The trial of Severus Snape took place earlier today, the Death Eater being charged for former Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. The courtroom was filled with Dumbledore supports and journalists as they all gathered to hear Snape's sentence. Snape, who was former Potions Master at Hogwarts, was accused of murdering Albus Dumbledore and allowing Death Eaters to invade Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The accused was silent the entire trial, refusing to say a word as witness came up to describe what they had to say. The most surprising witnesses were Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, who both claimed to actually see Snape murder Dumbledore. Potter claimed that he and Dumbledore was on a task to help defeat You-Know-Who while Malfoy was waiting for them to return at the Tower. When they returned, Snape attacked with his Death Eaters while Dumbledore used his strength to keep the boys safe! After hearing the heroic attempt to save his students, and their clear devotion to the man, this report can say that there was not a dry tear in the room. Severus Snape was quickly found guilty of Dumbledore's murder and sent to Azkaban. For a full report of the trial, see page 3.


Harry Potter, the wizard who has defeated the Dark Lord marries the love of his life! Sorry ladies, but this boy is taken… by another boy! What was sure to be a scandalous wedding was closed to all but families and friends, and let me tell you dear readers I am surprised that I was not invited after considering my special relationship with the Chosen One. From my daring interview with him when he broke the rules and joined the Triwizard Tournament, all the way to the release of my bestselling book, The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore, I have always been one step behind Harry Potter! But that is not his name anymore, readers. No, in a surprising act of love our Hero and Chosen One had shed off the name of his father and took on his lover's name! And what name is that? None other than Malfoy. Yes, he is married to Draco Malfoy, the newest and youngest member of our Minister's staff. How can such a feat happen? How could these two once school house rivals become lovers and the couple of the century? Well dear readers, worry not for all will be revealed in my next book! Yes, a biographical masterpiece all about our young hero from birth to his scandalous and love-struck marriage at age nineteen. There will be tragedy, love-lost, and a thrilling climax showing the power of this new love that both Draco and Harry Malfoy showed us today! One must wonder though, what would they do for children?


The Minister of Magic has been found dead in his office last night. Rufus Scrimgeour, age 41, has been found slumped over his desk in his office at the Ministry of Magic. Scrimgeour, who had spent his four years as Minister capturing Death Eaters after the death of You-Know-Who, was thought to be of perfect health the day prior. Head Auror Harry Malfoy is leading the investigation. Auror Malfoy, also known as the Wizard who had defeated He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named when he and his then boyfriend Draco Malfoy were both sixteen, had refused to comment at the time, saying that "There are too many possibilities at this moment to look at. Right now, we are examining to see if it is possible someone might have snuck their way in using an Invisibility Cloak."

When asked if the Minister was killed using the Unforgivable Curse, Malfoy replied that it was not likely, as the body seems to be damaged internally. "For all we know, someone could have slipped him poison. But again, right now we are focusing on how someone could get in." We will keep you updated with more information as it comes.


Three weeks after the death of Minister Rufus Scrimgeour, Draco Malfoy, 21, was elected Minister of Magic in a historic vote. Malfoy, whose husband headed the investigation of the late Minister's death and worked closely with Minister Scrimgeour, was shocked and greatly appreciated for being elected Minister of Magic. In his Inaugural Speech, Malfoy stated that "Though we are still in grief over Rufus Scrimgeour's death, we must move forward and continue the work Scrimgeour has devoted his entire life on. Death Eaters are still among us, and I vow that we will give each and every one of them the justice they deserve. For Justice… and Peace are the only ways for us to move forward. We have been at War for almost three decades, and I say that it is time to stop fighting. We will stop the fighting, the source of the fighting is long gone, yet his followers remain. [Here the new Minister said You-Know-Who's name]'s followers are still out there. They are out there, and they have infiltrated our very community. Severus Snape is an example of how resourceful the Death Eaters are. That is why, I am appointing Harry Malfoy and Kingsley Shaklebolt as heads of the temporary Public Security Against Death Eaters. There, they have the authority and resources to make sure that the Wizarding World is finally rid of this dark stain."

Minister Malfoy then went into detail of how the new Public Security Against Death Eaters, shortened to Public Security ADE, will function and capture the Death Eaters who are still loose in our communities. Minister Malfoy had then listed some of his projects and goals as the Newly Appointed Minister of Magic and expressed his hopes that we will progress with him. For the full speech Minister Malfoy have given, see pages 4-7. For the reactions from our loyal readers, see page 9.


