"Mommy don't go." Grimmjow whined as he tugged on his mother's dress. She smiled warmly to him before petting his forehead.
"Grimmy darling, this is just a routine checkup. There's no need to worry." She said with a giggle and a pat on his head. "After tonight we'll know if you're gonna have a baby sister or a baby brother."
Little six year old Grimmjow puffed his cheeks and crossed his arms in a pout. "But the roads are slippery!" He said as he quickly ran and grabbed his mother's leg. Again the vision he had earlier flashed in his mind. It horrified him. The rain was coming down hard, just like how it was outside right now. As soon as the clock strikes 4:43, it would happen.
"Grimmy darling, I'll be back as soon as I'm done with my checkup." She said turning towards the door. "Your homework better be finished by the time I get home."
Grimmjow just nodded and turned away. His face was saddened by what he kept picturing in his head. He couldn't do anything to stop it...
As he sat at the table, alone in the house, he worked on his homework. Looking up at the clock after completing the next problem, he looked down with dread. It was now 5 o'clock. Standing, he headed for the front door.
He opened the door just as two officers were walking up. His face was unchanged from its morbid expression. He looked up at the officers and then down before sniffling.
The officers looked at one another before the female one kneeled down, "excuse me little boy, is your father home?" She asked.
He looked up at her with welling tears in his eyes, "no, I don't have a daddy, mommy took care of me." Those wells of tears now started to stream down his cheeks.
The officers looked to one another again, this time, in shock. The boy just used past-tense when speaking about his mother just now. "Excuse me, do you know why we're here?" The woman asked.
Grimmjow nodded, "the road was slippery, and the other guy couldn't stop..." He started to outright cry now, his hands trying to wipe away the tears that were streaming down his cheeks.
The officers sighed and shook their heads. They didn't know how this child could possibly know, but he did.

12 years later...

"Come on Grimmjow, wait up!" Nnoitra called from behind him. The taller male had to run to keep up with his blue haired companion. "Seriously Grimm, what the hell is with leaving me back there?" He questioned as he'd finally caught up to his friend.
If he didn't know any better, he'd have grabbed his friend's shoulder and yank him around to get his attention.
But because he knew better, he just quickened his pace. "Who?" He asked quickly.
"Just someone I bumped into on the street." He answered coldly before looking at his watch. He was right on time.
"Where we going then?" Nnoitra questioned from his left side.
"The construction site on Gigai." The blue haired male stated as he turned the corner onto said street. He didn't walk any farther than the corner. He just leaned against the brick wall and crossed his arms.
The taller friend stood beside him. They both watched as a woman rounded the next corner.
"Just a simple business woman: no boyfriend, no kids, her friends are her coworkers, an only child and both parents have already passed. Nobody's gonna miss her." Grimmjow stated solemnly.
Nnoitra shook his head as he watched Grimmjow pull out a polaroid camera and snapped a quick photo of the woman. He then proceeded to flip the picture around for the image to finally reveal itself. When he looked up from the photo, he counted quietly backward from five. As he reached one, Nnoitra turned his back to the scene. He didn't like how this always played out. It always freaked him out. But since his best friend of six was there, he would be there for him.
Once the number one left his lips, Grimmjow watched the woman move as though time had slowed. Then, it happened. The sound of metal cables snapping and whipping the air, and a holler of a 'look out' rung through the street.
With blue eyes looking up, he watched as a large metal beam, which once hung over the sidewalk from the construction site, strain the cables and caused them to snap.
His blue eyes didn't flinch, the woman looked from her phone directly into Grimmjow eyes, and then, he was looking at a metal beam lying on the ground. The blood seeped from under the beam. The sound of screaming and shouting from the street made him turn his back to the scene. "Let's go Nnoi. It's over." He said calmly as he headed off toward the direction of his apartment.
The taller man didn't even turn to look at what happened. It was usually the same. He knew that Grimmjow was special, and he knew just how special he was. Grimmjow was able to foresee when and how people would die. All he needed to do was touch them. Just a brush of a finger, or an accidental kick. One touch and he'd be able to see when and how they were going to be called to the next life. That's why Nnoitra refused to lay a finger on his best friend.
For Grimmjow, losing his mother at a young age, never knowing his father, and seeing countless lives pass before him, made him detached from the world. He was a morbid child because without him, Grim would have no one.
"We're having lasagna tonight. Come on by if you want, you know my dad won't mind." Nnoitra said as he left toward his own home, a block away from Grimmjow's apartment building.
As the blue haired male made his way into the building, a small girl with black pigtails came rushing out. Accidentally knocking into him, she dropped her books, "oh shit I'm so sorry are you okay?" She asked the second she realized she'd hit someone.
Grimmjow just nodded and turned away. "Tomorrow, 3:36, hit by an oncoming car." He mumbled to himself.
Grimmjow has tried before multiple times to save those he foresees. But it never worked. He had never saved even one life. It seemed as though every time he tried to save them, he became the cause of their deaths.
That's when Grimmjow decided that he'd take their pictures. Doing so always made him feel better. It made him believe that they weren't alone in their last moments, and that someone would always remember them. There were many times that he knew about them from just touching them, and he'd learned that they didn't have anyone. It made him feel like he was the one ferrying them across the Styx and into the afterlife.
As he made it into his apartment, he made his way over to his bed before lying on his stomach. The headrest of the furniture was similar to a bookshelf, but on top of it sat a good sized box. Pulling a key from around his neck, he unlocked the small padlock on the box before opening it. Inside sat dozens of photos. And a sharpie on top.
Grabbing the marker, Grimmjow proceeded to write the date and the exact time on the photo of the woman who had just died. Once that was taken care of, he slid the photo in so it could stand upright in the box with all the others. He placed the marker back in its original position before locking the box again.
Flipping on his back, Grimmjow just watched the ceiling fan spin for what seemed like an eternity, before sitting up, grabbing his school bag and pulling his books out.
Before he could even start on his work, he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. Groaning, he reached for the device, swiping the answer icon. "Yeah?" He questioned in an annoyed tone.
"If you think you don't need to come home and eat with us, you're dead wrong! Get your ass over here for dinner now Grimmjow!" A man yelled into the phone before hanging up.
Shaking his head, he looked at the device before slipping it back in his pocket and smiling slightly. That man, he always made sure to get food in the blue haired boy's stomach, and always made sure that he was safe.
"Well no use sitting here," he mumbled before pushing his books back into his bag. "That ass would probably drag me over there."


