Chapter Three: The Cumming of Three!

Harley slowly opened her eyes, after passing out from cumming so hard from Ivy's special. She didn't know how long it had been, but from the site she could see in front of her, it was too long!

Catwoman was grinding her pussy on Batman's mouth, letting her cum drip down the side of his face and into his mouth. Ivy was now riding Batman's hard, thick cock reverse cowgirl style, she was clutching her tits, pinching her nipples as she rode his giant man-meat. Both lady's asses were in the air, and were filled with Ivy's special; a 15" wooden, smooth dildo, which had now merged into one double ended dildo and was fucking both asses at the same time. They were both moaning and screaming in ecstasy at this double penetration currently occurring. Harley giggled and got up to go join in the fun, but everywhere was taken. She looked over at Catwoman, whose head was up against the pillow, biting it softly with pleasure. Harley walked to the top of the bed, and climbed on, tilting Catwoman's head up and then lowering it down on her pussy.

"Keep licking my kitty...kitty!" Harley said moaning.

Batman was in pure heaven with the sound of all three Sirens moaning and screaming in pleasure from all the fucking, licking and grinding going on. This went on for what felt like hours, until Ivy was the first to scream it "I'M COMING!"

She writhed and shook, as she came all over Batman's dick. After hearing Ivy cum, Harley felt the urge to, and gripped the back of Catwoman's head and forced it onto her clit harder, so she could grind her face as she came. Harley laughed and screamed as she came all over Catwoman's face, leaving her a mess of matted hair and Harley's pussy juices. Finally, after Batman having sucked and nibbled her clit, she gave in and unleashed like never before all over his face, mouth and neck. Cum gushed out of her pussy, splashing across his face, and she didn't care, she kept grinding till she could grind no more.

All three women collapsed on top of Batman, who had just thought of how to end this wild, rompous of a night... Anal!

Batman slowly slid away from the woman and off the bed. He grabbed his cape off the floor and wiped his face clean of Catwoman's cum. Not that he didn't like the feeling, but because he wanted to be able to see, as the cum had covered his cowl hindering his sight, and what he was about to do, was needing to be filmed.

Batman looked at the three spent women and clicked the side of his cowl again to activate the camera.

"Alright you Sultry, Slutty Sirens! Get up, and come to the end of the bed! Climb up on it and present your asses to me. In largest to smallest breast size that is!" Batman said, knowing who he would want in the middle.

Harley got up first and walked over to the end of the bed. She looked at Batman, squeezed her tits together to show their ample size to Batman. He nodded, and she frowned. She knew she had the smallest of the three large racks here. She got up on the bed, and presented her bleached ass to Batman, who smacked it hard. She chuckled and knew what was coming.

Poison Ivy got up next and walked immediately to the opposite side of the bed to Harley and presented her ass to Batman. She knew she had the biggest tits out of the Sirens. They were ogled and leered upon by many a henchmen, Gotham PD officer and Bat-Family member. She always ensured that when she used her leaves to dress her, that she would increase the perkiness of them to really enhance what she already had.

Catwoman looked over to Batman and saw the middle area the only place remaining for her. She got up and went to walk around, when Batman grabbed her hand and pulled her close. He whispered in her ear something that made her grin from ear to ear.

"You are worthy of my seed to bear my child. Know that I have chosen you and only you!"

She smiled and nodded and got up on the bed and presented her ass to Batman.

He looked down at all three asses, either glistening with cum that has dripped down from their pussy's or his hand print from a firm, hard smack.

He walked over to Harley and smacked her ass again. It jiggled and she moaned with pleasure. He knelt down and spread her ass cheeks wide, presenting her pink hole for him. He got up close and slid his tongue over it just the once and got up and walked over to Ivy. Harley laughed and then frowned again when she saw he had left. She wanted his tongue so bad on her aching asshole.

Batman did the same to Ivy, but with a harder smack to see her ass bounce and jiggle, swinging her tits back and forth.

He then looked at Catwoman and got down on his knees, spread her ass cheeks and started to lick, but this time he didn't stop. He continued to lick and proper her asshole with his tongue, until she was wet and her ass juices were flowing, readying her hole for a good long fucking. He got up and then did the same to both Ivy and Harley. Their asses tasted so very sweet and musky, and he just loved when their ass cream dripped out ready for him to fuck them.

