs. Harry tried to grab the stick but failed, Pierce being half a foot taller than him. Stupid muggles, Harry thought, if only I could use magic. They wouldn't like the stick wacking them.

Harry sighed and controlled his emotions as he ignored Pierce, who was heckling him. He got Dudley and his friends food before retreating to his room for some peace and quiet, as well as getting to his letters.

The next one was from Hermione, which was shorter than Ron's but still held the same concern. She asked Harry to call her since she's staying with her parents till the last two weeks of summer, when she'll go to the Burrow. Harry placed that letter with Ron's, as well as Hagrid's which he read next. The next letter was from Dumbledore, which surprised the boy since he didn't expect to hear from him. After Dumbledore ignoring Harry for most of the year last year, Harry did not expect to get a personal letter from the man barely a few months after his godfather's death. Curiously he opened it and was going to read it when his door smashed open and one of Dudley's friends, Harry thinks his name was Malcolm, stumbled into his room, obviously drunk. "Hey freak!" the brutish boy said. "Big-D told me to bring ya down! He said that you'll do anything we'll tell ya to do!"

Harry tried to ignore him but the drunk boy continued, spotting the letters. "What are those from your boyfriend!?" he laughed. "Big-D told me you were a poof, but I didn't know you were that kind!"

"Shut up." Harry said as he stood up, trying to leave the room. Malcolm shoved Harry to his bed and grabbed the nearest letter on his desk. "Who the hell's Ron? Your boyfriend?" Malcolm couldn't help but laugh.


Dudley's friend looked between the doorway and Harry and smirked. "Guess Big-D is waiting for ya, eh Potter? Better get going." Harry snatched the letter from the idiot and grumbled as he stuffed it into his pocket, wishing Dudley's friends would just leave. He pushed the friend out and made sure to grab his wand as he left the room, he may not be able to use magic, but he can still threaten with it. The two stumbled downstairs and Dudley was waiting with his ever-favorite smelting stick. "Freak, did I say you could go to your room?" Dudley asked, clearly enjoying the power given to him.

"I don't need your permission to go to my—OW!" Harry cried out, getting hit with the stick. "Stop that." Harry said.

"Or else what?" Dudley chuckled. Harry took out his wand and pointed it directly at Dudley. Dudley stiffen immediately as his little piggy eyes centered on the wand. "Y-Y-You can't do that!" he said, scared.

"Want to bet?" Harry asked. "I can make your tongue so big that you'll won't be able to eat for a week."

Suddenly there was a small bang and the door flew open. "Harry Potter," an old wizen voice that Harry knew well said. He turned his attention to the doorway where Albus Dumbledore stood. Dressed in a moonlight-blue robe, the old man was smiling heartily, yet gravely when he saw Harry and Dudley. Dudley's friends looked in from the living room confused. "Who's the old man Big-D?" one boy asked.

Dumbledore looked at the muggle teenagers and smiled, "Hello boys, if I could just borrow Harry for a moment? You can go back to whatever you are doing." Confused, the boys left, leaving the three alone. Dumbledore turned to Dudley, still the same pleasant smile on his face, and said "Dudley m'boy, if you would be so kind as to inform your parents that I have taken young Harry here to his friend's house for the rest of the summer? I am sure they would be much relieved to know where he is."

Dudley just nodded dumbly, afraid of the man for some reason. Dumbledore turned his attention to Harry and said "Gather your things Harry, we'll leave after a small errand."

Harry nodded and rushed to his room to gather his belongings. As quickly as he could he stuffed his books and clothes into his luggage trunk, opened up Hedwig's cage and told her to fly to the Burrow before placing the cage in the trunk too, thankful for the Extension Charm all trunks have. When he was done, he came downstairs with it and found that Dumbledore didn't move, but Dudley was nowhere to be found. Dumbledore smiled and said "There you are, now shall we be off Harry?"

"Yes, Professor." Harry said. They stepped out of Private Drive and Harry noticed that the rain was gone and that it has became night time. They walked down the road and off of Private Drive when Harry looked at Professor Dumbledore. "Where are we going sir? If you don't mind me asking."

"We are off to do an interview, Harry my boy." Professor Dumbledore said, "There is a position open in Hogwarts, and we are in need of a new teacher it seems." Dumbledore chuckled. Harry nodded, figuring that Dumbledore was talking about the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, a position that Harry guessed was curse since not one teacher had held it for more than one year. "This should be far enough." Dumbledore said. He turned to Harry and said "I take it you have not yet learned how to Apparate yet." Harry shook his head and Dumbledore said "Take my arm Harry, gently though, and don't let go."

