Chapter One: The Quinn takes the Bat

Catwoman slinked through the balcony doors, looking around to see if anyone was in the expensively large penthouse apartment on Ward St and 66th in Gotham City's trendy FOHO district. She clicked the side of her cowl, activating her night vision lenses. The darkness become an illuminated red, allowing Catwoman to find her way through the apartment, without bumping into anything raising any alarms.

She walked past the beautiful leather couches and towards the closed door, with a light coming from underneath. As she walked closer to the door, she could hear something familiar, something... Pleasant.

She placed her ear to the door to hear better and what she heard made her smile.

"Oh stick it in me Batsy! Fuck my cunt harder!" from a shrill voice, moaning in pleasure.

Catwoman slowly on the door to take a peek inside and saw a delight not seen by many.

The Joker's ex kooky, kinky lover; Harley Quinn was on all fours with her ass in the air, which was currently being pounded by Gotham City's Dark Knight: Batman. Harley was naked, with her pale skin lit up by the TV playing a DVD showing Batman fucking Poison Ivy. Harley gripped her big 14DD big tits and squeezed her nipples, as her pussy was being widen by Batman's thick, long cock. Batman had left his cowl on, but his tights, top and Cape were on the floor. He had his hands gripped on Harley's hips and was ploughing her hard, spanking her bleached white ass.

"I bet your Mistah J would hate to see this... The Bat filling his lil Harley's wet cunt!" Batman said, as he spanked her ass harder!

Catwoman stepped into the room and slid the zip on her one piece catsuit, exposing her larger than life 16E tits that popped out, with Catwoman pinching her nipple, as her catsuit was fully unzipped and drop to the floor with a soft thud. Harley looked up and smiled and screamed in delight; "Kitty, come over here and get some Batman!"

"Selina, your tongue is required on my ballsack... Get here now!" Batman ordered, as Catwoman walked over, gliding her finger over Harley's back, all the way to Batman's cock as it continued to pound her pussy hard. Selina knelt down between Harley and Batman and watched in awe as his cock slid in and out of her wet, creamy pussy. Batman slammed it in hard and pulled it out with a wet pop, and shoved it towards Catwoman. She grabbed the slick wet cock and guided it into her mouth! The knob filled her mouth and the scent of sex hit her nose. She slid her tongue over the knob, tasting a mix of Harley's creamy pussy and Batman's pre-cum. Batman grabbed the back of Catwoman's head and slammed the cock in further. Catwoman didn't flinch, her gag reflex not responding as it was removed or eradicated from hours of deepthroating Batman's cock ever since the first night she started as a cat burglar! She knew how to guide his 12" down her throat, until his balls were resting on her chin.

"You going to finish in me or her Batsy?" Harley asked, rubbing her wet, throbbing clit.

Batman pulled out of Catwoman's mouth and shoved his cock straight back into Harley's cunt... Hard!

She moaned and squeeled in delight, as Catwoman went between the two and stuck her tongue out to slide across Batman's cock. Catwoman slid her own finger down to her pussy and starts rubbing her clit. She would never have imagined this one year ago, but after what the world was calling Convergence, Batman changed his crime fighting ways and became more of a lover than a fighter. A close call to death awoke the lover inside Batman and he has slept with every meta human both hero and villain including the likes of Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Poison Ivy and even Joker's Daughter. However, after all the women he has slept with, Batman always comes back to his harem of women, his sirens...his Gotham City Sirens.

Batman grimaced and smiled as he looked down to see Catwoman lapping at his cock, and she looked up and knew what was about to happen. She pulled back and went and laid down on the floor with her head resting on the side of the bed, tilted up. Batman pulled Harley closer and gripped her hips as he ,owned and blasted his huge, creamy, hot load into her pussy. He shook and slammed against her, making sure she was full of his cum. He pulled back and Harley quickly got up and positioned her pussy over Catwoman's awaiting and open mouth. Harley rubbed her clit and pushed out the cum into Catwoman's mouth. The cum oozed out and dripped onto her tongue, while Catwoman moaned and slurped up the cum. Harley placed her pussy right on Catwoman's lips and grinded against her mouth. The last drops of cum filled Catwoman's mouth and before she could swallow she heard a seductive, sultry voice call out; "Don't swallow that my kitty love...wait for me to share!".

Catwoman looked over with her mouth full of cum and pussy juice and saw a vivacious redhead in a tight leafy one piece, enhancing her already large 32DD breasts. "Psmoin Mvee!" Catwoman tried to say as she got up and walked over to Poison Ivy and open mouth kissed her, sharing the load that just oozed out of Harley's pussy. They kissed and licked it off each other's lips and were joined by Harley to finish off the drops that landed on their big, full tits!

"Now my sirens...let's cum together!" Batman said, with his big cock erect again and ready to plough his way through Gotham's villainous vixens.

"Now that's a tree log I'd love to wrap my hands around" Poison Ivy responded looking at Batman's cock and then to the TV showing the home made porn that she made with Batman, right at the scene where he unloaded his cum all over her tits.

"Perhaps we make a sequel to the Garden of Batman?" Ivy laughed as she pulled the other two girls closer, as Harley kicked the door close with her foot and all three walked towards the bed, ready to become his Sirens on film!

To be continued...