Chapter 1 - Discovery of a science


August 2nd, 1992.

One of the most tragic cases of mass murder occured on the most unlikely of places. On board a cruise travelling south through the Pacific ocean, from San Diego, California, to land in Puerto Vallarta, and then travelling back to Vancouver, then landing back in San Diego, California. It was meant to be a relaxing vacation for both child and adult alike, with accompaniment from characters made famous by Disney's film studios.

494 passengers boarded the MV Nautilus on July 31st, 1992, and starting on the morning of August 2nd, 1992 until August 13th, 386 people were killed by members of the Cartel, in an act of Piracy.

When the cartel's demands were met, 108 people were freed and picked up by the U.S. Coast Guard. The vessel was raided, and the cartel made off with whatever valuables onboard, before sinking the vessel to her final resting place, at the bottom of the pacific, roughly 50 miles south of Cabo San Lucas.

When the coast guard and the police returned to dive to the vessel to confirm the dead, they recovered 198 corpses, whereas the other corpses were believed to be lost at sea during the 10-day tenure, or carried away by the scavengers and sharks.

in the years passed, a number of the survivors have commited suicide in the wake of the tragedy, from the images of macabre they had seen, the terror they had endured, and the feeling of guilt from surviving.

27 years have passed since the nightmare ended.

University of San Diego, California.

July 31st, 2019

Scientists have finally uncovered the secret to time travel. a Team of 4 scientists, One from Japan, one from Germany, one from Canada, and finally, one from the home of San Diego, had spent 5 years studying the theories and the science behind time travel, and have proven it to be true...


"Finally..." Professor Jack Cannon began his speech. "..We have perfected the art of...time travel!"

A roaring applause erupted from the auditorium at the San Diego university.

"I'm sure you're just as excited to begin practicing the use of this new technology as I am. The wonders we can discover, the disasters we can avert, We can prove or disprove religions as their books were written!"

"Amen!" Yelled a voice in the crowd.

"But before I go and meet with the government, to decide what our first mission should be, I want to call forth the 4 brilliant minds that spearheaded this project, as well as those who should be credited with special thanks."

Jack cannon instructed the 4 students who built the machine to come up to the stage, and groups of people followed them. Some of the supports were investors, assistants, and some were even test subjects who were possibly risking life and limb.

"Ladies and gentlemen, First, from right here in San Diego, Dr. Micah Ellefson!"

The young man in question stood up and raised his hand to show appreciation for the applause. He remained standing for the next person to come up.

"Second, From Langley, British Columbia, Mr. Donald Francis!"

The next subject stood up and took a bow.

"Third, Dr. Saaya Tetsuya, from Tokyo, Japan!"

A japanese girl stood up and also took a bow to the crowd, and had a big smile on her face that shone through her glasses.

Finally, From Dusseldorf, Germany, Mr. Ernie Strachwitz!"

The Last subject jumped to his feet and danced up to the front of the stage, much to the laughter of everyone. Ernie was a joker, but a very smart one.

"Now if you'll excuse me, the government of this country has called for me to come and represent the students at the white house, in the meantime, these students will answer your questions." Jack cannon left the podium to go to the chopper.


A wheelchair was being pushed from a nursing home in Washington, DC towards a 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe, awaiting the aged, but still strong, Col. Steve Trevor. Odd enough, Steve didn't look even close to 96, but there were parts of him that did. Pushing him, was his best friend and amazonian brave, Diana Prince.

"Thanks again, Diana." Steve couldn't thank his friend enough.

"If only you didn't have to age so much." Replied Diana

"If only." Steve Trevor murmured "I'm just thankful that i'm still useful around here. The G20 people want to talk to me about this new time travel device that was built in San diego."

"If you talk too much now, you'll have no energy for it later." Diana began latching steve's wheelchair into the lift ramp.

"Point taken." Steve smiled.

The 2 had met years before, and both were still alive and in good health. Col. Steve Trevor was a retired bird colonel from WW2, who at 96, could still do what most his age could not. His best friend, Diana prince, was somewhere in the centurion group, but didn't look a day over 30. That's because she was an amazonian, one of many from the land of Themyscira, where aging was something no one seemed to do.

"Did you have a good sleep last night?" Diana asked as they were driven to the white house.

"I didn't get to bed until midnight. I was playing monopoly with the old farts."

Diana smiled at that comment. Steve didn't like being old much.

"Who won?" asked Diana

"Abe. That old guy from Saskatewan. Been a bachelor for 25 years. Talks a lot. That's probably why his wife wanted to die before he did." Steve joked.

Diana couldn't help but crack a smile at that, despite how wrong it might have been.

The tahoe went through a slew of traffic and 10 minutes later, arrived at it's destination. The Security got the clearance from the driver, who was allowed to cruise in. The tahoe stopped at the ramp, and the ramp allowed let Steve out on his wheelchair.

"Go ahead, Diana, i'll catch up to you." Said Steve.

"Oh, I bet you will." Diana walked into the white house with the security suits at her sides.


"There are a few situations that we could possibly intervene with as time goes by." Jack Cannon spoke with the president at the delegate table as Diana and the security walked in. " There's the columbine shootings in 1999, there's the assassination of JFK, the Hindenburg, the sinking of the titanic!"

"But wouldn't diverting history alter the future to the point where it could be tragic?" Diana asked as she sat down at the table.

