I wrote this for an amazing writer and friend, Missyplatina. I really hope you have an awesome day and like this!

This is part 1 of 2, and a epilogue! This is loosely based on a true story :)

Fairy Tail and it's characters belong to Hiro Mashima

"I don't know.." Lucy winced when her friends all whined.

"But Lu! It was your idea!" her pixie sized friend Levy ran over to the couch and sat next to her.

"Yes, you were the one to tell me as well," Erza calmly sipped her tea as the rest of the room flipped out.

"It's a good idea! But I wouldn't know what to say!"

"You're a writer, Lucy. It shouldn't be too hard," Mira pointed out.

"Well.. what if the guy turns out to be a perv who only want me to send him dirty pictures!"

"Then do it! Probably the only action he'll get over there!" Cana excitedly explained, spilling her beer.

Lucy sighed and slumped into the couch cushions. About a month ago, she found a flyer of the bulletin board at her local gym. It was called 'Operation Gratitude', it was a way to send support and appreciation to all the men and women fighting overseas. Via letters, gifts, food and what not.

At the time, Lucy was all for the idea of helping someone out. Until her friends were practically forcing her to do it.

"It's such a good cause, Lu! Please consider it," Levy pleaded.

"Why don't we all do it!" Lucy would feel better if they did it with her.

"Juvia will not cheat on her beloved Gray!" the quiet bluenette jumped up and glared at Lucy, holding her hand made Gray doll to her chest.

"I don't think Laxus would appreciate it either," Mira held a hand to her blushing cheek.

Oh right, they were all married.

"But.. if it's such a good cause then they wouldn't care, right?"

"Sorry sweetie, Bacchus would chew my ass out," Cana and Bacchus weren't married, but they had been together for an awfully long time.

"Jellal wouldn't say anything, but I doubt he'd be pleased."

"Gajeel would be an annoying brat about it."

Well there went that plan.

"It would be good for Lucy too!" Juvia sat on the coffee table in front of Lucy, holding her hands, "You need something new in your life."

"What are you talking about? My life is great! I'm finally on good terms with my dad, I have an amazing job, my novel is almost done.. I have you guys!" Lucy smile was strained as she thought of more, "... Plue is finally potty trained.."

"I see a problem," Cana pointed at Lucy accusingly, "don't you?"

She narrowed her eyes, "..no?"

"No love," Juvia explained as Cana yelled, "Ya need a good lay!"

Erza glared at Cana, "They are both correct. You've been single for far too long."

"I do not need a boyfriend," Lucy said slowly, like she was talking to 5-year-olds, "And even if I did, how would writing to a man overseas help?"

"It wouldn't," Mira giggled, "but maybe it'll push you in the right direction."

Sighing again, Lucy couldn't help but think how useless this conversation was.


They all turned to Levy, who had been sneakily playing on Lucy's laptop.

Juvia looked at the screen, "It matches you with someone right away?"

"What did you do?" Lucy asked.

"Yep! You can even put in certain stats too!"

"What's going on?"

"Ooh. He's from around here!" Cana cheered as she too peered at the screen.


"My, my. He seems impressive," Erza added.


"Aww, no picture," Mira pouted.

"Levy!" Lucy finally got a glimpse of her own laptop,"You signed me up for that thing?"

Levy sheepishly handed her the computer, "You never would have done it, so I did it for you!"

Levy had put in all of Lucy's information and some 'must haves' for the guy she wanted to talk to. She already had a confirmation email thanking her and had all the information needed.

"Levyy!" she groaned.

"Please do it, Lucy!" Mira clasped her hands together, pleading.

"It really is a good cause. Especially with the holidays coming up," Juvia's puppy-dog eyes weren't helping.

Cana and Erza stared her down.

"Fine! I'll do it!" before her friends could celebrate, she added, "Just one time!"

"What if he replies?" Levy asked.

"I seriously doubt that."

Two hours later, Lucy was drying off after a good long soak in the tub. Pulling on her cotton shorts and t-shirt, both covered in cats, she got comfy on the couch with the laptop.

Going back to the website, Lucy checked out the man that was matched up for her to write to.

