Written by: Phil from Produce

Edited by: Phil from Produce

Concieved by: Phil from Produce


Envisioned characters


Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Created by: William Marston Moulton

Owned by: DC comics

Envisioned Actress: Lynda Carter Est. 1977


Kenny Triton/The Coat

Created by: Phil from Produce

Envisioned actor: Dean Ambrose Est. 2014


Col. Steve Trevor

Created by: William Marston Moulton

Owned by: DC comics

Envisioned Actor; Bob Barker Est. 2007


Miss Wahlberg

Created by: Phil from Produce

Envisioned Actress; Kate Mulgrew, Est. 1995



Created by: Phil from Produce

Envisioned Actor; Danny Trejo Est. 2001



Envisioned Actress: Keri Russell Est. 1995



Envisioned Actor: Frankie Muniz Est. 2000


Envisioned OST

"Fury drives into camp"

Written by Steven Price

Envisioned moment of play; Opening crawl


"Sweet Emotion"

Created by: Aerosmith

Envisioned Moment of play: Diana beats up the jock


"High-Speed Dirt"

Created by: Megadeth

Envisioned moment of play: Kenny turns the car on


"Goin' Wild"

Created by: Wendy O. Williams

Envisioned moment of play: Wonder woman takes down the purse thief


"El Watusi"

Created by: Ray barretto

Envisioned moment of play: Hot tub conversation


"Grape Garden theme from Kirby's adventure (Piano arrangement)"

Created by: nintendo

Envisioned moment of play: "Diana talks to Kenny about being scared to change"



Created by: Pantera

Envisioned moment of play: Wonder woman and the coat fighting the pirates.


"Hang em high"

Created by: Dropkick murphys

Envisioned moment of play: Wonder woman hangs santiago by his legs


"At the bottom of the night from chrono trigger"

Created by: Yasunori mitsuda

Envisioned moment of play: The coat mourning his mother.


"Because I love you from Earthbound/Mother 2"

Created by: Nintendo

Envisioned moment of play; Diana and kenny saying goodbye


Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor are characters created by William Moulton Marston are are owned by DC comics. All real people feature have no knowledge of use of their names in this story.

I, the writer, do not take financial profit for any use of their names, characters, etc in this fanfiction.


Written 2015,

Phil from Produce



-The start of this story came when Phil had a dream - he was onboard a brightly-colored ship, and was filming everything with his cameraphone, and a girl onboard the boat asked him what it was. The girl's hairstyle and swimsuit resembled that of the late 1980's early 90s, hence this story being set in 1992.

-The Coat was originally meant to be a stand-alone character, but then Phil crossed him over with Wonder Woman. Instead, This is a Wonder Woman Story with the Coat co-starring.

-Originally envisioned as a single story...then a trilogy...then a 6-story saga.

-The Wonder Woman universe in which this story takes place is a time-sensitive continuity of the 70's Tv series, hence why Diana claims to be from the Bermuda Triangle and has been in the IADC/CIA for a long time, with Steve Trevor being a much older man than he is in the comics.

-When Phil had a revival in writing fanfiction around late 2004, he created the coat, but due to his immaturity at the time, The Coat was a Mary Sue/Self-Insertion that could not be killed, and his missions involved killing cartoon characters he hated. Phil retired the coat around the summer of 2005. 10 years later, The Coat has resurfaced, this time a lot more complex, and ultimately, an imperfect character. Perfection, according to Phil, is what makes Mary Sues so unpopular, and he hopes Kenny doesn't get that label, so he made him imperfect, and compared to Wonder Woman, inferior.

-The name "Trevor Haruna" was one of Phil's internet identities to protect himself when he was a teenager. The name Kenny Triton is his most recent imagining of an alias.

-The team of Wonder Woman & The Coat is a somewhat OP one. Diana/Wonder Woman is incredibly strong, fast, light on her feet, brave, and wise, and has the ability to communicate with animals, However, she is not Psionic/psychic. But Kenny/The Coat cannot tap into her mind, only read the surface (This is actually a bit of a stretch, considering that in the wonder woman episode "Disco Devil" Diana did have her mind read and she couldn't remember that it happened.) Kenny/The Coat is psionically gifted due to a bullet in his brain. He can read minds, control minds, fray minds, and cannot be psychically tapped/mind probed, With the exception of the Lasso of Truth, which can overpower his psychic ability to not be tapped. However, his greatest power & weakness might be his trenchcoat, as his trenchcoat is nothing without him, and he is vulernable without it, and he can only draw his special shotgun if he is wearing the coat. The trenchcoat itself can be called upon when Kenny raises his hands to the sky and says "God of Heaven, Hear my cries for help." and the coat will either appear on it's own, or with it's accessories, considering how the situation is unfolding. The Coat cannot jump high, run fast, and his strength is significantly less than that of Wonder Woman's, and he cannot fight as well as Wonder Woman can.

-Kenny mentions Keri Russell at one point. Keri provided the voice of Wonder Woman for the 2009 animated movie.

