I don't want to be back. After four years, I'm here, yet again. Why did I have to come back? And of all places to move back to, why the street across from the cul-de-sac? I guess I should introduce myself, or rather, reintroduce myself. I am Eddward Vincent, or, as I was called in New York, Daniel. Don't worry, this name change will make more sense as I go on. Anyways, I have just moved from New York to Peach Creek, during the winter break, and have moved back to the place I never wanted to see again. I'll explain that later on as well.

I have certainly changed since I've last been here, four years ago. I'm now 16, and have changed physically and mentally. I'm still smart, wear a beanie, and still hide most of my hair, although it has grown out. Some of my physical changes have been that I have gotten stronger, taller, more masculine looking, and have changed my clothing apparel. I'm about six foot one, with the hair that does stick out from under my beanie down to the back of my collar. I've gotten somewhat muscular, not bodybuilder muscular, but definitely more aesthetically pleasing. In fact, I've changed so much that most of my old friends probably wouldn't recognize me.

As for my mental changes, there are so many that this will probably take a while to explain. I'll start off by saying that I have become blunt, and just get straight to the point. I don't care what other people say about me or others, and I'm not really a goody two shoes anymore. I swear sometimes, but only when I'm very blunt or annoyed by someone. I don't always follow rules set for me, but as I said before, I honestly don't care. Funnily enough, I've become a very good liar, as opposed to me in grade school. Something else that has happened to me is that I hate talking to people. I'm not someone who likes to have friends, mostly because I hate small talk, while I love conversations that talk about complex ideas, and conversations that can go on for forever.

Another change is my love for music. As most of you probably know, I can play a pedal steel guitar, but I despise it. My parents had me learn how to play when I was young, and forced me to go to the lessons. While I may not like playing that, I do enjoy playing an actual guitar. I learned to play a couple years ago, and found that I really enjoyed it. I also make music on a computer program, because funnily enough, I enjoy listening to and making dubstep, and other forms of it. Yes, I understand, it's quite amusing, but I enjoy it, so I'll keep doing it. I can't sing very well, but I don't care too much.

Oh, and something else I'm good at is that I…I can breakdance. Yes, it may seem all amusing and comical to you, but I can dance very well. I've been learning since the start of my freshman year, and I've done it for about two and a half years since then. So yeah, I'm pretty frickin' good.

So, I guess I should tell you what happened before I moved. Alright, here's what happened. It was after the whole situation with Eddy's brother, and now everyone seemed to be fine with us. We were friends with everyone, and everything seemed to be going well. However, Eddy soon started wanting to work on more scams. I helped him with a few, until a month later, I realized that he didn't care for me that much, and only wanted me for his scams. Once he became friends with everyone else, he didn't need me anymore, simple as that. I figured this out, and started to distance myself from him, and didn't help him with his scams anymore. He told everyone else lies about me, and they started to turn on me. The only one who was still my true friend was Ed, and he was so great to have around, as my parents were almost always away at work, and my friends had now turned on me.

The lies Eddy had told them worked surprisingly well, and I still don't know exactly what Eddy had told them, although I believe it went along the lines that I had come up with several of the scam ideas that he worked on the past month. Whatever he told them, they believed him, and distanced themselves from me, sometimes bullying me because of it. I began to become depressed to some degree, no longer feeling the happiness I felt when everyone was able to make amends. I began feeling so lonely and hurt, I would dread going to school. Now not only were the Kankers bullying me, but so had almost everyone else I had once called "friend." I didn't know what to do with myself at that point. That was, until I heard something from my parents that would change my life for the better.

They told me that we were moving to New York, so that they could handle business better. We had moved once before, but I don't remember that well. I was happy for the move, knowing that I would be able to escape the torment of my life in Peach Creek. I decided not to tell anyone, fearing that they would try to get even with me somehow, or that they would somehow find me in New York. I never told anyone, not even Ed, as he might spill it to everyone else. Ed was the only person I would feel bad about leaving. He was my true friend, he stayed with me through the bad, and even though Eddy told him to stay away from me, he would still come by and visit me. Everyone else, though, I plainly didn't give a shit what they thought, and they would be better off without me anyways. So that's why I moved.

When I was living in New York, I wanted to get rid of my old life in Peach Creek. I never accomplished anything there, beside schoolwork, and living there was just a waste of my time. I decided I'd change what I was called, so that my old friends would find me on social media. I wanted to never be associated with Peach Creek again. That's where my new name, Daniel, came from. I managed to leave without a trace, and no one found out, as far as I knew.

Life in New York was great. I made some good friends, loyal and true friends who would back me up. I learned many new hobbies and activities, and felt like this was where I belonged. This is who I wanted to be, and who I was. My grades were great, my after school activities were enjoyable, my friends were so much better than my so-called "friends" in Peach Creek, everything seemed so much better and fulfilling. That was, until three and a half years later, my parents said that they were moving back to Peach Creek because business had slowed, and that they wanted to move back to be with family and friends. I, obviously, had no say in this move.

I had a month to say goodbye to my friends, but I said that I would meet with them as much as I could. I felt horrible, dreadful, and lost that I was going back to this blot in my past. I was leaving my true and real friends in New York, and going back to my "friends" in Peach Creek. I didn't know what to do, whether I should just try to hide who I am, or whether I should announce that I'm back. I decided with the former, as it would be foolish to say I'm back after leaving without a trace. Either way, I was back.

And I didn't want to be.