Laundry Day (Don't See You There)

a drabbley oneshot

He kept buying new clothes. He had money. With all the half hearted yet hugely successful heists recently, he wasn't lacking in funds. He could buy a new outfit every day, a new coat whenever it smelled funny, he could keep it up.

He ordered in bulk online, receiving great big boxes that he could wear for weeks.

He couldn't go back.

He didn't even move his new clothing to his drawers or closet. He didn't want to think that much about it.

He couldn't.

He was practically a zombie anyways. It shouldn't be that hard to turn his brain off deliberately for less then five minutes a day. If he could rob banks so soulessly then really, he should be able to ignore the fact that when clothes got dirty, they usually got washed. He should be able to through the garments on the mountainous pile and not think of why his bedroom was turning into a hamper and why he had started sleeping in the guest room. Or the lab. Or the kitchen.

Moist mentioned that he might need a new place, moving up in the world and all. Moist mentioned many things.

He had considered it but couldn't find it in himself to lair hunt. What was the point? What was the point of any of it?

He tried so hard to fulfill his dreams. Everything he ever-

He ever.

He didn't have a direction. He always wanted so much. He wanted a better world, he wanted happiness. But everything he ever-

He didn't care anymore. He who had aways cared too much had finally expended his heart.

Some days he didn't know why he kept on going. It seemed more like a habit then anything else.

Like clothes.

A/N: I am so sorry. This has literally been sitting on my computer, and before that my old phone, for like a few years. I wanted to add on, maybe add a happy ending but... after this long it just wasn't gonna happen. I usually don't post things this short (or depressing) but I figure it couldn't hurt to finally release this from my files. I just wanted to capture an emotion with this piece, and I think I did so yay. Sorry for it being sad.