When Lucy got home, her apartment was empty for once, but she had a plan and she was going to follow through with it. Her biggest issue would be if Natsu wouldn't show up tonight, or if he'd show up with Happy, meaning her plan could still fail miserably.

"Maybe I shouldn't..." She slapped herself before she finished that sentence "No, I'm gonna do this."

She decided to run a bath first, and hopefully when she walked out, her pink haired dragon slayer would be there. She brought the red night lingerie with her into the bathroom and neatly placed it on the counter for her to wear when she was out and dry. She had good feelings about this, after all, she'd gotten it to get a rise out of Natsu, not that it was up to her at the time.

The soapy water was almost overflowing when she entered the bath, the water caressing her naked body, making her let out a pleased sigh. The blonde certainly did love taking a bath, it was relaxing and it made her feel at peace, it surely helped get her mind off of things that were stressing her out or making her nervous.

"Hey Luce, you home?!" Lucy heard from behind the door, it was Natsu which didn't surprise her in the least, what did make her wonder though, was the fact that he had called out. It did annoy her a little that he had done it, since she had just been in there for a few minutes and she was just about to get comfortable.

"I'm in the bath!" She called back, her eyes widened in shock as she remembered that she hadn't locked the door. "I'll be out in a minute, ok!"

"Could you hurry up." He looked at the floor and mumbled. "I need to tell you something."

"Just wait!" She shouted irritably. She stood up quickly, splashing water all over the floor, her body dripping wet with bits of soap still clinging to her.

"It's really important ok." He called back through the door, he was obviously standing closer to it since his words were clearer than before.

"What is?" She asked through the door as she quickly dried herself with the towel.

"The thing I need to tell you." He replied.

Lucy sighed, she knew how impatient he could be sometimes so she decided against dressing herself and instead just wrapped the towel around her body, it wasn't like he'd never seen her like that. She couldn't help but hesitate when she reached the door, she had decided to confess her feelings after all.

Natsu waited for her to open the door. He had heard her walk over to it and knew that she hesitated opening it. He took a deep breath as the doorknob turned and the practically naked blonde came into view, making him blush slightly and have some indecent thoughts.

"So what is it?" She asked, not noticing the shade of Natsu's cheeks.

"I..I….uhm, so." He took another deep breath, somehow this was getting really hard for him due to the body that was in front of him. "So dragon slayers go through this...thing and it's kinda a mating thing and, I..you….yeah."

"I know." Lucy said simply, looking down to hide the blush that was creeping on to her cheeks.

"I know it sounds, wait, you know?" The pink haired mage asked curiously. "How?"

"You see, Levy and I found a book about Dragon Slayers." She began. "And it explained a few things, like why you've been bringing me spoons."

"I can't control myself, ok." And he was about to lose control of himself in other ways if she didn't put on any clothes.

"...You brought more spoons didn't you…" She deadpanned.

"Don't tell Gajeel." He said as he pulled a handful of shiny spoons out of his pockets.

Lucy wanted to be angry and yell at him, but all she could do was laugh at Natsu's nervousness. She found it cute how he awkwardly placed them down on the table by the sofa and ran his hand through his hair as if he was somewhat embarrassed.

Natsu couldn't take it anymore, her cute laugh was driving him crazy and when he looked back at her after he had placed the spoons down, he saw her smile. To him, her smile could light up the whole world, he had seen her smile many times before, yet somehow he had never noticed just how much he adored it.

"Screw it." He whispered to himself before he quickly made his way over to the girl of his dreams and kissed her, his hands cupping her cheeks to give him better access.

Lucy was taken by surprised when his lips touched hers but once the initial shock wore off, she didn't hesitate kissing him back. His lips felt warm, almost like the rest of his body, but this time, it was as if his warmth was making them melt together. Even if it was just a simple closed mouth kiss, but it was their first kiss and it made them feel something new and wonderful.

He reluctantly pulled away from her, taking in her flushed cheeks and half lidded eyes, her beautiful brown irises shining through her long eyelashes. How he had never noticed how long her eyelashes were was a mystery to him. He stared at her for a while, taking in every bit of her face that he had failed to notice before.

