The darkness of the night was only broken by the illumination of Red's cell phone. He glanced briefly at a sleeping Elizabeth before answering.


"You have been compromised."

The voice on the other end was from a very stern woman whose urgency made him sit up in attention. It was late, or early, whatever one it was Red was ready. He was always ready. There was some instruction from Mr. Kaplan to travel to a small town in Ohio where they would both be safe from the F.B.I. and the Cabal for a short time. Hanging up the phone he looked at the woman asleep on the other bed. She needed to trust him, sometimes it would be a matter of life and death.

Even in her sleep Lizzy looked distressed he noted. Her brow would crease as her breathing became labored. After awhile she would relax off into a deep sleep once again. Standing up Red quickly busied himself about the room, packing their bags and emptying the small refrigerator. The cell phone she had been using sat damaged on the table where he had left it. He scowled at it. She was in more danger now then ever and suddenly Tom comes back in the picture. It wasn't a coincidence. Red's instincts had never led him wrong before and he wasn't going to abandon them now. Lizzy needed him now and after it was all over if she still wanted Tom by her side then so be it.

He had waited long enough. Walking to her bed he sat on the edge and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Lizzy. It's time to move." She moved slightly, curling into the fetal position before giving a small smile. "Elizabeth."


"We need to move now our train leaves in thirty minutes."

She opened her eyes against her will and tried to wake up but she was so tired, not being able to have any real sleep in the past week. Through the grog of her subconscious she slipped her shoes on and left the apartment, gagging as soon as the stench reached her nose.

"I thought we were leaving in the morning."

"Someone has found out where we are." He said as he opened the door of a small black car, keys in the ignition. There was silence between them as he drove expertly through the quiet city to the train station. During the way Elizabeth was able to focus on what was happening, having the same questions as Red.

"Who found us?"

"I don't know. I don't know how close they are. All I know is that we need to get out of the city. This is bigger than the F.B.I., I think it is the Cabal."

He pulled the car in a parking spot a block away, leaving the keys as he found them still in the ignition. Elizabeth grabbed one of the bags and they walked the rest of the way to the station.

It was a muggy evening, Elizabeth's hair sticking up in all directions in the humidity. Her sinuses were acting up as she started sneezing.

"Hurry Elizabeth."

"I'm going as fast as I can without drawing attention to us. I'm sorry some have longer legs then others." A smirk formed on his lips at her struggle. Lucky for him, she was too far behind to see it. "Where are we going anyway?"


"Ohio? What could possibly be there?"

"A rather well known member of the Cabal. He is a government official in Columbus. He is having a black tie affair for some charity as a front to meet with other members. I will send word to one of my contacts that we will be attending."

"Aren't we supposed to be running from the Cabal? Why are we going to be somewhere that is going to have members there?"

Red shrugged, opening the door for her as she walked in the sparcely populated train station.

"What are they going to do in front of everyone? Pull out a gun and start shooting? That would just be a mess."

"I'm a wanted criminal, so are you."

Red made no motion that he heard her and turned to the middle aged woman behind the glass.

"Two to Alliance Ohio please, Grace. What a beautiful name. One of my favorite songs to sing, Amazing Grace."

The woman looked up at him through the glass and at the man standing in front of her. She was a pretty woman with light brown hair tied into a neat bun, red lipstick and piercing blue eyes.

"Why thank you. You know the night shift is always the worst. You get all kinds of creeps."

"That's understandable. I'm glad to be a breath of fresh air if you will. We, are a breath of fresh air." He said motioning to Elizabeth. Grace smiled at her then back at Red.

"It's so nice to see you two so close. Your daughter looks a bit upset, are you off visiting family?"

"Yes. My dear brother is having a bad bout of cancer and he helped raise her you see. Such a hard time. We got the call this morning."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and turned so the woman couldn't see her face, and so she could watch for anyone who may be following them.

"Anyway dear Grace, how much for the tickets?"

"Would you like the flexible, value, or premium package?"

"How long is the ride?" He asked before holding up a hand. "Nevermind, it's long enough I would assume. We will take the premium. How much?"

"Three hundred and twenty dollars for the pair."

Liz looked at Red who forked over three fifty to the woman telling her to keep it. She grinned from ear to ear and went on about what an amazing person he must be and sent the two on their way.

"The train leaves in ten minutes. Let's board and find our room."

Following Red onto the train, Liz entered the small room and sat down on the chair. "You would never know it was this great from the outside."

Sitting his bag down with a huff Red looked at the cramped quarters and pulled the shade down. "It's just a train ride. Probably about ten hours or so. You should probably rest."

"I would like to be informed of what we are doing first."

Eyebrows raised, Red sat facing his companion.

"Okay Elizabeth here it is. We are traveling to Ohio. When we arrive at our stop there will be a car waiting for us. We will drive to Columbus, get a room at the hotel the event will be held at next week and hopefully do a little relaxing in the mean time."

"That's it? We wait around for a week? We can't do nothing."

"We will have plenty to do. If I remember correctly they have a professional hockey team."