*sigh* Ernesto was not too happy. He was on board in first class on a one way flight to Cairo. It was a 19 hour flight. Ernesto could not stand long flights.

"Why does my wind authority have such an annoying restriction?" Ernesto complained.

"My Lord, you shouldn't complain. I have to do this all the time when you are actually able to use your authority."

"But I should be able to use it! I've been to Cairo before! The conditions for use are that I need to have physically inhabited the destination in order for me to go." Ernesto explained.

"It only applies after you've gotten your Authority, my Lord. Now please stop complaining. It won't make things go any faster." Laura added.

Not many people knew this side of Mexico's newest Campione. While he was indeed serious and dignified when the occasion called for it, he was actually quite stubborn. He refused doing things that he didn't like and would often avoid such things. Unfortunately, this time he couldn't back out.

"Well then go over the details of the issues with me again if you would be so kind." Ernesto asked.

"Ugh! We've gone over it a million times Ernesto!" Laura finally let out. She could only handle addressing him formally for so long before she slipped back into more informal speech.

"Well that way I'll have it committed to memory by the time we get there." Ernesto simply replied.

"Fine. Your friend Hamza called saying that there have been reports of a Heretic God appearing around the city of Nekhen. They have a few guesses about who it could be but eyewitness accounts are erratic at best."

"And why are they erratic?" Ernesto haughtily questioned, already knowing the answer.

"Because the eyewitnesses can't agree on the description of the Heretic God. They describe it with different characteristics so it has proven unreliable in discerning the god's identity."

"But do they not have a single piece of substantial evidence?" Ernesto replied.

"*sigh* Yes they do. Each time the god has either appeared or vanished, it has scorched the earth around it. So we can assume that it is tied to a god of the sun."

"This leaves us with two primary suspects: Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun and creation and Horus, who was also a god of the sun and war and protection." Ernesto elaborated.

"Still, how can we be so sure it is one of them? The Egyptian pantheon has a huge number of gods, couldn't it be another one?" Laura questioned.

"Ahh but remember what you said before. Reports say that the Heretic God appears to fly across great distances."

"I said appears in various places across great distances. I never said fly." Laura corrected Ernesto.

"Fine, fine, fine. Still I am pretty sure we're dealing with one of these two." Ernesto confidently spoke.

"How can you be so sure Ernesto? You may have the Serpent of Visions authority but it only works if you're getting beat up." Laura added.

Ernesto frowned. "It really gets tiring to leave myself constantly exposed in order to get information. Not to mention the darn pain." He complained but he continued. "Well, my main clue is where the supposed Heretic God is causing trouble."

"You mean the city of Nekhen?" Laura asked.

"Otherwise known as Hierakonpolis, the city of hawks." Ernesto explained.

"The place that served as the center of the cult of Horus. Geez the amount of research you do in your free time is a bit annoying sometimes. You're such a know-it-all." Laura pouted.

"Of course I'd research where I'd be going, especially if I have to deal with a possible Heretic God. As useful as the Serpent of Visions authority is, I do not like having to endure pain to gain knowledge I could otherwise learn in painless ways beforehand." Ernesto retorted.

Hearing this, Laura slowly lowered her head. "It's always worrying how much you push yourself each time you fight. If only there was a way for me to help you." Laura said as she painfully remembered each time Ernesto had been near death in order to gain the upper hand.

"Well, what are you able to do Laura?" Ernesto spoke as he gently raced his fingertips over Laura's hand. "Be like King Kusanagi's lovers and kiss me passionately on the lips and…" *slap* Laura cut Ernesto off with a smack to head with a folded up airline magazine.

"I would ne-ne-never act in such a le-le-lewd way. I may be your knight bu-bu-but you shouldn't even think of o-o-ordering me to do something like that!" She stuttered as she became increasingly flustered, her cheeks red in embarrassment.

"Ouch! Geez I was just kidding! No need to start attacking me." Ernesto cried out as he rubbed his forehead.

"I don't like your teasing, Ernesto. You've always been a lustful animal." Laura accused.

Ernesto couldn't retort. Before his days as a Campione, he had been quite the ladies man. Unlike Godou who would unintentionally make girls fall in love but vehemently deny anything more than friendship, Ernesto liked to play around. Teasing girls was one of his favorite pastimes. But ever since he had become a Campione, that all changed. He needed to show a noble presence around his subordinates, not a playful one.

It also didn't help that now the ladies were only interested in his power and not his playful seduction. That part of being a Campione really irritated Ernesto.

"Geez, you probably left a mark." Ernesto complained as he massaged the pained area.

"Serves you right!" Laura chastised. "Always teasing me...and never being serious." She quietly added.

"What was that last part?" Ernesto asked.

"I said you're becoming increasingly delirious!" Laura snapped back as she angrily turned away, folding her arms.

"I liked you better when I first met you. You were nicer, more shy, and sweet. I remember that one time where we were fighting a divine beast and you landed on top of me and we almost…Glluugh!" Ernesto cried out.

Laura assaulted him with a bottle of water imbued with a powerful magical tranquilizer and began shoving it down his throat.

Ernesto broke away from her assault. "Gaaah! Youse..sooo…mea…" before he could finish, Ernesto collapsed into his chair, going in and out of consciousness.

"Such a troublesome person! Hmph!" Laura complained as she picked up an airline magazine to read.