Dolores Umbridge, Former Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, has been sentenced to Azkaban for use of illegal forms of punishment when she was the High Inquisitor and brief Headmistress of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. Aurors Harry Malfoy and Ron Zabini led the investigation. Umbridge had been charged and found guilty of forcing students to use Blood Quills as punishment. Blood Quills, which scars the hand of the user, has been outlawed by the Ministry in 1940s after alleged use against German Wizards. Umbridge is now serving a life sentence at Azkaban. Taking over her position permanently is Hermione Granger, who had worked closely with both the Minister and Aurors in this investigation as well as other ordeals. Granger is the first Muggle-born to become Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic.


Two years ago I have told you of the wedding of the century, and today I am glad to report that the story continues! Yes my loving readers, Harry and Draco Malfoy have produced an heir! How can such a feat be possible you may ask? Well, allow me to explain to you how exactly the homosexual couple of the century have gotten their love child! First we must begin more than a hundred years ago where the Ministry was lax and the last male-birth have been reported. The birth was the cause of a spell that, according to the healers I have interviewed, caused a temporary uterus in the male! The male would carry like normal, and when the time comes a birth canal would form and the birth would be as painful and remarkable as the female counterpart. Afterwards, the uterus and birth canal would simply disappear, exiting the male's body until the spell is used again. With this fascinating new information, I just had to ask the Healer why such a spell went out!

Well readers, apparently when the Ministry of Magic started to separate which magic is which; the pregnancy spell was branded as Dark Magic! Shocking! But, how can such a spell once illegal become used today? Well, one Healer had admitted that this is all due to our new and progressive Minister, Draco Malfoy. Minister Malfoy had apparently found the spell when preparing for a new program that he has yet to unveil and showed it to his hero of a husband. The two were overwhelmed and after what must have been a night full of passionate love, Harry Malfoy had become pregnant with the newest joy of the world! Unfortunately they have denied to an interview, but worry not readers, you can catch all the details in the newest chapter of my biography on Harry Potter! Look for it in your books on Friday!


After cleaning our world of Death Eaters, Minister Malfoy had revealed yesterday of a new program that will surely shock the readers. Malfoy, 23, has announced that the Ministry will be reevaluating and re-examine all spells once considered as "Dark Arts." This comes after male pregnancies starting to become a common practice amongst gay couples, and new live-saving spells are starting to come to light. The evaluation will be headed by the Minister himself and Senior Undersecretary Hermione Granger, who had went on statement that while the Minister had been wanting to do this reevaluation for a long time, the end product was a combined effort between both the Minister and Senior Undersecretary. "Once he told me his idea, I thought he was mad at first, but then when he pointed to all the good these supposedly 'Dark Arts' did, such as giving both him and Harry their lovely boy, there was no way I could resist. We started working immediately making the initial proposal for the proper departments. We know that this will take a long time, but hopefully we will be able to start the reevaluation quickly and make all the spells that should be legal, just so."

The Minister had continued to the Senior Undersecretary's statement, saying, "Our goal is not to legalise all Dark Arts. That is insane, there are good reasons why some of these spells are illegal. Our goal is to instead reevaluate our principals as a Community and Ministry. Our lack of knowledge had led us to our war against [here he had once again said You-Know-Who's name], and I will make sure that such a war will never happen again. The first step in making that a reality is to look at ourselves and reevaluate our values. With Public Security ADE disbanded, we need to progress and make sure the lost everyone of us experience during the wars never happen again. This evaluation is that first step! There are spells, useful spells, that have been deemed illegal because of our hateful attitudes in the past. That cannot stand today. We are in the twenty-first century, and I believe that this century will be a century of progression. It all begins here."

The propose evaluation will look at every spell created that is deemed 'Dark Arts' and determine if it will stay illegal or not. The Minister had reported that the following Departments will be involved in the program: The Department of Magical Law Enforcement, The Department of International Magical Cooperation, The Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and the Department of Magical Education. The Minister's proposed program is said to be most favorable with the public, Minister Malfoy being one of the most favorable Ministers in recent years.


As a result of Minister Malfoy's reevaluation of Dark Arts started last year, several new changes are being made to Hogwarts' subject 'Defense Against the Dark Arts.' The most notable change is that students will learn the dangers of the Dark Arts, and will have an understanding of why the spells are illegal. The Minister and Headmistress McGonagall have worked together in this front, both working to create new regulations for the subject. Students will now learn directly about the Dark Arts, their dangers, and how to specifically protect against them. Both Headmistress McGonagall and Minister Malfoy had reassured us that no Dark Arts are being taught. There will be no incantation of the newly revised list of Dark Arts, which has been reduced to spells that aim to greatly harm as well as the Unforgivable Curses, but instead their effects will be described by the professor of DADA before giving specific strategies of fighting against them. The newly reduced list of Dark Arts, and new regulations of Defense Against the Dark Arts aims to further the Minister's project of giving the Wizarding World a better understanding of the Dark Arts. Both the Minister and Headmistress McGonagall hope that this new curriculum will put a stop to any future wars that would bring our world back to the chaos that we once knew. The new curriculum will include ways of how to protect oneself from the Imperious Curse, as well as how to peacefully resolve a situation with a werewolf and a giant.

