Rule 2. Stop giving bottle rockets to the younger destroyers, unless you are willing to make repairs on your own.

"A-Are you sure we should be doing this, nanodesu?"

Inazuma stared in rapt attention at the quartet of bottle rockets sticking out of one of the fields outside of the Yokosuka naval base, specifically outside of one of the cruiser dorms. Or perhaps her attention was on Ikazuchi holding a lit match to one of the fuses. Hard to tell, really.

"Ah, come on, Inazuma. Where's your sense of adventure?!" the other destroyer demanded as she moved on to the next fuse. "Besides, Unryu uses these all the time. They're perfectly safe!"

Privately, Inazuma doubted the rockets were the same ones Unryu and many of the other carriers used to shoot at Abyssal planes, but held her tongue, lest her sister accidentally burn herself on the alarmingly short match.

Soon, the fuses were lit and the match stamped out. The two destroyers quickly retreated behind a large tree, and waited for the fireworks to start, both girls quivering.

Finally, the fuses burnt out. And nothing happened, besides them sagging on their stabilizing sticks.

"Hwa~?" Ikazuchi groaned. "Why aren't they moving?" Stepping out from behind the tree, she made to check on the rockets. "There should be lots more smoke and- WAGH!"

Ikazuchi hastily threw herself back as the rockets ignited, the adjusted position of the stabilizing sticks making them fire every which way except up. One launched to the left and harmlessly plowed into the turf of the field. Another launched backwards, flying not half a foot past a frozen Inazuma's ear before the firework payload detonated.

The last two went for the dorm.


There was the sound of breaking glass as the rockets impacted a pair of windows - shortly followed by two loud bangs and a lot of screaming.

"Sh-should we run, nanodesu?" Inazuma stammered, still not moving from her position behind the tree.

"I don't think that'll help..." Ikazuchi trailed off as she saw a baker's dozen cruisers swarm out of the building in various states of undress, including a disgruntled Tenryuu missing her blazer. A disgruntled Tenryuu that made an immediate beeline for the two destroyers.


"Now, what did we learn today?"

Junyo didn't pause as she pounded a nail into the a fresh floorboard. Admiral Goto had been quite clear on the consequences of that. "Don't give bottle rockets to young destroyers."


The light carrier groaned. "And... n-no... d-drinking... before five..." she ground out, each word like pulling a tooth.

"Good," Goto nodded. "Once you finish up with that floorboard, you're free to go."

Junyo's face lit up. Finally, she could go and forget this day!

"Also, I took the liberty of having Hiyo hide your harder liquors. Should only be beer in that fridge you think I don't know about."

Junyo barely managed to repress a sob as she attacked the floorboard with renewed vigor. Damn him! Her one joy, gone!

AN: Yes, Junyo is a drunkard. I checked.