Asami Sato tried to make her way through the crowd, who were all beginning to head to the annual Glacier Spirits Festival. She had no plans of going to the festival tonight, as she was currently busy trying to find a way to save her father's company, the Future Industries. She heard a famous businessman known as Varrick was in town, and had planned to have her friend Bolin help her in making a deal with him.

Asami had to shift this way and that from the number of people walking in the opposite direction.

"Sorry, pardon me," she occasionally said.

For a second, she turned her head to the side, to glance back at the colorful festival Avatar Korra, Mako, and later on, Bolin, would be attending. But before she could look back to where she was going, she bumped right into someone! It was a pretty sudden bump, so it jolted the two to the cold ground.
After landing with a grunt, Asami quickly looked up to see two dark-skinned, long-haired figures, dressed in long, traditional Water Tribe coats. The one she had bumped into was on his knees, slowly getting up, while the other one looked down at the former with a slightly concerned stare.

"I'm so sorry!" Asami exclaimed worriedly with her hands in front of her face. "It's my fault! I didn't look where I was going!"

"It's fine," the young man replied, raising his palm to her, "Neither was I."

His face was cast down at the ground, not looking up at Asami, even as he got back up on his feet.

"Are you okay?" the girl accompanying the boy asked him, not looking at Asami.


"Yeah, I'm fine, too," Asami added, wiping off whatever dirt got on the bottom of her dark blue jacket after she stood back up. "Heading to the festival, huh?"

"Yes," the girl replied, now looking at Asami. She and the boy both had blank expressions on their faces. "Our father is making us go. Our cousin, the Avatar, will be there as well."

Asami's eyes snapped open a bit when she heard "Our cousin."

" mean Korra?"

"Why, of course," answered the boy, who also now had his eyes towards her. "We are related to the Avatar. My name is Desna."

"And I am Eska," said the girl.

"And I'm Asami," Asami introduced herself a little meekly, briefly shifting her eyes to the side. "I met Korra over a year ago, and have been good friends with her since. Um, listen, I'm going to be late, so, let her know I met you two, okay?"

With a smile on her face, Asami waved good-bye to Desna and Eska as she started to walk past them.

"And again, I'm sorry!" she added after she was a few feet away from them.

"It is fine," Desna assured.

As she turned her head back this time, there was now virtually no more people to get in her way. Relieved, she then thought back to what she had noticed about Desna and Eska: They were identical twins, no doubt. Brother and sister. While the brother appeared to be as feminine as his sister, the differences were that Desna simply wore his hair down, while Eska had hers in two ponytails at both sides of her face, and she had some visible purple eyeliner seen from the corners of her eyes. Not to mention, their voices - while both monotonous, Desna's was deep while Eska's was raspy.

For a minute, Asami felt like she was a little entranced with Desna - never had she met a boy who seemed so calm, patient, and spoke in such a casual tone. Laughing a little, she had to remind herself that there was more important business to take care of, and would think about Korra's cousins later. Besides, her last romantic relationship ended terribly! First, she had to meet with Bolin, who was probably now waiting for her by Varrick's ship.

After Asami was gone from sight, the twins then thought over to what they noticed about her: A young, pale-skinned woman with green eyes and stark, raven black hair. She had her lips painted red, her eyelids shadowed in light purple, and eyelashes slightly extended.

Desna, along with Eska, may have hated the South, and its people including Korra, but he did not think he should also have a distaste towards the woman who appeared to care so much.

"She seemed rather prissy," Eska suddenly remarked, turning towards Desna, "Don't you think?"

Desna pretended to silently agree.