Harry Malfoy stretched when he woke up. His ass was sore and still full from his and Draco's activities the night prior. He smiled as he took his wand and waved it, casting a spell to keep Draco's seed deep inside him. He looked down at his husband and smiled. With every passing day, his husband only becomes more and more handsome. There was a rapid knocking on the door, "Dad! Daddy! Hurry up!" a young boy's voice said.

"Come in Scorpius," Harry said as he stood up, thankful that he remembered to put boxers on before he fell asleep. The door bust open and an excitable boy ran in. He was short, about Harry's size when he was Scorpius' age but he looked like a tiny, miniature version of Draco, except for two things. Scorpius' eyes were the same shade of emerald green as Harry's and even though he had his father's platinum blonde hair, it was naturally messy like Harry's. Draco was still asleep as Scorpius ran up to them. "Come on! Come on! We're going to be late for the train!"

"Calm down Scorpius, come down," Harry chuckled. "The Hogwarts Express won't leave without you, don't worry."

Scorpius groaned and went to Draco's side of the bed. "Come on dad," he said, starting to pull on Draco's arm. "Come on! I don't want to be late!"

"Scorpius James Malfoy, stop that before you hurt yourself!" Harry said, scooping up his son. "Your father has been up late last night working. He needs his sleep—"

"No I don't," Draco groaned as he woke up. "Besides, how can I sleep when my two boys are right in front of me?"

"Dad! We have to go!" Scorpius said.

"Scorpius it's… seven thirty," Draco yawned casting a Tempus spell. "The train leaves at eleven. We know you're excited to start Hogwarts but let your dads wake up first."

"Fine… but please hurry? I don't want to get there after Hugo!" Scorpius said.

Draco and Harry laughed as Draco got out of bed and hugged his two boys. "Don't worry Scorpius, one thing about Ron and Blaise, they've inherited Ron's family's ability to barely get anywhere on time."

"Hey Scorpius, why don't you help me get breakfast ready while Dad gets dressed?" Harry asked.

"Alright Daddy," Scorpius said, walking out of their bedroom.

Harry and Draco looked at each other and both sighed. "Eleven years," Harry said.

"Where did the time go?" Draco asked. "It seems only yesterday I was making you pregnant with him."

"That's a… nice way to put it," Harry said. "But I get what you mean…" Harry gave Draco a small kiss, "Go get ready, I'll make us breakfast."

"Alright baby," Draco said, smirking as he spank Harry's ass.

Scorpius helped Harry get breakfast together, all the while gushing about Hogwarts. "What House do you think I'll be in Daddy? I hope it's Slytherin like Dad—or maybe I'll be in Gryffindor like you! As long as it isn't Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff I don't care!"

Harry chuckled. "You know that we will love you no matter what house you are in," he said. Scorpius looked like he was about to say something, but Harry continued. "But, if you are really worried, don't be. I was really scared when I was sorted as well. And… if there is a house you really, really want to be in, you could just ask the Sorting Hat. Don't worry, it'll listen."

"It will?"

"Yeah, it listened to me," Harry smirked. "Now come on, help me finish theses sausages."

Later that morning, Harry and Draco made sure that Scorpius had everything he needed for Hogwarts before they left. They each held on to Scorpius' arms and Apparated to a small alleyway near King's Cross. "We could have just use the Floo Network to get here," Draco said as they walked passed a group of muggles, both of them holding Scorpius' belongings in one hand and his hand in the other.

"Yeah, but he has to go through the barrier at least once," Harry chuckled. Draco just rolled his eyes. They helped Scorpius get a cart for his luggage and led him down towards platforms nine and ten. "Does this place have to be packed with so many muggles? Honestly," Draco complained. Harry just chuckled and said, "The Minister of Magic complaining about muggles? My, that's surprising."

"Oh shut it Harry," Draco smiled. When they reached platforms nine and ten Harry looked around to make sure the coast was clear. "Alright Scorpius, now for the fun part," he smiled as he stood behind Scorpius and grabbed the handles of the trolley. "See that wall?"


"We're going to run through it," Harry said. "Ready? One… two… three!" Harry and Scorpius started to run for the wall. Harry couldn't help but grin as Scorpius closed his eyes, smiling and bracing himself for the impact. But it never came—instead they ran through the wall and continued running until they appeared on the other side of the portal on platform nine and three quarters. "Open your eyes love, are you okay?" Harry asked as he bent down to check Scorpius. Behind them Draco was casually walking through the entryway, his arms crossed.

