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Harry awoke with a gasp. He was sweating profusely as he sat up and pushed his blankets off. This was not the first time he had a violent dream, nor would it be the last. He constantly drowned in memories from his time in war with magic.

He had bought an flat in London and was working as a bartender in a pub across the street. Running from the magical world, it seemed as if he had succeeded. As soon as the thought crossed his mind he was proven wrong. A crash came from what he assumed was the kitchen.

"Shit!" He heard.

He quickly got out of bed and dressed, but when he was halfway dressed his bedroom slammed open. Several robed figures rushed in and surrounded him. Before he knew it he was out cold on the floor.

Waking slowly was his first sign something was wrong, he had become used to waking up with sudden movements. As he looked around he figured that he was in the same courtroom that his trial in fifth year had been. The room was filled with people. Reporters with quills scratching swiftly against the parchment in their hands, flashing cameras going off in every corner, and stand right in front of him an impassive and smug looking Cornelius Fudge.

As Harry becomes more awake he observes more of his environment. Charmed into a chair the only thing he can move is his head. As he looked to the left he saw Ron in fancy robes just a few feet away. He felt betrayal and pain, wondering why he was here and why he looked so happy. Harry looked away, but in the process caught a glimpse of Hermione, she stood in the crowd a look of joy and victory in her face. Realizing that he had no idea what was happening Harry looked forward and stared at Fudge, waiting to be acknowledged.

"Quiet!" Rang out in the courtroom.

Fudge turned and faced an the audience of eager witches and wizards who were wondering what was going to happen. "Today we are here for the trial of Harry Potter. He is being tried for the crimes of abandoning the wizarding world, as well as the murders of all who died in the Last Battle, including but not limited to Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Fred Weasley, and Severus Snape. Additional crimes of thievery of the Hufflepuff Cup from the Ancient and Noble House of Lestrange, a dragon from Gringotts, and a wand from the grave of Albus Dumbledore. His crimes are punishable by death, and if he is found guilty he will be executed by way of the Veil." Fudge turned to face Harry as he finished talking, smirking in victory while waiting to start the trial.

The trial was a farce. Only meant to paint him as instantly guilty, the trial took less than an hour. Witnesses called to the stand consisted of former friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. Maybe he was suppose to feel surprised, but he wasn't. He had always expected something like this to happen. His friends had always been a little too secretive about their alone times. His former friends very quickly threw him to the dogs lying about what he did in his free time. Convincing the courtroom that he had always been "dark," saying that he would come back to destroy them. Even though it was expected he felt hurt, he couldn't believe that they would willingly sentence him to death.

After he was convicted, he was immediately led to the Department of Mysteries. Most of the courtroom followed to witness his sentence. Near the front of the pack was his former friends. As they came closer to the middle of the Department of Mysteries where the Veil was he started to hear voices. Voices whispering in his ears, "Don't worry," "It'll be alright," "You'll survive," things that he could never believe, 'false hope' he told himself.

Once they were right in front of the Veil only the two Aurors next to him remained, all of the bystanders at least twenty feet away, not wanting to get too close to the Veil. The Aurors threw him at the Veil, not caring if he was dead before he went through, that was their mistake.