Cause we're snowed in, get it?

Takes place the day after Unwanted Guest.

Characters: Frisk, Papyrus, Sans, Undyne, Alphys


It was Sunday now. The storm mostly blew over leaving behind plenty of snow. Snow that Papyrus had no doubt he would have to shovel, alone, judging by Sans' motionless form on the couch. On the bright side it would make for great "sledding," as the human had once suggested to him.



He almost face palmed in annoyance when his brother lazily left the couch to pick up the sock then returned to his previous position, now holding the note clustered linen. "THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT." He didn't receive a reply as soft snores soon filled the room.

Deciding to ignore his brother's antics, he went into the kitchen to get prepared for when his friends would arrive. To say he was excited would be an understatement. He had been looking forward to cooking for his friends for a while now, he just hoped the snow didn't cause any disturbances.

It wasn't long before the three arrived, Undyne and Alphys decidedly a half hour late, blaming it on the snow though Papyrus suspected it was due to other reasons as the small doctor excitedly babbled about a new anime they had just started. Frisk had arrived right on time escorted by Toriel who unfortunately couldn't stay due to her teaching commitments. Not even ten seconds in the door and Undyne had already dragged him into the kitchen sporting her own apron as Alphys sauntered over to the table to greet Frisk.

"WE WILL NEED TO FIRST START BY BOILING THE WATER." He hefted a large pot onto the stove and filled it decidedly close to overflowing. Undyne grabbed two boxes of dry pasta from the cabinet. "THEN WE GOTTA BREAK THESE UP IN THERE."

"W-Wait doesn't the water have to heat fir-" He was cut off as Undyne promptly broke both boxes over her knee then tossed them in the water. "WHAT'S NEXT?"

Papyrus went to the fridge and pulled out a few vegetables. "We'll need to make the sauce while the pasta is cooking."

Undyne grabbed a bowl and tossed it his way. "ALRIGHT PAPS, GET SMASHING!" "Smashing?" "YEAH, LIKE THIS." Raising a firm fist, she began to vigorously pound the tomatoes to a chunky pulp.


"That's because you've never made it with me!" She went over to the cabinet to look for spices, eventually pulling out everything she could find. "Let's put plenty of these in there."

The two began to powder the paste in a mixture of any spice they could get their hands on. "Alright, looks good to me, how's the water coming?"

Papyrus glanced back at the stove to see flames trickling out of the top of the pot, slightly blackened ends of the noodles not submerged slightly ablaze. "NYEHHH! SHOULD IT BE SCORCHING LIKE THAT?"

"It always does that when I make spaghetti! Like they say, color adds flavor!"

"AH, I HAVE AN EXCELLENT IDEA!" Papyrus quickly searched through the cabinet before pulling out a container of multicolored sprinkles. "AH, YES, THE MOST COLORS. THIS WILL DEFINITELY GIVE IT LOTS OF FLAVOR!"

"GOOD IDEA PAPS, LET'S HEAT THIS BAD BOY UP!" She promptly poured the contents in another pot and slapped it on the stove, quickly turning the burner to the highest setting. "HIGHER MEANS IT'LL COOK FASTER!"

Frisk wasn't surprised in the slightest when the smoke detector went off. It took Alpyhs nearly 20 minutes of fanning the thing before it decided to be quiet. By then Sans was up again and joined the rest of them at the table. Soon enough, plates were put out with slightly crunchy spaghetti noodles with a somewhat brownish sauce covered with sprinkles. In other words, not appetizing in the slightest. Frisk was about to turn their head away when they saw the hopeful gleam Papyrus was giving them. Undyne seemed pretty proud of the meal herself too. Maybe a small taste wouldn't hurt, would it?

…After someone else tried it, just to be safe.

Frisk settled a firm stare on Sans.

"what is it kid? not hungry?"

Frisk shook their head and pointed between the skeleton and the newly presented spaghetti.

"oh, you want me to eat it?"

They quickly slid the plate over nodding vigorously. Sans wasn't surprised considering who made it but didn't argue.

"alright kiddo." Frisk was still curious about where the food went that the skeleton brothers consumed. It didn't fall right through them so it must be some magic related explanation. After a few moments of what they assumed was chewing, Sans gave them a thumbs up. "even better than the last batch, bro."


"R-Really? Is it good?" Alphys hesitantly took a bite of her own portion.

Frisk gave the spaghetti another curious sniff before shrugging and taking a large bite.

"Eugh." Frisk's face screwed up and Alyphs gagged. "Sans, I thought you said this was good!"

"seems fine to me." Oh lord, he had his own plate now and seemed to like it?

Frisk threw Sans the worst glare they could muster once they were able to breathe again.

"Sans, this is far from okay. That's not funny!"

"NOW ALPHYS, MY BROTHER WOULD NEVER LIE ABOUT THIS SORT OF THING. MY FOOD HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE SUPERB IN PAST EXPERIENCES." Papyrus patted Sans on the shoulder and started digging into his own share. "Ah yes, magnificent as usual. Nyeh heh heh!"

Alyphs still seemed a bit disturbed. "How can you like that?"

Sans shrugged and pushed forward a half empty plate. He never did each much besides condiments. "maybe cause we don't have taste buds. we're skeletons."

"WHAT." Undyne shouted. "But we see you eat condiments all the time. A-And Papyrus talks about how much he loves spaghetti!"

"ever seen the looks folks give me when they see me down a bottle of ketchup? priceless."

Frisk roughly dropped their head to the table.

"hey, kid, chin up… spagghetibout it, okay?"

He wasn't surprised in the slightest when he ended up with a face full of noodles and sauce.

A day late & a dollar short, right? I had my jury & a day to cry so I hope you enjoyed this chapter cause I stayed up til 4am writing. I've always had this head-canon that what if Papyrus's cooking was so bad because he didn't have taste buds to judge flavor (or the concept of what's edible to someone with a body). And of course Sans eats ketchup to get weird looks and laugh about, and encourages his bro like any good sibling since he can't tell the difference in taste either. Just a funny thought.

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