In the break room, Big Mac is sitting down and drinking some orange juice. While he was drinking orange juice, Mayor Mare was so exhausted from their scene that she was taken back to the hotel to rest by Tree Hugger and Hondo Flanks. Big Mac began to wonder if his sexual spirit is acting up again and if it's safe to be around anypony. Just then, Rarity came over and talked to him.

"You went wild at the climax of that scene Big Mac; so wild that I think you damaged Mayor Mare's ass. My father and Tree Hugger are going to take care of her so you don't have to worry about it." said Rarity

"I don't know what came over me." said Big Mac with a guilty look on his face

"It shouldn't matter; you might have given us an edge for Dumpster Party to win a award. Big Mac, you're really good at this." said Rarity

"I guess; but I never expected my life to go this way. " said Big Mac

"None of us did Big Mac. Well I have to attend a meeting. Here's your costume for the next scene you're in. This time you're with Twilight Velvet, Twilight's mom." said Rarity

Big Mac went into the changing room. He has to put on a red collared shirt, black dress pants, black dress shoes and a fake mustache. Before he could put on the outfit, Twilight Velvet sneaked up behind him and pinned him to the wall; she started to inspect his body too.

"I knew you had a desirable body, but I can truly see it when I'm up close to you; you're perfect." said Twilight Velvet

"You must be Twilight Velvet, Twilight's mom." said Big Mac

"You don't have to be so formal with me; after all, you may be my future son in law one day." said Twilight Velvet twirling her fingers around Big Mac's chest.

"Listen, I'm just friends with Twilight." Big Mac said with a nervous look on his face

"Really!? Then you…..(she passionately kisses him) could be my new husband." said Twilight Velvet

"What!? I don't understand; you're a married mare." said Big Mac

"True, but you could become my secret husband. I may be getting you for Twilight, but I could take you for myself. Me and Night Light have been looking for second spouses as part of a way to spice up our marriage. He recently got his second spouse in the form of Ms. Peachbottom. I was going to take Hondo as my second husband, but he doesn't find my ass big enough for that. " said Twilight Velvet

"(Big Mac's eyes turn red) You want me as you second husband. I don't think so. I should be the only stallion that you hunger for. If you want me, then you better give up on your current husband and you better be." said Big Mac with a more assertive tone

"Oh my, you've seem to have changed. I better get ready for our scene." said Twilight Velvet with a surprised look on her face

Very well! You better be ready to take it in the ass" said Big Mac kissing her passionately before leaving

Twilight Velvet would leave in order to get changed for her scene. Before she could get changed, she had to clean herself up in her pussy; she got wet when Big Mac kissed her like that. She wasn't sure why she got so hot like that with just one kiss, but she did get wet. After she cleaned up, she put on her outfit, which is just a leopard skin bathrobe. At first she thought there was more to this, but she didn't care and got ready.

As for Big Mac, his eyes were still glowing red for a bit and then they turned back to normal. He began to wonder what's going on with him. Just then he got another headache and his eyes turned red again. This time he heard a voice that said: Leave this one to me for now.

In the house of Crystal Mirage(Twilight Velvet), she is sitting down reading a novel that she recently purchased from the bookstore. She reads these novels as her only means of fun whenever her husband isn't around, which is very often. Her husband is always traveling thanks to his work. While she's reading, she could feel that she's getting hungry. She used her magic to place an order for a cheese pizza. Since she knew it was going to be a while, she decided to continue reading but grabbed some red wine to drink.

Outside of her house, the pizza delivery stallion, Spicy Onion(Big Mac), knocked on her door in order to deliver her pizza. He continued knocking for almost almost five minutes until Crystal Mirage, who is practically drunk, arrived at her door about to pass out from being drunk. Luckily, Spicy Onion grabbed her before she could fall. He helped her inside the house while carrying the pizza at the same time. He put her down on the couch, got her some water, and helped it get in her system; he waited for an hour until she finally came to her senses.

"Are you alright lady?" said Spicy Onion

"I am; I had one to many as you probably know by now. Thanks for helping me out." said Crystal Mirage

"No problem. I placed your pizza in the stove." said Spicy Onion

"Thanks! Care to join me?" said Crystal Mirage

"Sure; you were my last delivery anyway." said Spicy Onion

"Excellent! Here's the money I owe you; I'll give you your tip later." said Crystal Mirage

(The two of them ate the pizza until they had enough)

"That was great; the chefs at my job make excellent pizza. Well, I better get going." said Spicy Onion getting up from the couch

"Hold on for a second stud; I need to give you your tip. However, this tip is a little special." said Crystal Mirage grabbing him by the arm

