Chapter 4

"Wake up!" cried out a voice.

Ernesto's entire body ached. He had no energy to speak of.

"Come on! It's already been a day, just get up will you?!" The voice complained.

Ernesto slowly opened his eyes. He saw an overcast sky and the face of a beautiful woman staring down at him. She had a black hijab that hid flowing black hair.

"Ugh where am I?" Ernesto groaned.

"In the middle of the temple courtyard. You've been here for quite a while." Fatima responded.

"Ugh!...Wait…hold on…why…?" Ernesto let out. He knew that each time he would activate the Morning Star Authority and defeated his foe, he would become dormant and the freezing air would trap him in ice. But that didn't seem to be the case this time.

"It's Egypt silly. Of course the ice is going to melt." Fatima smiled as she spoke.

Fatima helped Ernesto stand up. He couldn't quite walk yet so with an arm over her, he walked to the car.

"Did you guys actually stay here all night?" Ernesto jokingly asked.

"Um…no…of-of course not. Why would we?" Fatima answered as her face became slightly pink.

"Anyways is there any chance you can teleport us back to headquarters?" She added.

Ernesto shook his head. "It can't be done. For one I can only teleport myself and two…" He looked at the overcast sky. "Since I used the Aztec Warrior Authority, the sun will not show itself for a day. The majority of my Authorities are sealed. I need a whole day to pass as well as some contact with sunlight before I can use them again."

"I didn't know you had restrictions on your Authorities." Fatima commented.

"Well the majority of godslayers get one Authority per defeated god. If one gets multiple authorities, then there are conditions and/or prices that must be met before they can be activated." Ernesto explained.

"So what are the conditions for yours?" Fatima was curious.

"Well I'll tell you a few of the ones I used. My Divine Hurricane allows me to teleport wherever I have physically inhabited in the past. But for combat, I use it to summon the divine storm that allows me to teleport anywhere on the battlefield." Ernesto explained further.

"But didn't you change the way you used it?" Fatima asked as she remembered the battle.

"Yes, I can make it trap an opponent so they can't escape but the more powerful the opponent, the harder it is to keep them there."

"And your Maquahuitl?" Fatima asked.

"Well the Club Authority allows me to summon my divine Maquahuitl whenever I want. Though once I use the Words of Power to break a god's divinity, it becomes sealed."

"Wow that's a very useful power." Fatima said as she thought about it more.

"But it comes with drawbacks. For one I need to know enough about the divinity that I'm targeting. If I don't I can't use that power. Furthermore, I can only swing once. If I miss well then oh well, I'm out of luck." Ernesto added.

"So that's where your divine hurricane becomes useful." Fatima was beginning to understand.

"Exactly. As far as my Aztec Warrior Authority, I sacrifice a day's sun and it can only be activated when I'm facing a great force either a huge beast or an army."

"Just like Huitzilopochtli who defeated his four hundred brothers. So the authorities are still somewhat tied to the myths." Fatima nodded.

"Yes and no. Authorities also are molded to fit the personality of the Campione that has slain the god. Each of us has a theme so to speak. It is something that defines who we are and how our powers come to manifest themselves." He explained.

"So what's your theme?" Fatima asked.

"Jeje well Laura says that my theme is the Revolutionary." Ernesto revealed with a grin.

"I don't get it." Fatima replied as she helped him into the car. She walked around and started the car.

"Wait…so the others didn't come. Don't tell me you actually stayed…" Ernesto began to speak.

"Anyways!" Fatima interrupted with her face becoming pink once more. "How is your theme a Revolutionary?"

"Laura says that I apparently embody the tactics of a revolution. I disagree. You'd be more accurate to say I'm an insurgent. I coax out the enemy, learn all I can by making myself vulnerable and studying their arsenal. I then appear and disappear like a guerrilla army, striking when the time is right. I can strike at multiple points, or focus a huge offensive with great power. And more importantly, I'm always fighting tyrants. I always bring down those who are up on high positions of power. Yeah that really sounds like an insurgent." Ernesto said.

"I don't know." Fatima responded as she continued driving. "I think Laura is right. Your theme is a revolutionary."

