Buffy Darko

Buffy Summers lies in her bed in the middle of the night. She is sleeping peacefully. The whole house is doing the same. Then, off in the distance, a faint whisper rings out through Buffy's window.


Buffy stirs slightly but stays asleep. The voice calls out to her again.


She opens her eyes, still half sleeping, and looks around, not sure she heard anything. Buffy is about to put her head back down on the pillow but the voice whispers to her again.


She sits up in her bed slowly and looks around the room. Her room is empty. There isn't a thing in the room that could be calling out to her.

"Buffy... it's coming..."

The young slayer looks to her window and slowly gets up out of her bed.

"It's coming Buffy..."

She moves closer to the window as the voice continues to call out. Buffy reaches the window and stares absently out of it.


After a long while of silence, Buffy starts walking towards her bedroom door. Leaving her room, she makes her way to the stairs and goes down to the first floor of her house. Still in her pajamas, Buffy goes right up to the front door and leaves.

"It's coming..."

Clumsily, Buffy stumbles through the grass still in a half asleep daze. That strange whispering voice is still calling out to her.

"It's coming Buffy..."

Buffy stops in the middle of the field as something comes out of the darkness suddenly.

"You have to be ready, because it's coming..."

Almost as if it's the most natural thing in the world, the young slayer lifts her arm and there are numbers written in some kind of marker on her skin. The numbers read 32991321. She looks at the figure about 20 feet away from her and it's a giant black bunny. It speaks in the same voice that's been calling out to her all this time.

"It's coming Buffy, be ready..."

Then her eyes roll back in her head and she passes out.