"Natsu?" She asked, wondering why he hadn't said anything, it was making her think that she was a horrible kisser. "Sorry."

"Sorry for what?" He asked, not moving his hands from her face.

"I don't know, why'd ya kiss me!?" She crossed her arms, effectively reminding herself that she was only wearing a towel, making her blush even harder.

"I don't know, because I wanted to?" His hands went down to her shoulders, he wanted to kiss her again, to feel her soft lips again and it was getting harder for him to resist now that he had gotten a taste.

"Well, why'd you want to?" It was a stupid question and she knew it, but she wanted him to do it again, she wanted more.

"Because I like you." He said, his cheeks almost matching his hair by now.

Lucy knew that she would have to be more direct, if she didn't, maybe she wouldn't get that which she wanted.

"Kiss me." She couldn't wait any longer, and neither could he, so he leaned back in, accidentally bumping their noses before he moved slightly, and kissed her once more, this time with more fervor. Neither of them were experienced kissers, so it was awkward and somewhat sloppy and they weren't exactly sure what to do with their hands, Natsu's were still resting on Lucy's shoulders, while hers were flat against his chest.

Due to his lack of personal experience, Natsu had to rely on what he had been told over the years about what to do and what not to. He slowly moved his arms down passed her own and grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to him, she in turn wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss even more.

They stayed like that for a while longer, Natsu's own body heat beginning to rise to the point that Lucy was really starting to feel it. She pulled away from him and they looked at each other with hooded eyes, neither one of them letting go of the other. It was at that moment that Lucy's towel got loose and fell down onto the floor, her eyes widened with embarrassment and her face reddened, making the tips of her ears look like two fresh cherries.

She was about to cover herself with her arms when something stopped them from moving.

Natsu had grabbed her wrists instinctively.

"Don't…." He whispered, looking at her still wide eyes.

"You undress too then." She managed to get out, her face still burning from the obvious blush, but she didn't want to be the only one that was naked.

"Help me." Natsu said quickly without thinking, a blush creeping up on him once he realised what he had just asked her too.

After Lucy had registered what he had said, she gingerly moved her hands down to his belt where his hands were still loosely around her wrists, she dropped it on the floor once she had unbuckled it. Moving away from that area, her fingers traveled up, gently stroking along the orange hem that hid the zipper. As her fingers went higher, Natsu let go of her wrists making it easier for her to move beneath his scarf to locate the tab and pulled down, revealing his tan chest to her.

She trailed over the defined lines, down his chest to his abdomen with her delicate digits, she stopped right above his waistband, not daring to go any further just yet. Instead she moved back up and began pulling off his jacket, which he helped slip off of himself, letting it drop onto the floor along with his belt.

Natsu felt as if he was burning up from the inside, each of her touches felt as if liquid fire was coming from her fingertips. It was a new sensation, a sensation he needed more of, and the slow pace was driving him crazy, but it was his season, he'd have to try keep his cool as long as he could. Albeit he was at his limit, he needed to feel her, to touch her, to kiss her more, and the need was becoming insatiable.

One of Lucy's hands caressed the cross shaped scar at his side while the other carefully pulled at the waistband on his pants. Natsu groaned, trying to keep himself in check, he moved his hands to grab her shoulders tightly, trying to anchor himself down.

"Natsu?" Lucy said with a faint hint of worry in her voice.

"Just say stop ok?" Was all he said before he went back to kissing her, his hands moving from her shoulders down to her naked buttocks and picked her up. The whole thing caught her by surprise but she didn't hesitate to wrap her legs around his waist for added support. Her hands were back around his neck as their kiss deepened as Natsu slipped off his sandals and moved them to her bed.

As he was about to go onto the bed, he tripped and landed on top of Lucy, thankfully on the bed, he pushed himself up onto his elbows, making sure Lucy was alright. All she could do was laugh, which in turn made him laugh with her.

"So much for sexy." She said in between laughs, she would wholeheartedly admit that she was referencing her favourite romance novels, but who would blame her, she was new to this.

"I've never really done this before ok..." He said while trying his best to avoid eye contact with his nude partner.