Name: Natsu Dragneel

Age: 25

Date of Birth: 6-18

Hometown: Magnolia

Rank: Major

It spoke of his time in the service. His accomplishments, and there were many, impressive just like Erza said.

"Ruff," Plue jumped on the couch and pawed at her feet.

"I guess one letter really wouldn't hurt, would it?" she picked up the puppy and walked over to her writing desk.

The email told her they want you to hand write the letters if at all possible. It makes it more personal when the soldiers get them.

She pulled out her old stationary kit, she hadn't used it in years. It was pink paper with two cats in the bottom right corner, one blue and one white, their tails curled to make a heart, "OK, Let's see.."

Dear Natsu,

My name is Lucy Heartfilia, it's nice to meet you. I guess? I'm sorry, I've never done this before.

I guess I'll tell you about myself. I'm 24-years-old. I'm an editor at Sorcerer Weekly, a pretty popular local magazine. I'm currently working on publishing a novel. It's about this magical guild with all kinds of magic and adventure. A bit of romance too.

I have a dog, his name is Plue. A pure white Shih Tzu, he's only 6-months-old. He's afraid of everything. He'll pee on you when you try to pick him up and he doesn't know you.

Hmm. I guess that's all there is about me.

How about you? Staying safe I hope. I don't know anything about military life so I can't really ask any good questions. But if you'd like, please feel free to write back to me.


P.S. Thank you for serving our country.

Sealing the letter, Lucy cringed. This had to be pathetic, especially from her.

She put the letter under her keys so she would remember to send it off in the morning.

Scooping up Plue, she headed off to bed.

Lucy had forgotten all about the letter three weeks later. When she picked up her mail from the floor, she found a dusty letter with multiple post marks.

It made Lucy sneeze, it smelt like the desert.

"Who?" she flipped over to find her name in chicken scratch.

"He actually replied?" she threw her rest of the mail on the kitchen table, made herself a cup of tea, got cozy in her leather recliner, and opened the letter.

Yo Lucy!

Nice to meet ya! I've been out here in Alvarez for almost 6 years and the only letter I ever get is from my older brother. So i'm pretty new to this too.

The last time I was home was about 4 months ago. Gettin cold yet? I love the heat, but I wouldn't mind winter right now.

A writer? That's cool. I always did terrible in school. So that would suck for me. And that book sounds really cool. You should add dragons! Everything is better with dragons. Romance. Eh. You must be a girl. Pink paper and girly handwriting. So yeah, yer a girl.

Plue? Weird name. Poor fella. I feel bad for him. I got a cat myself! I found him at the airport in a box after my 3rd deployment. Little guy was colored blue cause of some dumb ass scientist. I took him home with me, named him Happy! While I'm out here he stays with my brother.

Yer pretty interesting. Weird. But I like weird. I'm OK. I guess. Tired. I come home in May and hopefully it'll be a while this time. Yer address is from Magnolia right? We're from the same place, then. Have you ever been to the She-Devil's? Best place in town to go eat! Don't worry about army talk. I live it. Don't wanna talk about it.

Guess that's it. Sorry I wrote a lot. Ya ain't gotta write back. Felt nice to get something for a change. My brother writes once a month to make sure I'm alive. He never liked the idea of me joining. But, thanks.

-Natsu. The Salamander.

P.S. Gotta keep people like you safe.

P.S.S. my bunk mates made me re-write this with proper grammar..

Once she was done she had to close her eye to keep the tears away. Why did this want to make her cry? She didn't even know him!

Glancing through the letter, she smiled a bit. He didn't know she was a girl at first? How insulting. He couldn't tell by her name? And she couldn't help but giggle, he named that poor cat Happy.

"He must be incredibly lonely, if his own brother doesn't contact him but once every month.."

Gaining resolve, Lucy skipped over to her desk.

Dear Natsu,

Yes I am a girl. Your observation skills are top notch. And I'm sure Happy misses you. I be he and Plue would be good friends!

Dragons, huh? I may try to squeeze them in. What kinds? An Ice dragon may work with my story. One of the princesses loves water, so I can see a plot forming there.

