My heart beats faster with every step we take together. Keeping our eyes open for what we know will probably come. Every one of my senses is on high alert, hoping to catch them before they catch us. She hurries ahead of me a few steps, taking the lead towards our ultimate destination. Suddenly, something jumps out at us from behind a corner. Without a word, she grabs the vamp, punches him in the face and throws him against the nearest wall.

The vamp is stunned by the impact of hitting the wall and that leaves me with the opportunity to raise my stake and slam it home into his chest. He quickly explodes into a pile of dust. We don't have time to stop and celebrate though because we know it's not the end of this mission by a long shot. Doing as much as possible to keep the same pace as before, the two of us race down the dark and dank alleyway to the factory we're heading to.

"We'll never take them all."

Why does she have to be so negative all the time? It's really killing the good time I'm having.

Another figure jumps out of the shadows at us and I throw it against the opposite wall of the alley. Kicking him as hard as I can in the stomach, I knock the wind out of him long enough to keep him where he is. Much like I did a second ago, she thrusts her stake into his heart. He explodes into a pile of dust like the other one and we continue on our way to the factory.

"They keep coming one at a time like this we got a shot."

Buffy grabs the next blood-sucker to come at us out of the shadows and throws him against a nearby dumpster. The second I see him I don't think and just attack, straightening him out long enough against the dumpster to do my job.

"Faith, no!"

Her words don't stop me as I'm already plunging my stake deep into his heart. It's only a second later that I realize he's not turning to dust and I pull my stake out of him. Buffy immediately rushes to his side to help him. Looking down at my hand I see blood on it, my heartbeat going into overdrive when I panic.

I sit up in bed with a start. Sweat drips down my face and I can't catch my breath with my heart racing the way it is.

Oh god... I hate those dreams.

Running a shaky hand through my hair, I try to calm down.

Why do I keep having them? I haven't had them since I left LA to fight in Sunnydale. Even after we left the smoking hole in the ground that used to be a town, I haven't had them. Now suddenly I'm having them every night, and they won't stop. They scare the crap out of me every time. That didn't happen before. When I had them in jail, I learned to be okay with them because I was doing my time and paying for what I did. That's not happening anymore.


She sits up next to me in bed and our eyes meet.

"Are you okay?"

My voice shakes slightly as I respond.

"Yeah, I'm fine B."

My girl looks me over with concern.

"No you're not, you're shaking."

Buffy puts her arms around me and pulls her to me. The warmth of her skin is comforting. Our eyes stay locked on each other's for a few moments on our bed.

"What's wrong baby?"

All I can do is look at her as she reaches up and caresses my face gently.

"Did you have the dream again?"

Dropping my gaze from hers, I let my breathing slow down gradually.

"It's all right B."

"It's not all right Faith. I can't stand to see what this is doing to you. We need to get some kind of help."

That has me bringing my gaze back up to hers.

"I can handle this. I don't need help."

She leans forward slightly and combs my hair back behinds my right here.

"Faith, you've been having these dreams for a while now. It's gotten so bad that it's happening every night. At the very least you need to talk to someone about the fact that it's been happening. Maybe if we talk to Giles..."

"No, I can't talk to Giles about this."

"He might be able to help."

She won't let this go. It's one of the most frustrating things about her that I love so much.

"I don't need his help B."

Reaching up with my own hand, I cup her cheek lovingly and pull our lips together into a kiss. The kiss is soft and passionate. We break apart after a while.

"I can get through this. All I need is you and I can get through anything."

She smiles at me lovingly.

"That's very sweet of you to say baby, even if it is a load of crap."

I pull away from her as I groan in frustration.

"It's not a load of crap B, I really can handle this."

She stays silent for a few moments as she stares at me.

"What about Angel? You're always talking about how he understands what you're going through. Maybe you just need to talk to someone who knows what you're feeling."

After taking a couple deep breaths, I look into Buffy's eyes and know that I can't turn her down.

"All right, if it will make you feel better, we can talk to Giles in the morning."

Her smile widens at my concession.

"Thank you Faith... you won't regret this."

She pulls me to her harder, kissing me on the cheek. Leaning my head forward, I kiss her on the lips ever so slightly.

"I better not."