"Neither have I." Lucy admitted, she found it rather reassuring that he was going in just as blind as she was. "Now take of your pants, I'm still the only naked one here." She managed to say with the boost of confidence the laughing gave her.

"Aye sir." Natsu said, imitating his blue partner that thankfully agreed to stay over at Wendy's for the night.

"Please don't ruin the mood." Lucy began laughing once more, covering her face as the dragon slayer stood up and began taking off the remaining clothing he was wearing, placing his treasured scarf over the headboard before he went back on top of her.

Lucy couldn't help but stare at his fully erect member, she felt herself get warmer down in the most intimate region of her body. She knew that she wasn't being subtle in the slightest, but despite the embarrassment she felt from it, it wasn't like it could get any worse after everything that had happened the past few minutes.

Natsu picked up the sudden spike in her scent, he had noticed the change come slowly at first, but after he had taken off his pants and revealed himself it was as if it hit his nose like a storm. Suddenly he felt as if his body wanted to take control and make her his, body and soul.

"We could do this later." He said, scratching the back of his head, he didn't want to bail, but he was scared that he'd hurt Lucy, and that was something he never wanted to do.

"You're kidding right?" Lucy raised a brow, propping herself up on her elbows. "Look if you don't want to do it, we can maybe do it some other time." She smiled, of course quitting now would make her very frustrated, but she had ways to deal with that on her own.

"No, I really want to." He began "It's just, I don't want to hurt you."

"Natsu, I want this, I want you." She said with a reassuring smile. "So come here and show me what you've got."

"Are you sure?" he was so sure that she wouldn't want to risk it, but he should have expected her not to back out, she was a Fairy Tail mage after all.

"Just come here and kiss me, Natsu Dickneel." It took her a second to realise what had just come out of her mouth, but when it hit her, her face went back to being red as a tomato.

Natsu tried his best to hold back a laugh but it was proving to be very difficult for him to manage.

"Don't laugh!" She yelled, a few giggles escaping her as well. "Just get over here." She said, her hands still covering her face.

"Don't mind if I do, Lucy Hotfilia." Natsu joked, still trying his best not to laugh as he crawled back on top of her.

"You're so lame." Lucy said with a soft giggle before she leaned up and gave her partner a peck on the nose. She then pulled his head down to press his forehead against hers. "Just make love to me."

Natsu didn't hesitate kissing her once more, moving from her lips to her chin and ended on her earlobe where he began nibbling on the soft flesh and tugging at it ever so lightly. This reignited the mood from earlier, and Natsu couldn't help himself from wanting a better taste of his companion.

He trailed soft kisses down her neck and to her collarbone where he stopped for a short while to leave his mark. While he kept his attention on the neck and collarbone, his hand traveled to one of her breasts and began massaging it gently. His actions earned him a moan from the wonderful girl beneath him and he was eager to get more out of her to the best of his ability.

"Use your other hand~"She murmured. "Touch me." She grabbed the sheets that were underneath her naked body as a way to help anchor herself down to the moment and not let her mind wander to the fact that she just might lose her virginity.

"As you wish." He drawled and moved his free hand down to her vulva, trying to remember all those times Cana had described her own sexcapades for reference.

With his limited knowledge, he began rubbing the sensitive region carefully, afraid that he would do something wrong. The shivers that he felt go through Lucy's body and her mewls told him that he was doing something right and so he went back to nibbling at her skin. He moved down from her collarbone to the free mound, pecking and sucking at the skin as he moved closer to the pert nipple.

Natsu was starting to feel dizzy from her scent, he needed more of her, her taste, her moans, and he needed to know what it felt like to be inside of her. Her spicy scent felt as if it was burning him, making it harder for him to keep the slow pace which his mind was telling him to go at, while his instincts were roaring at him to just take her right away.

It was harder for him to move away from the breast and up to her panting mouth, though the moment he kissed her, he didn't care. He plunged a finger inside of her, capturing her moan with the fervent kiss. He was almost at his limit, it was getting harder for him to keep his mind clear, trying to make sure that he wouldn't accidentally hurt her in any way due to the lack of control the season could cause.