Dumbledore raised an arm and Harry noticed that his hand looked…different, at least it was withered by something. He didn't question about it as he held onto Dumbledore's arm and the next thing Harry knew, he felt a pull in his navel as everything went black. He was pressed very hard from all directions, he couldn't breathe, it felt as if iron bars pressed against his chest as he felt he was being forced through a very tight rubber tube. Then, as soon as the sensation came, it left and the world came back to Harry, the pressure fleeing from his body as if it was never there.

"Let's see, here we are, come along Harry, we better get to him before he moves again." Dumbledore said.

Harry nodded, trying to will the feeling of nausea away as he followed his Headmaster. "Where are we sir?" Harry asked looking around, noticing that they were in a completely different town.

"Budleigh Babberton." Dumbledore said, "Horace is living here…for the time being. …Ah yes, this is the house, come along Harry." Dumbledore walked up a pathway to an ordinary looking house and knocked on the door. They waited for a couple of moments; Dumbledore knocked twice more, before he turned to Harry. "Wand out." He warned. Harry nodded and took out his wand. Dumbledore casted an unlocking charm on the door and it swung open. The two walked into the dark house, they went into the living room and Dumbledore casted "Lumos!" There was broken furniture everywhere, torn wallpaper scattered the floor and walls as the two wizards walked around. There was blood on the floor and walls, Harry felt a sense of dread as he looked at a pile of broken pictures, "Did Death Eaters get here first?" Harry asked.

"It looks that way Harry," Dumbledore said, turning towards a chair that seemed to miraculously survive the wreckage, "or it seems to be made to look like that."

Dumbledore approached the chair and stabbed it with his wand when he got close enough. The armchair yelled "Ouch!" much to Harry's surprise.

"Good evening, Horace." Dumbledore said. Harry's jaw dropped. Where a split second ago before there had been an armchair, now crouched an enormously fat, bald, old man who was massaging his lower belly and squinting up at Dumbledore with an aggrieved, and watery eye. "There was no need to stick the wand in that hard," he said gruffly, clambering to his feet. "It hurt."

He glared at Dumbledore and said "What gave it away?"

"If the Death Eaters really had come to call, the Dark Mark would have been set over the house."

The wizard clapped a pudgy hand to his vast forehead. "The Dark Mark," he murmured. "Knew I was missing something…ah well, wouldn't have time anyway."

"Would you like my assistance cleaning up?" Dumbledore asked politely.

"Please," said the other wizard. Both men made a swooping motion and instantly the furniture and walls repaired themselves. The small table and pictures next to Harry floating up and returning to their original places as cracks disappeared and walls wiped themselves clean. "What kind of blood was that, incidentally?" asked Dumbledore.

"On the walls? Dragon," the wizard called Horace said. "My last bottle, and prices are sky-high at the moment. Still, it might be reusable." He held up a small bottle to the light and said "Bit dusty." He replaced it and sighed. It was then that his gaze fell upon Harry. "Oho," he said, his eyes flying to Harry's forehead and the lightning-shaped scar. "Oho!"

"This," Dumbledore said moving forward to make the introduction, "is Harry Potter. Harry, this is an old friend and colleague of mine, Horace Slughorn."

Slughorn turned from Dumbledore and said "So, this is how you thought you'd persuade me, is it? Well, the answer is no, Albus." He pushed away from Harry as if he was resisting temptation.

"I suppose we can have a drink, at least?" Dumbledore asked. "For old time's sake?"

Slughorn hesitated. "Fine, one then, one drink." He said ungraciously.

Harry looked at the pictures next to him and felt drawn to a particular picture taken about fifty years ago. His eyes drawn to a boy he knew all too well, and emotions that he never felt arose as he stared at the handsome boy. Harry picked up the picture of the small group of students and stared at Voldemort's teenage self, feeling a sense of…admiring or liking to the boy. It was no secret to Harry that Voldemort was once attractive; his eyes could never leave Voldemort's body, even when he was twelve in the Chamber of Secrets. Staring at the picture made Harry remember a dream that he had, or was it a dream? It was a couple of years ago, during the Triwizard Tournament. It was while he and Ron were having a feud and he felt alone, he fell asleep one night only to wake up in a small room with the sixteen-year-old version of Voldemort. He simply smirked at Harry before grabbing his hair and pulled Harry into a kiss. It felt strange, dominating, lustful, powerful and all too real to be a dream. Harry woken up immediately, and much to his fourteen year old dismay, he woke up to a hard cock. It was the first time Harry had ever touched himself, trying his best to replace the image of Voldemort with someone else, Ron, Seamus, Neville, anyone! But instead, Tom Riddle stayed, his piercing dark eyes burrowing into Harry's soul.

