Summary: After the battle at Helm's Deep, Legolas is seriously hurt and is dying. Can they save him? Not a slash. My first LOTR fic. Please be kind and R&R!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Lord of the Rings characters. They belong to the wonderful genius, J.R.R. Tolkein, and what happened in the movie/the movie belongs to another genius, Peter Jackson. *shakes head* So many geniuses . . .

Author's Note: I had this idea because Legolas never gets hurt and I want him to. Even though there are already many fics like this, they are probably the most popular. (I should know, i'm only reading fics like that! Bad me). Spoilers for TTT. But it's been 2-3 weeks since i've seen it, so I may be missing a few things or wrong about a few things. There might also be a few references to the book. Correct me if I am wrong or missing something, and please tell me if the characters are in character. And could someone tell me which of the three books talks about Legolas and his background, his father, and stuff about Mirkwood? I really wanna know, if someone could tell me. I only know some things from fics and a few little things from the books. That's all. I really wanna know. *sniff* Oh, and anything in italics (if it works) is elvish, and will be translated next to it.

Another Author's Note: I, like many others, am furious at Haldir's death, and so I decided he didn't die. Why? Becuase HE DIDN'T DESERVE TO DIE, AND HE SHOULD HAVE LIVED!!!! Grr . . .

Another Another Author's Note: This is not a slash. *shudder* I hate slash fics. No offense to the author's of slash fics, of course.

Rating: PG to PG-13.


Chapter One: Consequences

The Uruk-Hai were gone. The remaining ones fled, or were slaughtered as they tried to get away. The riders of Rohan, led by Eomer, rode to Helm's Deep. The men there were over-joyed and were celebrating. As was Aragorn and his comrade, Gimli the dwarf.

"Looks like we had reason to hope after all," Aragorn told him.

Gimli nodded. "Indeed. It seems wizards have a way of knowing when to show up."

Aragorn smiled as the riders drew closer. "You have good timing Eomer, son of Eomund."

Eomer got off his horse, as did Gandalf. "Nay, it is because of Gandalf that we came to your rescue. How are you fairing? I can see much damage was done here." Eomer looked at the broken door, the crumbling walls, and the huge part of the wall that was destroyed when the bomb was set off.

Gandalf didn't seem to be disturbed by the damage done. "I do not doubt it will be a while until Saruman gets the heart--and resources--to fight us again. This victory will make Saruman lose some of his confidence in this battle. Do not worry. You will have plenty of time to get Helm's Deep back into shape." He looked around. "Where is Legolas?"

Aragorn and Gimli looked at their surroundings. There were dead and injured orcs, men, and a few elves, who came from the woods of Lothlorien. Aragorn looked concerned when he did not see his elf friend among the living--nor did he see him among the dead.

"I do not know," Aragorn replied.


Legolas groaned as he felt an unbearable pain in his side. He tried to sit up, but he couldn't find the strength to. He stayed still for a few minutes, listening for any kind of noise that could help him with his surroundings. He heard none, only a faint whistle of the wind that seemed to come above him. He took a deep breath and tried to get up again. He managed it, but he was starting to get dizzy, and the pain in his side doubled. He cried out in pain, hoping someone friendly would answer him. No one did. He slowly stood up. It was dark. He tried to find something to lean against, and he came upon what felt like a wall. A rough, coarse stone wall. He leaned against it, his elvish eyes looking into the dark. He could make out looming shapes all around him.

Then he realized: he must be in the caverns of Helm's Deep. 'How did I get in here?' he thought. He walked forward a few steps, then collapsed against the wall again. He heard the wind again, louder. Where was that noise coming from? He looked up. He could see the sky, with clouds and stars, and the moon. 'I must have fell,' Legolas thought. And then he remembered . . .


An Uruk-Hai growled, and lunged at the elf again. Legolas dodged him with ease. The rain started pooring harder. This bothered the elf very little, but it somehow unnerved him. The rain didn't feel right. There was an aura of evil around the place, an aura which made Legolas shudder. But he pushed those thoughts aside as the orc lunged again.

Metal was heard hitting metal as the orc's sword was stopped by Legolas' daggers. Legolas dissarmed the orc a while later. The orc fought with Legolas, and his daggers were cast out of his hands. One was left there, the other one fell into the hole below. (A/N: Remember the gap that was between Aragorn, Gimli, and the orcs when they went out of the secret door to buy some time for the people inside? Well, not exactly there, but where the hole started, on the field. If you know what I mean). They wrestled with each other. The orc was pushing Legolas closer and closer towards the hole, and finally, with a mighty push, Legolas lost his balance and tumbled inside. No one saw this. The orc was soon killed by an arrow that went to his head.