"How so?" Ernesto asked perplexed.

Fatima stopped the car and said "I still remember when I first met you how you fearlessly jumped into the protests during the Egyptian Revolution." She then leaned forward and whispered softly in his ear. "A revolutionary fights against a tyrant to protect his people, his culture, all that would otherwise be lost. He fights to protect that which he holds most dear."

Ernesto began to turn red and before he could think of a reply, she slowly leaned in and kissed him. Her lips were soft and tender as he began to return her embrace. He explored her mouth and relished in her sweet taste. Suddenly, she pushed him back against the seat and said, "That's your reward for winning lover boy. Now make sure you take care of us." Fatima winked as she drove once more.

Ernesto smiled, "Of course my lady. I wouldn't have it any other way."

They returned to the Hawks of Quraish headquarters. Caliph Ali and Hamza came out to meet them.

"Ahh you have recovered your Majesty. I am sorry for our rudeness in not coming to retrieve you. Your knight told us that Sister Fatima would be sufficient in returning you safely." Caliph Ali stated

"Darn Laura…" Ernesto grumbled under his breath. "Do not worry. This young lady was more than sufficient."

"And of course my dearest apologies my lord but you are sure that the Heretic God is defeated?" Caliph Ali asked with some hesitation.

Ernesto closed his eyes and concentrated. Immediately, he felt the presence of a new Authority. He saw a sigil in the form of a red sun disk with cobras wearing the two crowns of Egypt coiled around.

"If you do not believe me, then maybe I can show you the power I have gained." Ernesto said with a grin as he raised his magical energy.

"There is no need Your Majesty. Your words are proof enough of the gods defeat. I am merely asking because we wish to ask a favor of you." The Caliph swiftly replied.

Ernesto became curious. "What favor would you ask of me?"

Hamza was the one who responded. "We ask that the great Sun King take us under his wing and claim the territory of Egypt under his tutelage. We would be honored to have such protection."

Ernesto was surprised. While he had in mind that he would help them if they needed trouble, this meant that he would not only have first dibs on any Heretic Gods that appeared in the highly mythological Egypt but, more importantly, that he would be able to protect his friends if they were in trouble.

"Very well. I shall see." Ernesto answered and proceeded to walk inside to find Laura.

"Thank you so much for considering it Your Majesty." Caliph Ali responded.

As Hamza became confused with his response, Ernesto quickly winked at him and he knew that he would grant them protection.

Inside he found Laura on the phone in an important conversation.

"Ah you have returned. members of the Sixth Sun claim they have found the artifact that you were searching for."

"So they finally found our secret weapon. Well hopefully it'll prove useful." Ernesto contemplated. "Tell them to store it in the capital city's museum. I will go and investigate its properties myself."

Laura resumed the phone conversation and began relegating the orders. But as she was talking, she heard a disturbing development.

"….Yes we will do that immediately so…" *Swish* She heard a door swing open in the background. "What are you doing here?! I am in the middle of an important conversation!"

She heard mumbled speech but could clearly hear the fear in the voice of the other person. "Who has come?" Then she heard the sound of footsteps enter the office. "…Oh no…" the member whispered into the phone.

"What?! What is happening?!" Laura demanded. She got no reply. "Tell me! What is it?! Who is there?!"

"What's the problem?" Ernesto asked.

"I don't know. Apparently someone came to the office and…" She fell silent as she heard a different voice come on the receiver. She gulped and passed the phone to Ernesto.

Ernesto looked confused but Laura just shook her head and insisted he take the phone.

"Hello? Who is this? Who intrudes on the Sun King's domain?" Ernesto asked in an angry tone.

"Yo! So you're the newest Campione? I wanted to ask you for a favor." The carefree voice resounded in Ernesto's ear.

On the other end of the phone, across the world, was a blonde haired young man with an open blue collar shirt and an exposed chest. In his left arm he casually carried a long case wrapped in a red cloth. In his right hand, he held the phone.

With a cheery smile, he spoke. "Hehe It's my first time talking to you so I'm very excited. My name is Doni and I'd like to battle you."