I am so sorry that I have not updated. I have really bad writers block and have karate 4 days a week. School is also not helping. I'm in high school and currently get 2 hours of math each night and I have just been swamped. I am sooooo sorry I have not updated. I plan to update at least one chapter this month, my goal is 2-3 though. I am also currently trying to reread the CoN books since I haven't read it in a while.

Other News.

I am thinking about starting another PJO/HoO crossover I'm thinking about it being either the Flash or Supernatural. Or I'm thinking about a Teen Wolf/Arrow crossover. So if anyone has any recommendations about which one I should do first I'm thinking the Teen Wolf/Arrow but I'm willing to do a PJO crossover first just tell me what you readers think.

So please tell me what you think and expect an update in the next couple weeks. Again so so so sorry for not updating sooner.

Darknight out