-Phil has also wanted to write a story that takes place on a ship out at sea, ever since taking his first ferry ride since 2001 to Vancouver island, in September 2015.

-The Chopper Pilots (Lt. Kris Tinmarie, Lt. Xavier Thomas, Lt. Dave Arrick) that escort the cruise back to port, are from the 1992 video game "Desert Strike; Return to the Gulf."

-Also, Lt. Kris Tinmarie goes by the callsign of Skipper-329. the number 329 was picked because at Phil's job, if he wants to call the store manager, that is the number he has to dial.

-Also, Kenny's Flight is numbered 209. Phil works in produce, and if anyone wants to call that department, they call 209.

-The Cover art was drawn in one hour, with lots of inspiration coming from the Assassin's Creed games.

-The story was written from Oct. 19th, to Oct. 22nd.

-Phil went to see "Inside Out" in the local 2nd run theatre twice during writing. Those who have seen Inside Out can tell inspiration was drawn from the film, mostly in the part where Kenny finally mourns the loss of his mother.

-The idea for Wonder Woman to stop a purse snatcher came from 2 things. First, Phil watched "The Andy Griffith show" in particular, the episode titled "Opie and the spoiled kid." The purse snatcher even shares the name with the spoiled kid. Second, During production, Phil helped with a loss prevention bust at his job.

-First story in which Phil created a majority of the chapters 10kb in size each, making a more descriptive and expanded story, which takes longer to read and therefore, lasts longer.

-Kenny is ecstatic about watching the CBC on the cruise, in particular, Fred Penner's Place. This was a show from Phil's childhood, and since Kenny is Phil's self-insertion that shares the same birthyear, it's also a show from Kenny's childhood, since they're both Canadian.

-This story also predicts that Donald Trump will be the next american president in the year 2019. Whether or not he is elected President remains to be seen, but Phil makes it that way in a comical way. Kenny also mentions Justin Trudeau's role as prime minister, as during production, Trudeau and the liberal party won the 2015 federal election in Canada.

-The MV Nautilus incident is fictionalized for this story. However, there was an Italian tanker called the MV nautilus that sunk in 1942, It was not sunk intentionally, it was torpedoed.

-The August 1992 issue of the U.S. Vogue Magazine does have a cover reading "The Sex appeal of uniforms." And yes, Women in uniform are downright sexy.

-The idea for Diana to have a problem with a creeper (Big Frankie) comes from Phil taking the time to read Lynda Carter's Wikipedia Page, And could not forget in which she stated in her own words "I never meant to be a sexual object for anyone but my husband. I never thought a picture of my body would be tacked up in men's bathrooms. I hate men looking at me and thinking what they think. And I know what they think. They write and tell me." And thinking "What would happen if a guy-friend who totally understood how Diana/Wonder Woman felt, stepped up and made those creeps pay?"

-Phil had to do some research to make sure Kenny Triton's inability to feel pain could actually happen in reality. For it to happen, the bullet would've had to have damaged the parieto-insular cortex, which scientists believe is crucial for the human brain to percieve pain. However, that particular part of the brain is on the right side, wherea's Kenny's wound is on the left side. Therefore, If Kenny were walking down the right side of the street when the drive-by occured, the bullet would've gone through the left side of his brain and travelled into the right side, causing serious brain damage.

-However, there is no scientific evidence of Psionic abilities in human brains. This is a special gift that Kenny has, and the fact that a bullet unlocked it is merely a fluke. The idea to make the Coat Psionic comes the 1994 PC game, X-com; Enemy unknown.

-Wonder woman uses nearly all of her powers in this story, with the exception of her ability to communicate with animals.

-The idea for Diana beating up a jock named Justin at the university came from a personal experience Phil has had in the 10 months he has not written anything. During that time, he had some really bad neighbors, a couple who were constantly arguing and the boyfriend was being abusive and cheating on his girlfriend. During a really, really bad day, The girl came over to ask for phil's help, and Phil called police. The girl begged him not to, but he did. She admitted to him later that her boyfriend was beating her, cheating on her, and everything else, and that if the police found out she was seeing her boyfriend, both of them would be in trouble. Phil told her to leave him, and she said "I love him, he's given me a child and we've been together forever." Phil says that if he could go back, he would've gone and "beat that guy damn near to death."

-Chapter 2's title, roughly translated, means "Dangerous Lady, Bleeding Pig."

-The part where Diana asks Kenny about his suitcase was stolen directly from the 1963 film, "The Great Escape" in which Sedgewick is taking his steamer trunk with him on the escape, and his fellow soldier asks him "What the hell have you got in there, a piano?" and Sedgewick replies "Oh, that's very funny, mate!"

-Phil screwed up on the facts - In the TV series, Diana was actually an IADC agent, not a CIA one. to compensate for this, Phil changed it so that way Diana went from IADC to CIA in the 2000's.

-Phil posted the final chapters on Halloween night.