"Really, I don't know which one is the child," he said.

"Daddy that was awesome!" Scorpius said, grinning at him and hugging him. Draco chuckled and scooped Scorpius up. "Come on Scor-Scor, let's look for Ron and Blaise."

"Dad! I'm not five anymore, don't call me that," Scorpius whined, but hugged onto Draco.

Draco chuckled, "Scorpius, your Daddy and I aren't going to see you till December. Of course we're going to milk every minute with you." Harry nodded in agreement and said, "Just be happy your dad didn't pick out your clothes for you."

"He would never do that! … Right Dad?" Scorpius asked.

"Well, you learned how to match colors early on, until a certain husband I know," Draco chuckled as Harry rolled his eyes.

Scorpius shimmied his way to his feet and looked around. "Look! There—there's Hugo!" he pointed to a tall lanky boy, followed by two lanky, if slightly muscular men. "Hugo!" Scorpius yelled as he ran to his best friend. Hugo, who was a mix of both Ron and Blaise with an olive complexion and dirty red hair, ran towards Scorpius as well. They met in the middle and hugged, the top of Scorpius' head barely brushing Hugo's chin.

"Harry! Draco!" Ron Zabini smiled as he and his husband ran up to their friends. "How you been mates?"

"Tired, this one woke us up at the crack of dawn," Draco said smiling when Scorpius turned around. "I did not Dad, it was almost eight!"

"How was your summer Scorpius?" Hugo asked. The two started talking animatedly as the adults stepped towards each other and watched them. "Can you believe that our kids are going to Hogwarts?"

"No," Harry said. He looked around and asked, "Where are the twins?"

"Viola and Noah? They're with my mum," Ron said. "Can't expect three year olds to behave here right?"

Harry chuckled and nodded, his hand unconsciously moving towards his stomach. "How's Hermione and Fred doing?" he asked.

"They're fine," Blaise said. "You should see the woman though, looks like she was carrying triplets!"

"Knowing the Weasleys, they'll end up with seven kids," Draco joked. "But even with her triplets, she still shows up every day at work before me."

"Well, it's Hermione," Ron said. "Course my sis-in-law will."

The four laughed, Hugo and Scorpius looking at them confused, not understanding their adult humor. The Hogwarts Express whistle started to blow and Scorpius tugged on Harry's shirt. "Dad, the train!"

"Alright, let's get your luggage on, and then we'll say our goodbyes," Harry said. He turned to Draco and said, "Dray, can you take his trunk please?"

"Alright Harr," Draco said picking up Scorpius' heavy trunk with ease. "Now, you have the Two-Way mirror I gave you, right?" Harry asked as he and Scorpius carried everything else.

"Yes Daddy, I do," Scorpius said.

"Good. Now if you need anything from us, anything at all, just say my name into the mirror. I have the other pair, and I'll be able to talk with you. Even if you want to hear Daddy's voice," Harry said.

"Daddy! Please, I'm eleven, you're embarrassing me!" Scorpius said. Draco placed Scorpius' trunk into the back of the train and Harry and Scorpius placed his belongings onto it. "I can't help it, our baby boy is going to Hogwarts. The house is going to be so much quieter without you."

Scorpius frowned. "Sorry…" he began to say.

"No, don't be sorry, be excited. You're going to have a great time. Now let's go, Hugo's getting on," Draco said. The three made their way back to Blaise and Ron who were both hugging Hugo at the same time. "Be good, you hear? Don't do anything your uncles would do," Blaise said.

"And tell Neville and Seamus we say hi," Ron said.

"Da! I'm not going to talk to Professor Thomas-Finnigan and Professor Thomas-Longbottom like I know them!" Hugo said.

"Who knows, Nev might be your Head of House," Blaise continued grinning. The train whistled again. "Impatient thing, don't they know that Italians can't bear to leave their children?" he grumbled. He hugged Hugo one last time and said, "Make sure to watch out for Scorpius alright? Lord knows he takes after his fathers."

"I will Dad," Hugo said. "Scorpius! Let's go!" he said, getting onto the train and waiting for his friend.

Harry hugged Scorpius and whispered, "You're going to be fine Scorpius. Don't worry, have fun, study hard and try not to break too many rules, okay?"

"Okay Daddy… I love you," Scorpius said.

"I love you too."

"Me too," Draco said as the three hugged each other. "Now get on that train, go on!" Scorpius laughed and got on the train. The door closed behind him, but he and Hugo appeared at a window soon enough waving at them. The four adults watched as the scarlet train started to pull away from the station. They stood there and watched as the train gained speed and vanished at the horizon.