So, this is just gonna be a oneshot story idea for now. I really liked the idea of well, this story but I couldn't have most of the characters in character. I don't really know how they react to things, how they feel in certain situations, etc. etc. But I REALLY wanted to get this idea off my chest. This is gonna be badly written, I'll tell you that... Anime and Disney/Dreamworks have really big differences...

Jack flew around the place, blasting snow wherever he could reach.

Vanellope fixed some of the paperwork, being a president wasn't easy.

Hiro made a few advancements on Baymax, his capabilities were probably endless.

Three different people.

Three different worlds.

Three different times.

Somehow they are all linked together.

Vanellope Von Schweetz sat down. A few days ago, she went to monitor the codes of the whole world of Sugar Rush.

She found another lock.

A lock in her memories.

That very same lock was very intricate, difficult, and she tried everything, even going against law to hack her code, to no avail. Oh, but that's not all.

That lock held even more memories. Memories with no container, just concealed and stuck in there. Vanellope felt that she wanted to open it, she wanted to know what was in that lock. She called one of her best hackers, who proceeded to hack the system and manage to crack the lock.

Vanellope was not prepared for what happened next.

Jack felt a sudden pain in his heart. "Gah!" he collapsed to the ground as memories flashed before his eyes.




Vanellope? Hiro!

As the memories stopped coming, he knew what he had to do. He had to get back in that damn game, just for a little while.

Aaand that's all I cooked up so far (if you could even call this cooked). Yes, I know that this is poorly written: plot holes, not enough dialogue, etc. etc.

I seriously have NO idea what to do with this, so I'll leave it up for adoption. Whoever's interested in this, PM me and we'll talk about some of the details. :)

-MEIPHANTOMHIVE (10/24/15; 9:25 PM, Philippine Standard Time)