He stood up and grabbed his hard 12" cock and started slapping it against the lady's asses like a game of duck, duck, goose. When he got to the goose (Ivy), he slammed his cock inside her hole hard, filling her completely. She screamed out in what seemed to be a is if pleasure and pain. Batman gripped her hips tight and continued to pound her senseless, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up and squeezing her big mountains. He fucked her harder and harder, as she rubbed her clit. She started to shake again and he knew what was happening, so he pounded her harder and harder and as she came, so did he! He blew a huge load of cum deep inside her ass, as she gushed out all over the bed. He pulled out and walked around to the front of her and shoved his cock in her mouth for her to clean up and get hard again!

She sucked and licked her own ass juices off Batman's cock until he was hard and filling her throat. He pulled out, gave her a slap across the cheek with his cock and walked over to Harley, who was already rubbing herself in anticipation.

Ivy collapsed on the bed, spent, broken and exhausted...just the way she liked it.

Batman stood behind Harley and pushed his cock onto her ass hole, which she stopped rubbing herself and spread her cheeks wider for him to welcome him in.

Batman forced his cock deep inside her and she didn't scream out, instead slammed herself against his cock. Harley had been anally trained by the Joker himself, and she knew how much could fill her ass and what her threshold was... And it was Batman but she wanted to push her threshold further so she eagerly slammed her ass against his cock, widening her asshole. He smacked her ass, pulled her hair and pinched her nipples while fucking her ass. He would pull out in intervals and make sure she was gaping. He would spit in her hole for more lube and slam his cock back in. Harley didn't need to rub herself to orgasm, she kept riding Batman's cock until her bleached white body could stand no more. She shook hard and came, which with Batman's training, he came also. Another big load to fill her ass. He kept his cock in her until she had stopped shaking. He pulled out and walked over to her mouth and shoved his cock in. She eagerly licked and sucked his cock, cleaning it of her juices and left over cum. He got hard again within seconds and pulled out and smeared his cock from her forehead to her lips, a sign of dominance. She smiled, got up and went and cuddled Ivy. They wanted to watch how Batman dealt with Catwoman.

Batman walked over to behind Catwoman and spread her ass cheeks wide, but this time he wasn't after her pink hole, but after her pink pussy. He rubbed his cock against her clit, and the slid it in gently. He treated the other two like whores, but the mother of his soon to be child, will be treated like a goddess.

He pulled her close and lifted her off the bed and into his cock. Years of muscle training had strengthen both his upper torso to hold her up, but also his lower so he can stand for ages like this, fucking her pussy. She was facing the bed, seeing the other two Sirens cuddle and watch what was happening. Batman flipped her around to face him and continued to fuck her. She kissed him passionately, and pushed her big tits against his chest. Her nipples hard against his scarred, big muscly chest.

He walked with her over to a chair in the corner of the room and sat down, with Catwoman still on top of him. They continued to kiss, as he fucked her harder. He whispered in her ear "This baby will be our proudest achievement, now take my sperm and bear my child!"

Batman shuddered, which let Catwoman know it was time. She fucked him harder, leaned back, exposing her tits to the air and rode him harder. She shook at the same time Batman did. She looked at him and they kissed again, but this time cumming at the same time. Batman's seed filled Catwoman's pussy, as she came over his cock. She collapsed in his arms, as he tapped the side of his cowl to turn the video off, but not before seeing the sight before him. Harley and Ivy entwined, kissing each other softly as they drifted off to sleep, and Catwoman cuddling up to him, exhausted and spent from a hard fucking. He smiled and knew this would not only be the best video he has ever made, but the night that changed their lives.

9 Months Later...

"Come on Selina, one more big push!" Bruce said, holding her hand as she screamed out and pushed harder.

Her scream echoed through the cave, as she screamed even harder.

"That's it Mrs Wayne, here it comes!" Alfred said, facing her birth canal as the baby was pushed out into his arms.

The crying came first and Alfred smiled and grabbed a blanket to wrap around it. Before he did, he looked and saw what none of them knew until now... It's a boy.

He looked at Bruce, who was smiling and dabbing Selina's forehead with a wet cloth.

"Master Bruce... It's a boy!" Alfred said bringing the baby over to the proud parents.

"A boy!" Selina cried as Bruce kissed her on the forehead.

"What do we call him my love?" Bruce asked, already knowing the answer.

"You already know Bruce, you are the world's greatest detective!" Selina replied with a wink.

Bruce looked down at the baby boy and whispered "Hello Thomas!"

A shrill echoed through the cave, as Harley and Ivy both screamed and jumped for joy. "A boy... A baby Bat-Boy" Harley said, as Ivy walked over and kissed Bruce on cheek.

"Can Thomas' aunties see him now?" Ivy said, as the all looked down at Thomas and smiled.

This beautiful, baby boy is a result of a night that changed their lives...

The End...?