"What is it?" said Spicy Onion

"I'll give you the short version in order to make this quick. My husband is always away on business and I never see him anymore. As a result, my sexual desires are left unfulfilled. In other words, I haven't been laid in a long time. I was hoping you could help me with that." said Crystal Mirage

"Really!? But you would be cheating on your husband; you don't feel bad about that?" said Spicy Onion with an intrigued look on his face

"Nope, and you shouldn't feel bad either." said Crystal Mirage

"I wasn't feeling bad; I just didn't want you to feel bad about it. To be honest, while I was carrying you to the couch, I took a quick look at your tits through that robe of yours." said Spicy Onion giving her a kiss

"Naughty Stallion! Why don't we head up to my room in order to continue this." said Crystal Mirage

"Get ready to have your pussy and ass crushed." said Spicy Onion

Spicy Onion carried Crystal Mirage upstairs to her room, which has a king sized bed and the entire room is colored velvet. Spicy Onion placed Crystal Mirage on the bed. He then pulled down his pants and revealed his cock to her. She's amazed by how big his cock is and immediately sucked on it. She made sure her whole tongue licked his entire cock. While she sucked on his cock, Spicy Onion took off his shirt in order to reveal his muscular body to her. Crystal Mirage looked up at his muscular body in awe while still sucking on his cock. He then placed his hands on her head and made her continue sucking on his cock until it was in her mouth entirely; Crystal Mirage loved how his entire cock is in her mouth. She stopped once Spicy Onion let out his cum inside of her mouth; she took it all in so easily.

He then picked her up, stripped her of her bathrobe, pinned her to the wall, and started licking her pussy. Once inside of her, Crystal Mirage could feel the immense surge of his wet tongue moving around her pussy. She felt the pleasure and ecstasy from this sensation that she started to drool and pant at the same time. Because of the immense pressure that she was getting, she started squeezing on her breast. She then pointed her tits toward her mouth and sucked on them as Spicy Onion continued to suck on her pussy. This continued until Crystal Mirage cummed on Spicy Onion's face.

With an evil look in his eye, he put her back on the bed, made her spread her legs out, and placed his cock inside of her pussy. Once inside of her, she could feel the immense pleasure from his huge cock. He thrusted it inside of her pussy with all of his might. As he thrusted inside of her, Crystal Mirage could feel how painful this is, but pleasurable at the same time. She let out moans of excitement and pleasure from his huge cock inside of her and the force that he's exerting on her. She began to beg and squeal like a little school pony, begging for more. Spicy Onion only looked at her with a prideful look that he's pleasing this mare with his cock.

He then made Crystal Mirage get on her knees, point her butt up really high, and he placed his cock inside of her ass. Once his cock was inside of her ass, Spicy Onion thrusted it inside of her and began spanking Crystal Mirage's ass with all of his might. As he slapped her ass, she started to really turn red in the face and drool again from the pleasure of his cock; she moaned and screamed in pleasure that she's receiving. Things got better when Spicy Onion grabbed Crystal Mirage's breast, twisted her tities, and kissed her on her neck then face; it really made Crystal Mirage get filled with pleasure from this overwhelming sensation. Spicy Onion could then feel himself ready to cum, so he decided to cum inside of Crystal Mirage's ass in order to finish things off; he turned her head around and kissed her passionately one final time before ending this whole thing.

In another set, Night Light is taking a break after doing a scene with Sunset Shimmer. While he's sitting down, Twilight appeared in front of him, much to his surprise.

"Twilight! What are you doing here? " said Night Light Surprised to see his daughter

"Surprised to see me?" said Twilight

"I am! I bet you're wondering what I'm doing in a place like this." said Night Light

"Don't worry, Cadence told me about what you and mom are doing. Actually, I'm here because I need your help with something very important." said Twilight putting her breast in her father's face

"Twilight Sparkle! What are you doing? This isn't right; I'm your father." said Night Light

"Yet, you had sex with your daughter in law; Cadence told me about that. Besides, I need your help dad." said Twilight

Back on the set with Big Mac and Twilight Velvet, Big Mac is starting to come to his senses again. He began to wonder what happened to him and who was that voice that told him to take over. He could then feel Twilight Velvet touch his shoulder.

"I'm yours from now on. Twilight will have to find some other stallion to be her future husband; I'll be your wife from now on." said Twilight Velvet

"(to himself) What did I do to her?" said Big Mac

(Inside Big Mac's mind)

"I helped you unleash your true passions." said a pony covered in darkness

"Who are you?" said Big Mac

"I'm you, but more sexually active." said the pony revealing to be Big Mac but with King Sombra's Armor

"You're that piece of King Sombra inside of me" said the real Big Mac

"Yes and No! However, I am here to help you be the stallion that every mare longs for." said the other Big Mac