Legolas looked around for the dagger that fell. He quickly found it and put it back in it's sheath. Holding his side, Legolas looked for a way out. A little light helped him. The sun was slowly beginning to rise, and Legolas could see slightly better. He saw a passage, and starting walking towards it.


"Legolas!" Aragorn cried. He was back in the fortress. The main hall now served as a place where the wounded could stay as women tried to help them. The children were in a seperate part of Helm's Deep, out of both danger and everyone's way. King Theoden looked on.

"So many have died here," he muttered to himself. Aragorn walked up to him.

"Have you seen Legolas?" His voice was desperate.

Theoden shook his head. "No, my friend. I did not. He is likely not here. Perhaps if you searched outside," he suggested. Aragorn left, and Theoden went back to his troubled thoughts.

Aragorn looked around outside. He had a dreary feeling. As he passed a dead orc, something caught his eye:

An elvish dagger.

Aragorn strode over and picked it up. It was on the edge of a gap between the bridge and the secret doorway him and Gimli had passed through. He wondered where he could be. Eowyn, now free to walk around, went to him.

"What's the matter?"

"Legolas is missing."

Eowyn was sullen faced. Aragorn looked down into the hole and was struck with a sudden suspicion. "Eowyn, if you would happen to fall down here, where would you end up?"

Eowyn replied, "Into the caverns, right at the back. If you woud fall here, you would end up right at the back. But no one can get there, the entrance is covered by rocks and boulders." She had barely finished her sentence when Aragorn ran back inside. He found Gimli, and they both went to the caves.


Legolas gritted his teeth in pain as he tried to move another rock. Now, the sun was much higher, and Legolas found the passage out of there blocked. He tried to move the rocks away, but he was too weak.

He desperately looked for another way out. The pain in his side was too much for him. He fell onto his knees, and then he fell down. He lay there, unmoving, and he slipped into unconciousness. His eyes closed, and he thought he heard someone calling him. He tried to reply, but it was too late.


"Legolas!" Aragorn called again. He came across a pile of rocks and boulders. He put his ear against them. On the other side, he could hear someone breathing and whimpering slightly. He was sure it was Legolas. Even if it wasn't, someone still needed help. Him and Gimli shoved the rocks aside until there was a hole big enough to look through. Aragorn glanced inside. He could see a figure sprawled on the floor. Legolas.

"Oh no," Aragorn muttered. He turned to Gimli. "Gimli, go get Eomer and some of his men. Tell them we need assistance." Gimli gave a slight nod and left.

Aragorn moved a few more boulders until he was finally able to squeeze through. He hurried over to Legolas and turned him so he was on his back.

"Legolas?" Aragorn checked for any injuries. Other than the one on his side, he had several bruises and a gash on his forehead. Aragorn put his hand on Legolas' chest. He could feel his heart beating weakly, and his breath was coming in short gasps. Aragorn desperately tried to wake him up.

Legolas gave a small moan and opened his eyes warily. Aragorn was standing over him.

"Aragorn?" He asked weakily.

Aragorn nodded. "Yes, friend, i'm here. Help is coming. Hold on."

Legolas gave a weak smile. "How did you find me?"

Aragorn held up the elvish dagger. "I found this near the opening where you fell."

Legolas nodded. He sat up slowly. Aragorn held his arm for support.

"Where is Gimli?" Legolas asked.

"He went for help. Don't worry, he'll be back soon."

"I think he was rather grumpy that I was killing more orcs than he."

Aragorn laughed. "Well, I have a strong suspicion that he cheated."

Legolas laughed, and started coughing. Aragorn felt his forehead.

"You're warm," Aragorn said, puzzled.

Just then, Eomer and the others arrived. Gimli ran to his friend.

"Are you alright, master elf?"

"I suppose," came his reply.

Aragorn helped Legolas stood up. He doubled over from the pain in his side.

"Easy, Legolas, easy. Do not strain yourself. You'll be out of here as soon as possible."

Legolas stood up straight again and was helped out by Eomer and Aragorn. They supported Legolas as they walked out of the caves. Every so often Legolas would cringe as his side kept hurting.

When they finally made it out of the caves, Legolas couldn't take it anymore. He fell to the ground.