4 months? Wow. How many times have you been there? My father once took a trip to the royal city in Alvarez, he said it was hot and sandy. And yeah, the weather is starting to get cooler. Warmed up this week, but supposed to cool back down in the next few days. Does it ever get cold there?

Yes, I'm from Magnolia. The She-Devils' is actually owned by one of my friends. I love the spicy chicken. I was originally from Crocus, though. I moved here for college and I got my job so I stayed.

Is your brother your only family? Just seems pretty lonely if he's the only one to write to you. Don't answer that if it's too personal.

I'll be happy to write to you if you like. According to my friends, I needed something new and exciting in my life. So they were happy when I told them about writing to you.

So, tell me about yourself? Or is there anything you want to talk about? And tell your friends I appreciate them making you write correctly, as a writer I think I would have been a tad insulted.

Oh! And what's 'salamander'?

"Ruff, ruff!" Plue had picked up his leash and dropped it at her feet.

"Wanna go on a walk?" she picked up the leash and swung it in front of him, bringing him to the kitchen. On the way to the park, Lucy placed the letter in her mailbox. She was happy she could make someone else happy.

Another three weeks passed before Lucy received another letter. This time she was excited to read it. Was that weird? Well, he called her weird so it must be

Yosh! Hey, Lucy!

You actually wrote back! And don't mock me! I'm very observant! They probably would be pretty good friends. My brother is a doctor so Happy's alone a lot. He's real playful though! My friends laughed when I told them what you said.. My original letter was better, just saying.

NO! It has to be a FIRE dragon! And name him Igneel! That was my dad's name, he had this huge dragon tattoo on his back. He loved dragons, he always told me dragon stories as a kid. He was a cop, but he died when I was 14 from Lung Cancer.

This is my 6th deployment. Came out in July. I was home for a couple months. Burt I love being out here. My brother calls me an adrenaline junkie and that's why I joined. But he really did try to make me change my mind. Truth is, I didn't have any other options. I didn't know what I wanted to be and my grades weren't college material. But I don't regret it. If you saw my abs, you wouldn't either. ;)

Your friends sound annoying. But you know the owner?! Lucky! SPICY CHICKEN IS MY FAVORITE THING ON THE MENU! UGHH. I WANT SOME SO BAD RIGHT NOW!

But yeah, Zeref is all I have. My mom died when I was a baby. It's kinda lonely, but I got my buds out here. We get by. They all got wives and kids though. In my whole bunker, I'm the only single guy. I was home schooled in elementary school, and I went to this private school for high school. I was the loner, so I don't talk to anyone from there anymore. Not that I would want to anyway.

About me? Ehh. Nahh. I ain't nothing special. Tell me more about you. Whataya look like? And I ain't a perv. Just wanna a metal image, ya know?

Salamander is my code name. It was a nickname at first, but when I climbed rank it just stuck.

Thanks for writing back, Lucy.

-Natsu. The pyromaniac.

Lucy put her head in her hands as she laughed. This man was something else. And she had never even met him.

He sure knew how to make people feel for him, but she had a feeling it wasn't on purpose. She kinda wanted to ask where his brother lives so she could go play with Happy.

Standing up so she could stretch, Lucy decided to take a bath. She would write her next letter when she got out.

Several Weeks passed, Natsu and Lucy kept writing back and forth. She described what she looked like, he said she probably looked weird. He laughed at her she got mad, he wouldn't tell her what he looked like. She told him about her mother, and the estranged relationship she had with her father until recently. He told her what is was like with his father, and having a successful older brother. He begged her to send him something that proved cold weather still existed. She sent him a picture of the first snow.

Around Christmas, Lucy was out shopping with Levy for Gajeel. The brute was so hard to shop for. And while Levy was looking at different pairs of jeans since he kept getting grease all over his good ones, Lucy found something that Natsu would love. A black t-shirt with a large red dragon on it. It was breathing fire, the flames covered the edge of the front

"What are you looking at, Lu?" Levy said, scaring her.

"Uh! Oh, um.. this dragon shirt, I think Natsu would love it."

"Natsu? Who's Nat- OH! You're still talking to him?!"