"Luce." He reluctantly pulled his head away. "If you want to stop then-"

"For the love of, Natsu just fuck me!" She couldn't take it any longer, the foreplay was already dragging on and she was getting very excited to have her first time with the man she loved.

Natsu didn't hesitate to kiss Lucy passionately, his movements were fervid, adding a second finger inside her slick entrance and kneading her tit harder. The wait was becoming unbearable for him as he felt his erection practically throb. The noises Lucy made weren't making it any easier on him and when he pulled back once more to look her over, her lust filled eyes felt as if they would make him melt right then and there.

Neither could take it much longer, their hearts were pounding hard against their chests, the blood felt like liquid fire in their veins and they felt as if they would combust any at any second. Everything felt hot to them, and not because of Natsu's abnormally high body temperature for once.

"Can I?" Natsu asked, referring to his dick, his fingers still maneuvering around within her walls.

Lucy nodded, biting her lip in anticipation, her knuckles white from her tight grip on the sheets.

He removed his fingers from her sensitive walls, causing her to whimper from the loss of the stimulation they were providing her with. Out of curiosity, Natsu licked her fluids off of his fingers, finding the taste quite intoxicating.

He positioned himself so that his taut member was positioned between her pink folds, it took him a second to find the right place again, he wasn't exactly an expert when it came to this.

"You ready?" He asked, Lucy nodded, her eyes closed tight and unable to stop the smile from forming on her face. He slowly inserted his cock inside of her wet entrance, pushing it further in until he couldn't keep going. Somewhat nervous to move, he looked at Lucy, waiting for her to open her eyes once more to look at him.

"It's ok, Natsu." She gave him a reassuring smile and moved her arms around his neck to pull his face closer to hers. She pressed their foreheads together, still looking into his onyx eyes. "Please, move."

He obliged his partner, pulling out and then back inside once more, causing Lucy to inhale sharply. The feeling was invigorating for the dragon slayer, and the longer he was within her walls, the less he could keep himself in check. His pace quickened and his grunts began sounding somewhat animalistic while Lucy's moans filled the room.

Her blunt nails dug into his scalp and his back, his pace causing the feeling of pure bliss to rise gradually. The pleasure was rippling through her body with each one of his thrusts.

The heat rose around them and within them, each one of their touches lighting a fire inside that would only burn brighter. The heat felt as if it was collecting within in her core and was at the verge of exploding, she knew she was coming close.

"Natsu~" She purred, trying to let him know how close she was. It wasn't long after that until time seemed to slow down for her, it was an overwhelming feeling of tingles through her entire body, causing her to shout out her pleasure.

As she clenched around him as her orgasm pulsed through her, he felt as if he was burning on the inside but he knew he was close. It felt different though from when he took care of himself, it was much better, he couldn't really compare the two.

"Luce~" He groaned before he became undone, his dick deep within her as his orgasm went through him and she was riding the edges of her own.

Once the deed was done, he collapsed beside her, tired and incredibly happy, so much so that he couldn't contain the grin that spread across his face. Lucy turned to look at him as well, his grin causing her to smile brightly as well, the air around them was hot and smelled of sex and….something burning.

She looked away from her dragon slayer only to finally notice the blazing embers that were devouring her curtains. "Natsu!" She yelled.

"Huh, what?" He was still someone out of it, but he managed to follow Lucy's gaze to the flames, his flames.

"How did this happen?!" She was panicking, trying to find something she could fill with water.

"...I'm sorry." He apologized, he should have realised that his magic would get loose somehow.

"Just help me put it out!" She yelled some more, thankfully he did end up helping her and once the fire was out, they were back in bed, Lucy facing away from him in irritation.

"You owe me new curtains." She huffed.

"At least your apartment's alright." He smiled while playing with her golden locks.

"Yeah…" She snorted, as angry as she wanted to be, she couldn't help but find the whole situation funny. So she took a deep breath to calm herself and rolled over, a soft smile on her face to let him know that she wasn't pissed off at him.

They ended up cuddling, holding each other close and enjoying the others presence. Lucy ran her fingers through his messy pink hair while he had buried his nose in the crook of her neck.

They fell asleep in each others arms that night.


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