"Legolas!" Aragorn cried, trying to keep him awake.

"Nie hem berrenthe, Estel," he muttered in the elvish tongue. [Translation: "I am sorry, Aragorn."] (A/N: I know Estel actually means hope, but he's talking to Aragorn, so . . .)

"Nai, ter es ni feildnne," he replied, full of sorrow. [Translation: "No, there is nothing to forgive."] He could only watch as Legolas slipped back into unconciousness.


"How is he?" Gimli asked.

Legolas had not woken up after two days. Aragorn stayed by his side the entire time. He would not leave, not for anything.

Aragorn got up from the chair he was in while smoking his pipe. He walked over to Gimli, who was at the doorway.

"He is not well. They can cure his injuries, but something else ails him. No one knows what it is. They sent a scout to see if the way is safe enough for Lord Elrond to come over here from Rivendell. If he's still there."

"Aragorn," a voice said. Haldir, having heard the news of Legolas' injury but was too busy to come visit, came to check on his condition. "Will he be alright?"

Aragorn repeated to Haldir what he said to Gimli. Haldir looked sadly at Legolas' still figure.

"I owe him one. He slew an orc that was about to put an axe in my back. I will do anything I can to help him," Haldir said. Aragorn put a hand on Haldir's shoulder.

"He is strong. We will all do what we can. But for now, the only person who can help Legolas is Legolas." Haldir nodded in agreement.

They all went over to Legolas. Haldir noted how pale he was, and how much pain he was in. He gently put a hand on the elve's chest, feeling the eratic beat of his heart. Haldir frowned.

"His heartbeat is irregular," he commented. Aragorn felt his heart.

"You're right. That's ill news."

"But what could have caused it?" Gimli asked.

"I do not yet know, Gimli, son of Gloin," Haldir replied. "And I will do everything I can to help him."

"Thank you, Haldir," Aragorn replied.


"Aragorn!" a voice cried. It had been five days since Legolas fell, and he had not woken up. A young boy about the age of ten ran into the room. "Aragorn, Lord Elrond arrives."

Aragorn immediately perked up. "Good. When he arrives, bring him here."

"Yes, of course." The boy bowed and left, just as Gimli entered the room.

"Elrond is coming? Then there may be hope yet," Gimli said.

"Yes. But let us hope it is not too late."


"Lord Elrond!" Greeted Theoden as he came riding up on his horse.

"King Theoden. It has been too long," Elrond greeted in return.

"I'm glad you're here. There are many injured, including one Prince Legolas of Mirkwood."

"I was well informed on the matter, Theoden, thank you."

"This is the son of Hama. He will show you to Legolas' room."

Elrond bowed to the king, who bowed in turn. Elrond left.


"Estel," Elrond greeted as he entered the room.

Aragorn was bent over Legolas. His hand was on his brow. "Lord Elrond. I am glad you're here. Legolas is fading. He's not going to last."

Elrond bent over Legolas. He checked his injuries, which were healing. He felt his heart.

"His heart beats not regularly," he commented.

"I know. I was hoping you would know why."

"I have seen few cases like this, but of Men, not Elves," he replied. "Often they were born like that, or some strange thing befell them."

"Can you cure it?"

"I believe so." Elrond closed his eyes and muttered a few words in elvish. I soft glow eminated from his hand. Legolas started breathing easier.

"Is he better?" Aragorn asked anxiously.

Elrond raised an eyebrow at Aragorn. "He is. His heart is calmer. But why are you so anxious?"

Aragorn was about to reply when Haldir came running in. "Aragorn, Lord Elrond, scouts have seen a band of elves coming this way."

Aragorn frowned. "From whence they come?"

"From Lothlorien, Aragorn. Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel is with them."

"Strange news is this," Elrond said. "Haldir, go and meet them. Inform them of Legolas' condition, if they do not know already."

"Yes, milord." Haldir bowed his head and left, and at the same time, another elf came in.

"Milord, a party comes--"

"A party comes from Lothlorien, I know," Elrond said, annoyed.

"Actually, milord, I was going to say a party from Mirkwood is coming. Lord Thranduil is with them."

Elrond's frown deepened. "Odd. Go see them."

Aragorn studied Elrond's confused face. "What do you think this means?"

"It means someone called them here. They must know of Legolas."

"But how? You were not summoned here, a scout had to go get you."

"I don't know how this had happened, Aragorn, but we'll find out soon enough."


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