"Yeah," Lucy forgot she never actually told any of them the results of her one letter.

"That's so sweet! Buy it! Send it to him!"

"That's crazy, Levy!" although the thought did cross her mind. She looked through the sizes and found a medium.

"Do it, Lu! I bet he would love a Christmas girl from you!" Levy squealed, almost dropping the clothes in her hand.

Lucy ended up getting the shirt, and a box of chipotle chocolate because he told her that he loved anything that was spicy. She had gotten an email to encourage giving their solider a gift. It explained how to wrap them and what was/wasn't allowed.

In her box, Lucy put the letter and chocolates on the bottom and the the shirt, and even though she didn't want to, she followed Levy's advice and sprayed the shirt heavily with her perfume.

With a nervous squeal, Lucy took the box to the post office, getting embarrassed when the lady winked at her.

"Got a special someone over there?"

"Oh, uh," thinking of Natsu made her smile, a tiny blush blossomed on her face, "I guess you could say that."

Christmas went as normal, she spent the night before with her father. Dinner and exchanging gifts, she even told him about Natsu. She expected him to wary, but he was actually glad she was doing something like this. He asked all kinds of questions, and even told her he was hosting a charity event and would make sure to include the one she used.

Christmas day was spent with he friends; exchanging gifts, a huge dinner, Cana spiking the egg nog, Gajeel's crude singing, all the boys playing football in the snow, baking cookies with the girls, and finally ending the night with some holiday classic movies. And surprise! Juvia is pregnant! Gray all but fainted when he opened the box that held a positive pregnancy test.

Lucy had never felt more blessed.

Until two days later.

She had just heard mail drop from her mail slot on the door, when there was a knock.

She was shocked to see a delivery man holing a large bouquet of flowers.

"Miss Heartfilia?" he asked, handing her a paper to sign.

"Yes," she absentmindedly sighed her name, too starstruck by the flowers.

"Have a good New Year, ma'ma."

She shut the door and stared at them. Christmas lilies and roses all mixed together. They were so beautiful. The lilies were white with red sprinkled all over the petals, the roses were deep red, and there was snow lightly covering them, absolutely beautiful. Looking down at her feet, she saw a dusty letter with a few post marks.

She hurriedly put the flowers in a vase and on her coffee table, plopping down on the couch,she tore open his letter.

Before she could read it, a picture fell to her lap.

It was him. He was sitting on a bed that was obviously in his bunker. Army green pants covered his crossed legs. The black dragon shirt snug on his defined chest, his biceps bulged out of the sleeves. But what caught her attention was his face.

A bright smile lit up his tan features, he was tan all over actually. One eyes was closed but the other was dark green and sparkling.

"...pink hair?"

He sure pulled it off well. He had an undercut and it was pulled back into a ponytail. She couldn't write men that looked so incredibly good.

His smile was the best part. He was giving her a thumbs up and his other hand holding the chocolates in his lap. His arms looked so strong, and they had a few visible scars.

He was cute. Too cute. Extremely cute to be talking to her. Shaking her head, Lucy finally read his letter.

Hey Lucy,

I got you gift, thanks! I love it! Sting made me send you that picture.. now you know what I look like. Go ahead and make fun of my SALMON colored hair. And the shirt is awesome! I love 'em snug like that.

Hope the dinner with your dad was good. I remember the last dinner with Igneel. You should be thankful that he's there. And I've said it once, I'll say it again your friends are weird! Seriously, who wants to play football in the snow?

Ha. I actually wouldn't mind right now. It's really hot right now, a record high. My nose burns almost all the time now.


I bet the last thing you wanna do on Christmas is read my shitty handwriting so i'll keep this short.

I really, really hope you like the flowers. Have a good Christmas, and a happy new year, Lucy.

With Love From Afar,

Happy Birthday again Missy!

Part 2 will be out in a few days! This was so much fun to write and I really hope you all enjoyed it!

I honestly cried myself when I went back and read it. And did you know this was a real thing? I'm not sure if you can set up criteria or anything, but my aunt and uncle DID meet while he was overseas by letter! So romantic!