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By the time James broke free of Hermione, Harry was already on his feet. he was ready to leave; he only came to make sure that she was all right. "Mummy can Harry stay?" Hermione gave an uncertain look. "Please?" Hermione finally gave in and looked at Harry for an answer.

Harry was stumped "Oh no, I don't want to intrude, besides I have a meal waiting for me in the Great Hall." He didn't want to make Hermione uncomfortable.

"Nonsense, Harry. Stay, please, I want you to. Besides, we need to talk." Harry knew exactly what that meant. Or at least he thought he did but after this morning, he's not too sure he knows Hermione like he used to.

"Thank you, Hermione." Harry replied sheepishly. James took Harry by the hand and pulled him back down to play with the trucks. Hermione walked into the kitchen and gave Harry a quick grin as she passed through. Harry and James were having a great time, Harry felt like a kid again. He never really felt like this, his childhood was taken away from him by the Dursleys'. He stared at James and he was truly thankful that James' childhood wasn't taken away from him, that he was still able to experience the good. Harry could smell the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen and his tummy began to rumble. Cottage Pie, just like Mrs Weasley used to make. He really missed Mrs Weasley, in fact he missed all the Weasleys, especially Ginny. He had a special bond with Ginny, they understood each other, she was the sister he never had. Well, besides Hermione but Harry considered Hermione a third of him, and of course Ron as the other third.

"Dinner's ready." Hermione called from the kitchen. James and Harry both jumped up, playfully pushing each other as they ran towards the table.

"Harry you're next to me." James patted the chair next him and Harry chuckled in response. Hermione seemed very surprised that James took such a likely to Harry. They talked about petty things, like how their days were and events at the school all the way through dinner.

"My goodness, James, look at the time. It's bedtime, quickly go have a shower." James went to protest but Hermione beat him to it "Now, please." James dragged himself from the table and moped his way down the hallway.

"He's a wonderful kid, Hermione." Harry said, careful to make sure that he had left the room.

"I know, he is something special." She replied in agreement. She raised herself from the table and went to grab Harry's plate and gently brushed his hand in the process. She looked at him and with a quick apology she was in the kitchen. Harry followed her in, feeling as though he should help with the dishes.

"Let me do something." He knew what she was going to say "Hermione, I am helping." He turned the tap on and started to rinse the dishes. She placed her hand on his arm as a sign of thanks and Harry responded with a smile. They were almost finished when James entered in his pyjamas.

"All right little man, say goodnight to Harry." James ran over to Harry and wrapped himself around his legs "Harry, promise you'll come and visit again?" Harry ruffled up James' hair.

"Of course, buddy. Be good to your mum, okay?" James nodded and gave his mum a quick kiss before he skipped off to his room. Hermione and Harry were left standing in silence along with the elephant in the room. Harry wanted to ask about James but he decided to start with the events of earlier today. "Hermione, what was wrong today? What did I do?" he was too scared to look her in the eyes.

Hermione dropped the tea towel in the sink and began to walk into the living room, Harry could see the irritation in her stride. "Harry, I can't believe you can be so blind. That girl, she is into you. She knew the answer to that question, she just wanted to see you." Harry could hear the anger in her voice as he trailed behind her.

"So? Is that such a bad thing? She wanted to speak to me, big deal." He said calmly.

Hermione scoffed "You're disgusting, she's your student."

"It's not like that and you know it. Wait…are you jealous?" Harry raised his eyebrows.

"Of course not." But she didn't look him in the eyes when she said it.

"You know what, let's just drop it." Hermione nodded to Harry's suggestion. "And let's talk about James instead." Harry saw the fear enter her eyes. "Why did you and Ron not tell me about him?"

"Harry, it's a long story."

"Well I have nothing but time." Harry fell onto the couch and crossed his legs like it was story time.

"Okay when he was born, just after you left. I was going to write to you and tell you about him but we learned that there were still Death Eaters out there, looking to finish you off. Ron and I decided it were best to keep James from everyone because we thought they would use him to get to you. We knew you'd never let a baby get harmed and we couldn't let you risk your life for our child's." Hermione looked in the eye waiting for him to explode.

"That makes sense." But Harry wasn't fully convinced. "You named him after my father?"

"After you, actually. James Arthur" Harry gave a weak smile, utterly flattered that they chose him and Mr Weasley.

"Hermione you know I love you but I don't believe you. I don't believe what you're telling me." Harry grabbed her arms gently. "Why would you keep him secret?"

"Because he's yours, Harry." Hermione whispered. Harry's jaw went slack. He counted back 4 months before the battle. And suddenly it clicked.

"Oh my…when we were searching for the Horcruxes. That night that Ron left…" Harry trailed off. He noticed tears falling down her cheeks. He went to wipe them but she pulled away.

"I think it's time for you to go, Harry." She said as she opened the door. Harry walked past her but not before placing the slightest kiss on her forehead. He heard the door close behind him but he didn't look back.