Snapping out of his memory, Harry blushed when he felt his pants starting to tighten, especially when he remembered that during the dream Harry said two words. "Teach me."

Ever since that day, Harry was confused why he asked Voldemort to teach him, why he would ask the dream-boy to teach him. Teach him what? Dark Arts? Harry was instantly repulsed by the idea of the dream and his plea, asking the man he is supposed to hate, the man he is supposed to kill to… teach him. Though, time went on and his thoughts always returned to those two words. Teach me, teach me, teach me. Teach me what!? How!? Harry thought as he frowned at the picture, wishing that the handsome boy would answer, would come to life and step out of the picture saying "Silly Harry" or something like that.

"Harry?" Dumbledore's voice said, pulling Harry out of his thoughts. He turned and returned the picture to its original place. Slughorn and Dumbledore were looking at him expectedly. "Sir?" Harry asked.

"I said that you should sit down for a drink, m'boy." Dumbledore smiled. Harry nodded and sat down in the armchair next to Dumbledore's, thanking Slughorn for the cup of tea. The two old wizards talked, but Harry's mind was elsewhere, his eyes always shifting to the pictures, Voldemort's eyes and smile always staring at him, as if he can see into Harry's mind. That smile mocking his thoughts, Teach me repeating in his mind. He stared at the picture throughout Dumbledore's and Slughorn's entire conversation; it felt like he was outside the conversation and his body, simply watching as he went on autopilot. He watched Dumbledore leave for the bathroom after they had their tea and he automatically moved to the pictures again to stare at Volde—Tom. Slughorn followed him and Harry was vaguely aware of the conversation they had. Slughorn thought that he was looking at his mother, who was in another picture with another group of students, the Slug Club Harry thought he heard Slughorn say. Before he knew it, Dumbledore returned from the bathroom and as they were leaving Slughorn accepted the job, based on the new security measures Hogwarts have. Teach me the words came again, Tom Riddle's features still clear in Harry's mind as they left the new Professor Slughorn. Teach me, teach me teach me TEACH ME!

Harry gasped for air when he felt the pushing sensation of apparition go away. He was so caught up in his thoughts, Harry didn't even realize that the two arrived at the Burrow. He looked around and saw that it was barely sunrise. "Molly should be up in a few." Dumbledore chuckled, "I thought we should get you here before breakfast. A growing wizard needs a good breakfast Harry. But, before you and your friends reunite, a few words in private, if you would Harry?" Dumbledore asked. Harry nodded and followed Dumbledore into a nearby tiny shed.

"I hope you forgive me for mentioning it, Harry, but I am pleased and a little proud at how well you seem to be coping after everything that happened at the Ministry. Permit me to say that I think Sirius would have been proud of you."

Harry swallowed, he didn't want to think of Sirius right now. He couldn't stand the thought. He still wasn't over the death of who he considered his own family member, the only man who loved him. "It was cruel," Dumbledore said softly, "that you and Sirius had such a short time together. A brutal ending to what should have been a long and happy relationship." Harry nodded and looked at Dumbledore, he couldn't help but notice that his smile didn't reach his eyes.

"It's hard," Harry said finally, in a low voice. "I cannot even possible imagine how Remus is feeling."

"Ah yes, their relationship was strong but brief." Dumbledore said. Harry felt his eyes burn just thinking about it. "But that is the way with life Harry." Dumbledore continued. "We lose the ones we love, but eventually we have to keep moving on. We cannot stay with the dead Harry, I hope that you understand that."

Harry felt as though Dumbledore's words stabbed him in the gut. He wanted to glare at the man but couldn't. Instead he just nodded and Dumbledore patted his shoulder sympathetically. "It is hard, but I know you will do it Harry." He said as they walked out. There was a light coming from the Burrow and Dumbledore said "Let us not deprive Molly any longer of the chance to deplore how thin you are."

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