"I was just about to ask that..." The president of the United states spoke up, before extending his hand to Diana "President Trump, ma'am."

"Diana Prince, CIA." Diana shook the hand of president Donald Trump.

It wasn't 20 seconds later, that Steve Trevor wheeled up beside Diana.

"Told you I wouldn't take long." Steve smiled.

Diana smiled back, and the conversation at the table continued.

"...And there's 9/11. We could disprove those inside job theories." Said President Trump.

Then 3 other subjects came to sit at the table, including the canadian investor, a 40 year old millionare, Teena Wahlberg, along with the austrailian Prime minister, and his personal security, Col. Kris Tinmarie.

"There's one situation that stands out. the 1992 piracy of the MV Nautilus off the coast of Mexico." Professor Cannon added.

Wahlberg almost gasped her breath out, and no one paid any mind.

"Cartel pirates overtook a cruise travelling south to Puerto Vallarta, through Disney cruises. They killed a lot of innocent people and sunk the vessel into the sea. as we sit and speak, the vessel remains there, about 50 miles offshore of cabo san lucas and the mexican baja."

"I was stationed at the American airbase in Cabo San Lucas. They put me there in case Saddam decided to invade the states via the south. I almost got called out to that cruise." Col. Tinmarie spoke in her thick australian accent "But the military was not mobilized."

"They said Bush was a moron. They were right. Guy was so busy with his re-election campaign he didn't put much effort into it." Steve whispered in Diana's ear.

"The situation doesn't seem like it would affect the course of history in a bad way. It's a civilian issue, no famous names were aboard that vessel."

"Another thing...this time travel machine is, shall we say, largely uncustomizable. We cannot go back to a specific date unless we are on that particular date in this year. Today is the 31st of July. The MV nautilus was taken over on August 2nd. if we make a move today, we'll send someone back for 4 days to deal with the situation." Asked Cannon

"I vote for the MV Nautilus." Said President Trump.

The majority of the table didn't have a problem with that. It would be a good experiement to see how travelling to the past would affect the future.

"Then the Nautilus it is. Now we just need to assign someone to go back. A lone agent, specially trained and such." Said President Trump.

"I'd volunteer, if it's not a problem." Diana spoke up.

"Second that. Diana is one of the best CIA agents i've known. She's been trained in hand to hand combat, MMA, firearms, the works." Steve added

President Trump opened up "It wouldn't be a problem, I'd a trust a lone CIA agent to deal with the situation."

Then Teena Wahlberg spoke up.

"I'd also like to send a friend. He's not CIA, he's more like a vigilante, but i've never known him to be a failure."

President Trump was curious, and turned to Teena.

"You say he's not CIA, not military?" asked Trump

"He's got a gift, and whenever i've had a problem that I don't have the strength to solve, he's been there to help. This gift, it's special. No one can believe it. He's also skilled in firearms as well."

Diana stood up to speak.

"With all due respect, Miss Wahlberg, I don't need any assistance, I can take care of the situation alone."

"I appreciate your selflessness, Miss Prince, but I demand that my friend be also assigned to deal with this situation."

"I said, I don't need assistance. whoever this friend is, he'll probably be a liability."

"Ahem!" President Trump stopped the catfight of words "I'll approve the 2 volunteers. Miss Wahlberg, is this friend of yours close to San Diego?"

"Mr. President!" Diana didn't like being ignored.

"He's currently travelling there. I wanted him to see what I had been putting time and money into."

"Ok, keep him in San Diego, Miss Prince, You know i'd feel better if we sent 2 people back to deal with the situation."

Diana really didn't feel like arguing with the president, but she didn't know who this subject was that Miss Wahlberg was talking about.

"I just feel a bit uncomfortable, if I had to go into a situation with someone I don't know."

"He doesn't know you either. Imagine how uncomfortable he'd be." Said Wahlberg.

"Ok, now we need to go over the plans." the President broke up the guilt tripping "Is this a situation where the cartel are going to be expendable or should we try and capture them?"

"I could certainly attempt to capture them." Diana spoke up.

"My friend has the tools to do so." Miss Wahlberg added.

"But they are expendable? It might help us with expelling criminals on the wanted list from 27 years ago." Added the President

"And alter the course of history." Steve added in.

"I'll approve of a capture or kill plan, to see how this will affect things through the fabric of time." Jack Cannon spoke up.

"Then it's all locked in. Miss Prince, I want you to travel to San Diego, meet up with the scientists behind the machine. I'll get the orders printed up ASAP. I'm also going to call ahead, give this friend of Miss Wahlberg the go ahead too."

"Yes, Mr. President." Diana stood up "Is there anything else for me?"

"Not at the moment. I trust Col. Trevor's word that you're a good CIA agent, and I also trust Miss Wahlberg's word just the same. Good luck to you."

Diana nodded her head, and left for the doors. But before she prepared to go to the airport, Steve wanted to talk to her.

"Diana, before you go..." Steve wheeled over from the table.

"What is it?" Diana asked.

"Just want to wish you good luck, and this person, he might be a big help, even if you don't need him."

"We'll see. Take care now and don't die before I get back." Diana smiled

"Of boredom or old age, whatever comes first." Steve smiled.

The 2 old friends seperated, and Diana prepared to go to San Diego. Meanwhile, Miss Wahlberg had also left the table to discuss business with her friend who was also enroute to San Diego.