A/N: So I recently got Life is Strange on Steam, and played the shit out of it for two days. I loved it. It wasn't what I was expecting. I din't exactly watch many trailers, but I was sort of expecting two friends, one who has supernatural powers using them to do shit like pass exams, win the lottery, prank people and then the whole thing getting slightly out of control. So I expected the Tornado. I expected the high school bitchiness and using the power to navigate that. I expected the alternate realities. I didn't expect the dark room. This little story is entirely wish-fulfillment on my part. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a review if you did.

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We stand on the cliffs beneath the lighthouse, the storm is in front of us and the wind and the rain whip around us. She hands me a polaroid, a blue butterfly on a cleaning bucket. I remember this photo. She is talking to me, telling me to go back, to fix all of this, to- to let her die. She is crying. I cannot do this. I cannot kill my friend. I won't kill Chloe. I love her.

I love her.

She is talking again. She calls herself selfish. She says she doesn't deserve my friendship. She mentions her mother, Joyce. Says that Joyce doesn't deserve to die in a diner. Doesn't deserve to be killed by the storm, my storm. She talks about David, says he deserves Joyce alive. She talks about everyone in Arcadia Bay. As she does I see them all.

Joyce. Evan. Alyssa. Courtney. Kate. David. Logan. Principal Wells. Hayden. Justin. Brooke. Frank. Dana. Stella. Juliet. Samuel. Taylor. Trevor. Zach. Daniel. Luke.


I won't trade her. I can't. She insists. She talks about destiny. Says I have delayed her hers. Tells me how many times she's died this week, almost and actually. Tells me about all the shit that's happened her since I saved her. Says that for once, just this once, we should accept her fate, our fate. She tells me that I have shown nothing but love and friendship. Tells me she hasn't smiled or laughed in years. Not the way I have made her this week. All those moments were real, she tells me. Wherever she ends up, they will always be real. She tells me she knows I will always make the right decision. She doesn't know, how can she know.

How many times have I fucked up. How many times have I rewound history to get what I want. This storm, this is what my 'right decisions' have created. This is my fault. I can't make the choice. I tell her and she argues. Says I'm the only one who can. She's right.

She's right.

It is time, she says. I don't want to do this. She hugs me. For the last time. We have to, she says, we have to save everybody. She wants me to make them pay for Rachel. She tells me that this week has been the best farewell gift she could have asked for. But if I do what she asks me now... She will die never having known any of it. She calls me her hero. I'm not a hero. I'm a stupid little girl messing with power that I do not understand.

I take her face in my hands and we kiss. It is long and desperate. I will never be able to kiss her like this again. She will die and I will never be able to hold her again. She tells me she will always love me. Tells me to get out of here before she freaks. She tells me not to forget about her. I will never forget about her. How could I. I love her.

I take the photo in my hands. I stare at the butterfly. Focus on the image that feels like it was taken thousands of years ago. I feel time shift around me and suddenly I am in the girls' bathroom at Blackwell academy, bending over to capture the image of the butterfly with my old camera. I drop the photo and it falls to the floor.

I lean past the stall and the door opens. I hide. I hide like I did before. Nathan enters. He talks to himself. He is freaking out. I remember this. The door opens again and Chloe enters. Oh God, Chloe. My best friend, my lover, and I'm going to let her die. I hear her voice, talking about her step-ass and perimeters, knowing that these are some of the last words I am ever going to hear her say. I slide down the wall to the floor. I can already feel the tears forming.

Nathan has drawn his gun. I can hear the fear in Chloe's voice. She is scared. She is afraid. No, she is terrified. Time slows. She is going to die. There is nothing I can do.

No. I can do something. I can confront Nathan. A natural way to change things. No powers. Nothing that only someone who could see the future would do. I stand. Time is still slowed. I come round the edge of the stall. I hear- feel myself shouting. Nathan is startled. He spins around, the gun in his hand. It fires.

I feel nothing. I am numb. Nathan is panicking. He has thrown the gun to the floor. Chloe pushes past him. I fall. I hit the floor. I still don't feel anything. Red spreads out across the floor. I have been shot. Not Chloe, me. Chloe is upon me now. She realises who I am. She is panicking. She shouts for help. I look down. Blood is blossoming from my chest. I can change this. I can try again.

I cannot. I can't access my power. I can't do anything. I can only lie here on the floor letting my life flow out of me. The door opens. David enters. I can't hear anything. I can't feel anything. My vision goes black from the edges. I end.

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