"So then Halibel just started running around as though she were gonna explode." Nnoitra laughed as he pilled a fork full of pasta into his mouth.
"Nnoi, please, you don't need to tell us everything in one breath. Eat then talk, not both at the same time." The smiling bastard said. Gin always gave Grimmjow shivers whenever he looked at his always smiling face. But everyone knew that silver haired fox was harmless, devious, but harmless.
"My only question is who put her hair out?" Aizen, Nnoitra's adoptive father and Gin's partner, questioned. He was the one that always called Grimmjow when dinner was ready.
"That's the funniest thing, she was freaking out so bad then this new kid just grabbed her and pushed her under the emergency shower before turning it on." He laughed harder this time.
Shaking his head, Grimmjow listened to the recap of the day. He and Nnoitra had chemistry together, and were working with torches and beakers. They were supposed to be working with a variety of solutions but Halibel had to go and catch her hair on fire and make a scene.
"That kid is interesting." Grimmjow mumbled.
Everyone around the table stopped and looked at the blue haired male. They were all silent.
Looking up from his plate, Grimmjow forked another bite into his mouth with a raised brow. Chewing slowly, he came to a stop before swallowing his food, "what?" He questioned with a glance around the table.
"Just, we've never heard you say that about someone," Gin stated before shrugging and going back to his meal.
"Well Grimmjow, what makes this new kid so interesting?" Aizen questioned before sipping his glass of wine. The man always drank one glass a night.
"He's strangely calm; he turned the shower on Hal with a straight face. He didn't so much as freak out even though he was sitting next to her when she caught." He took a sip from his glass of water before continuing, "and he has orange hair. It's weird."
And on cue, Nnoitra started laughing hysterically, "like you're one to talk! Blue isn't exactly a common thing either!" He said through his laughter.
"Oh shut it ya damn pirate." He growled out. That statement always shut Nnoitra up. He'd always work a patch over his eye for the fact that when he was a baby his birth father had attacked him and his mother slicing one of his eyes.
"Grimm, don't be a dick." Aizen spoke up calmly before continuing his dinner.
"Sorry." Grimmjow replied before looking down in slight shame. He knew that was a sore subject for his best friend.
Mindlessly poking at his food, Grimmjow's mind jumped from thought to thought. From the events in their class, to the woman who was crushed by the metal beam. With the thought of that woman, he remembered many others. He remembered a boy who collapsed just because he had a weak heart and someone scared him too badly. He remembered watching from a dark alley as a woman was murdered. He didn't say anything to the cops that day. He didn't help the people who were freaking out about the boy. He never knew what to do. So he did nothing.
But thinking of all of those people, he remembered the girl he bumped into today, in his apartment building. She was destined to die tomorrow. Right after school, she'd be hit by a car and die on the spot. He would be there of course, to take her picture.
He never enjoyed watching people die. But it always seemed like the right thing to do.