A/N: First Kodocha fic. In retrospect, I'd have liked to pick a more unusual coupling (*coughcoughNaozumi x Hayama!coughcough*) for my debut in this section, but I like Sana x Akito, so here it be. Just so you know, I've never seen the anime and have only read up to volume four of the manga, so if you find blatant errors, that's probably why.

Warnings: Shameless fluff and the how-to guide for living. Try to learn something.

Akito's POV.

"Mondays With You"

It's a Monday, and I hate those- especially since I'm not in your class any longer. But it's lunch period, and I'm content now. After all, I'm with you.

There you sit, not ten feet away with your head bobbing, earphones in (cranked up full-blast, knowing you), and singing along at the top of your lungs. Some of our so-called peers give you odd looks but you, of course, don't care at all and just keep on taking quick bites of your lunch between slightly off-key verses. Normal people don't even hum when they listen to portable players, but you yodel like an idiot.

There's a motto about that, I think. And probably also a metaphor for life in it that I should get around to figuring out one of these days.

"Sing like nobody's listening . . . "

You jump to your feet and start to dance to a beat that no one else can hear, hair flying every which way and body spinning wildly. To you, it's just what you are- the world that you see is the only one that matters. If no one else understands you, well, that's a shame but you'll get by.

"Dance like no one's watching, and . . . "

I'm watching. But I like what I see.

You are so incredibly alive.

I get up and walk over to you. You flash me a quicksilver grin but don't miss a beat, instead grabbing my arms and pulling me around with you.

What was that last line again . . .?

"Love like you've never been hurt."

I lift up your headphones and whisper, "Hey, Sana?" into your ear.

You pause and grin at me again. "What is it, Akito?" you ask, tilting your head slightly.

"I love you," I say, and then I kiss you for the third time in our lives while everyone is watching.

And for the first time, you kiss back, your sunshine laughter mingling in our mouths.

* ende *

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